Cop tagged in Britanico-Muller slays surfaces

first_imgPolice Corporal Joseph Andrew Joven surrendered to the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) Region 6 two days after his mother unit, the Iloilo City Police Office (ICPO), called on him to answer the charges in court. Noting that two other persons charged remain unidentified, Britanico appealed “to our civic-spirited kasimanwas who may have information or lead on the identities of the two other conscienceless murderers to share with us their information.” “In fairness to the ICPO, specifically to its present director, no blame can be laid on him. First, the incident happened before he was appointed ICPO director. Second, President Rodrigo Duterte had already issued his directive on Jan. 27, 2020 – before Colonel Dampal assumed office on Feb. 20 as ICPO director – that the NBI would be the lead agency in the investigation,” according to Britanico. Britanico’s son Delfin, a 36-year-old businessman, and Alain Muller, a 42-year-old call center agent and drug suspect, were separately shot to death just minutes apart in La Paz and Jaro districts on Jan. 19, 2020. Britanico sought the President’s help in solving the twin slays. The ICPO director then was Police Colonel Martin Defensor, now reassigned to the PRO-6. On May 29 after four months of investigation, the NBI charged with murder and theft Joven, Police Corporal Jerry Villanueva assigned at the Regional Personnel Holding and Accounting Unit of the Police Regional Office 6 (PRO-6) and two other unidentified persons. Villanueva was right away placed under restrictive custody at the PRO-6. The NBI traced the vehicle to a car rental. The car rental owner told the NBI that Joven confessed to him “the Adventure was used by his group as getaway vehicle in killing Muller and Britanico.” Joven turned himself in to NBI-6 at around 9 p.m. on June 5. Joven had been AWOL (absent without official leave) from the ICPO since March 12 after failing to undergo a drug test that Dampal ordered for all city policemen. He also lauded the President’s decision to designate the NBI as lead agency in the probe. According to NBI officer-in-charge Eric Distor, the same vehicle – a Mitsubishi Adventure – was seen in both killings, and that witnesses further saw one of the suspects taking something from Britanico. ILOILO City – The at-large policeman charged in the killing of a son of former assemblyman Salvador “Buddy” Britanico and a call center agent has surfaced. He also ordered Police Colonel Eric Dampal, city police director, to “continuously coordinate and cooperate” with the NBI. The two other persons charged with Joven and Villanueva remain unidentified. Police Brigadier General Rene Pamuspusan, regional police director, welcomed Joven’s surrender. “His submission to authority will finally lead to the fast resolution of the case,” said Pamuspusan. “Operational protocol dictated that the ICPO should give way to the NBI and only assist in the investigation. Director Dampal, in fact, provided the NBI and our family certain information/records which were important in the investigation,” said Britanico. On June 4, Dampal public appealed for Joven to surrender. Thesuccessivekillings – Muller first then Britanico – were initially thought as separate incidents. The NBI, however, discovered they were related by circumstance. Meanwhile, Assemblyman Britanico defended Dampal and the ICPO from criticisms that not much had been done by the city police in the investigation. The President’s instinct proved correct, said the former assemblyman. Joven had been administratively charged, too, for grave neglect of duty (failure to report for duty) and less grave neglect of duty (for failure to undergo mandatory drug test). “He instinctively sensed that uniformed personnel might have been involved. Therefore, to ensure that the investigation would be thorough and fair, he directed the NBI to be the one to conduct the investigation,” according to Britanico. “After killing Muller, they stopped at a vacant lot in (Barangay) Nabitasan, La Paz to strip off the white stickers from the Adventure. Britanico saw and confronted them so they shot Britanico to death,” read part of the NBI statement announcing its findings and the eventual filing of charges./PNlast_img read more