Over twenty certified in Food Safety and Manufacturing Processing

first_img Share Share Share Sharing is caring! Participants at the CARDI workshop.Over twenty persons have received certification in Food Safety Measures and Manufacturing Processing following a three-day workshop organized by the Caribbean Agricultural and Research Development Institute (CARDI) in collaboration with the Bureau of Standards.This workshop is just one of the many programmes forming part of the Root and Tuber Crop Project implemented in Dominica through the Caribbean Agricultural and Research Development Institution (CARDI).Miranda LaurentMiranda Laurent, National Coordinator for the CFC/EU Root and Tuber Crop Project said that while the programme includes yams and sweet potato, last weekend’s workshop focused primarily on cassava.She said that “cassava is one of our focused crop and we also have to support Agroprocessing valued added to the crop. Cassava root crop in itself is the only root crop that is being processed in Dominica and is being transformed from a root crop into something that somebody can readily eat like the cassava bread and the farine. Now the hub of that focus of value added farine processing and cassava processing is predominantly on the east of the island which stretches from Atkinson all the way back to Sans Sauveur. You will find most of the cassava farmers within that sub region.”The workshop covered a number of topics to include food safety issues, good manufacturing practices and hazard awareness for the agro processors.“We want to help them to create awareness in food safety and today we are collaborating with the Bureau of Standards; they are the main facilitators. They will be taking us all the way from personal hygiene to waste management and hazard awareness, international food standards and labeling. We are really looking at bringing the farmers and agro processors from one level to the next so that they can present a better product to the consumer”, she said.The workshop, which is being certified by the Bureau of Standards was facilitated by Mr Simon Nyaaba, Senior Technical Officer & CWC Coordinator at Dominica Bureau of Standards.Mr Nyaaba said that the first day of the workshop focused on public awareness and information followed by practicals and a review. “What we are looking at is basically the issue of personal hygiene, we will also look at cleaning and sanitizing. We will also look at the whole issue of building the facility itself that we do the whole processing of farine, how the layout suppose to look like, what the facilities within the building going to look like. We will also be seeing the prevention of contamination, how do we prevent cross contamination, how do we go about doing the control of raw materials and also the whole issue of pest control in the environment or in the area where we process food. What some people don’t know is that there are standard procedures for hand washing. We also dealt with the whole issue of labeling and packaging because you would understand that if you see how the farine is being packaged here, it does not really meet some of the standards and requirements for it to be marketed appropriately”, said Nyaaba.Dominica Vibes Newscenter_img LocalNews Over twenty certified in Food Safety and Manufacturing Processing by: – September 14, 2011 23 Views   no discussions Tweetlast_img read more