Two Solar System Surprises

first_imgSometimes we learn more from surprises than predictions.Asteroid ringsRings belong around giant planets, not asteroids.  Tell that to Chariklo, an asteroid between Saturn and Uranus that boasts not just one ring, but two!  This first-of-its-kind discovery came as a “complete surprise,” the Brazilian discoverer said in Science Magazine’s news column; they were not even looking for rings.  New Scientist posted a video clip about how the rings were found.  Since an asteroid has far less gravity than a planet to hold onto ring particles, questions immediately arise: (1) how did the rings form, and (2) how are they sustained?  Partial answers, with disclaimers, were offered in the article:At present, it’s not clear how Chariklo’s ring system formed. One possibility is that a slow-motion collision with a smaller asteroid or comet once blasted debris into orbit, and the gravitational pull of the largest bits of debris have shepherded the smaller bits into a sharply defined ring. (The presence of such “shepherd moons” could help explain the distinct, 9-kilometer-wide gap between Chariklo’s two rings as well, Braga-Ribas notes.)Even if this “possibility” could be upgraded to a probability, it would seem that the rings would be very delicate and easily perturbed.  The asteroid, Science Daily notes, has such little gravity you could accelerate a sports car to escape velocity on its surface and drive off into space.  Wouldn’t the slightest tug from a planet or another asteroid make the ring particles fly away?  How long have they been in this configuration?Planetary scientists generally dislike assuming we live in a “special time” to observe a phenomenon.  Saturn’s rings are being eroded by multiple destructive processes (sunlight pressure, collisional spreading, impacts among them), leading scientists to conclude the rings are young, despite Saturn’s much greater holding power.  Unless little Chariklo’s rings formed very recently, 4.5 billion years (the assumed age of the solar system) is a long time to wipe them out.It seems a stretch to believe the scientists’ suggestion that the rings might be accreting into a moonlet.  Even if that could happen, a moonlet would just as easily be tugged out of orbit.  And it’s hardly a solution to multiply one’s surprises: quotes the discoverer saying, “Rings may be a much more common property than we thought.”New minor planetFar out!  Another sizable minor planet to join Sedna has been detected at the edge of the solar system – or, at least, where the hard bodies end and the assumed Inner Oort Cloud of comets (never observed) theoretically begins.  We should note at the outset that, contrary to USA Today‘s titillations, a super-Earth has NOT been discovered out there (more on that later).  The new body, with its temporary name 2012 VP113, is 83 A.U. (astronomical units, 1 AU = earth-sun distance) away from the sun.  Size-wise, as Science Magazine describes in a pithy analogy, “If Pluto were as big as a basketball, Sedna would be a softball and the new world a mere golf ball.”  Science Daily says this is probably one of thousands of bodies out there that await discovery.What’s weird about VP113 is that, like Sedna, it has a highly elliptical orbit, so 83 AU is its nearest point, or perihelion, far beyond Neptune’s orbit.  That means, “Whereas Pluto orbits the sun every 248 years, the new world requires 4340 years and Sedna 12,600 years to do the same.”  Since planets are assumed to form from a circular dust disk, theoreticians have a problem.  They postulate that Sedna, VP113 and similar bodies were jolted out of their original orbits by gravitational encounters with other bodies.  The smaller the body, the easier this could happen; that’s why Chariklo’s rings are a problem.Analysis of the orbits of these two minor planets suggests there is something tugging on them.  (Note: orbital anomalies led Adams and LeVerrier to predict and discover Neptune in the 19th century.)  That’s why USA Today, New Scientist and Live Science are teasing readers about a possible super-Earth-size “Planet X” farther out there.  (New Scientist has the clearest diagram of the orbits.)  The discoverers toyed with this idea in their models and found a possible fit if the super-Earth were at 250 AU, but admitted it was not a unique solution: “This configuration is not unique and there are many possibilities for such an unseen perturber.”  Veteran planet hunterr Mike Brown of Caltech commented, “It is possible that some undiscovered large object out there is doing this, but there are likely many other explanations, too, most of them sadly more mundane.”  An Earth-sized planet at that distance would be undetectable by modern methods, the paper said.Commenting on the paper in Nature, Megan Schwamb says “The discovery of a second resident in a region of the Solar System called the inner Oort cloud prompts fresh thinking about this no-man’s-land between the giant planets and the reservoir of comets of long orbital period.”  If “A decade after its discovery, Sedna still remains one of the strangest objects in the Solar System,” now it has a contender. She is dumbstruck by these objects:To all intents and purposes, in the current architecture of the Solar System, Sedna and 2012 VP113 should not be there. These objects are in a no-man’s-land between the giant planets and the Oort cloud where nothing in the known configuration of the modern-day Solar System could have emplaced them. Effectively frozen in place and untouched as the Solar System evolved to its present state, their orbits preserve the dynamical signature of whatever event scattered these bodies to such distances and detached them from the giant-planet region.Maybe passing stars did it, she considers.  “There is no direct way to identify whether the Sun was ever in a stellar nursery or to find its siblings,” though, she admits. “But indirectly, the mark from those early stellar encounters, like fingerprints at a crime scene, could provide evidence for the sculpted distribution of orbits in the inner Oort cloud.”  As for that inner Oort Cloud, its existence is cloudy: both minor planets would be far to the interior of its assumed position.  Does it even exist?  “Our knowledge of the inner Oort cloud is, in many ways, in the same state as the study of the Kuiper belt was in the 1990s, when the first Kuiper-belt objects were discovered — 62 years after Pluto’s detection.”  She assumes these objects will shed light on it.  But they are not even part of it, so how can they?These stories contribute to a pile of indictments of solar system astronomers that show: (1) every body they observed with spacecraft or improved instruments did not match predictions, and (2) everything else was a surprise.  They are experts at math and observation, but when it comes to prediction, psychics might be a better bet.  Megan’s confession is the take-home lesson: “Sedna and 2012 VP113 should not be there.”  That line sounds familiar.  If you watch the DVDs by Spike Psarris (, he quotes similar statements – by leading astronomers – in reputable journals – about various planets and stars.  They shouldn’t be there.  But they are.  Maybe the scientists are the ones who shouldn’t be there. 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Video: Daniel Tosh Gives Alabama Grad On Writing Staff Auburn Tattoos

first_imgDaniel Tosh giving an Alabama grad an Auburn neck tattoo.Twitter/@winnalexComedian Daniel Tosh, host of Comedy Central’s Tosh.0, really really really hates the Alabama Crimson Tide. On several occasions, he has ripped both Nick Saban and offensive coordinator Lane Kiffin on his show, and that continued with last night’s episode.To reiterate his disdain for everything Crimson Tide, a shirtless Daniel Tosh made two Alabama alumni on his writing team get temporary Auburn neck tattoos and yell “War Eagle.”#WarEagle @danieltosh @heartofauburn @wareaglereader— Laurie (@winnalex) August 3, 2016The two writers really don’t seem to mind the gag. Many Alabama fans probably wouldn’t be nearly as cool with it, although you know what you’re in for as an Alabama fan working for Tosh. We’re really unsure of the context here, or why Tosh decided to pull this with college football a few months away, but for him there is no bad time to troll Alabama fans.On a previous episode of his show, Tosh, a Miami Dolphins fan, read excerpts from an unauthorized Saban biography to children, in which the Alabama head coach gives sex advice to his players. The comedian, who bears a resemblance to Lane Kiffin, also made fun of his doppelganger amidst some salacious rumors that emerged about him last September. He also took shots at the College Football Playoff committee for Alabama’s ranking last November.Alabama isn’t the only college football target in Tosh’s cross-hairs, though. He also took a very NSFW shot at Michigan, which drew the ire of Wolverines Jourdan Lewis and John O’Korn on Twitter.Alabama isn’t going anywhere, and Tosh.0 was renewed for a ninth season this past March. You can expect that this won’t be the last time he decides to work his hate for the Crimson Tide into the show. If so, he probably won’t have too much trouble picking up some Auburn fan viewers along the way.[War Eagle Reader]last_img read more

Nashville Star Charles Esten Brings Light to the Dark World of Cancer

first_imgEvery three minutes someone in the U.S. is diagnosed with a blood cancer. No one knows this better than “Nashville” star Charles Esten and his wife Patty. Esten’s 15-year-old daughter, Addie, was diagnosed with leukemia at age 2 ½.Charles Esten and leukemia survivor daughter Addie to join thousands across the country for Light The Night Walks to raise funds for cancer curesNaturally, their world was turned upside down. But, they quickly learned that there was hope, based on research to advance new treatments and cures for leukemia, much of it funded by The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS).Esten and his family Light The NightEsten and his family’s dedication to LLS has grown stronger each year and, today, LLS announced Esten is the 2015 National Light The Night Walk Honorary Chair. Since 1999, LLS has held Light The Night Walks in almost 200 cities across the country, to raise funds for its mission and pay tribute to those lost to blood cancers and honor those who are survivors.“It was a dark and scary day when we found out that our Addie had leukemia,” stated Esten. “The first ray of light was the reassurance from our doctor that there was hope – there were medicines and procedures that could help our little girl. All that hope, and all that help, came from research…research made possible with funds raised by LLS and other organizations. That’s why it’s so important for our family to participate in Light The Night, and to inspire people all over the country to join us.”LLS’s Light The Night walks have raised more than $495 million since they began 16 years ago, and have helped LLS invest more than $1 billion in research to advance lifesaving treatments for people with blood cancers.George Omiros, LLS executive vice president, chief campaign & field development officer, stated, “This year, with Charles Esten at the helm, along with his daughter Addie, and the rest of their family, we are aiming to increase the awareness for LLS and inspire more individuals, families and teams to join us. Addie is living proof that funds raised for research do result in lifesaving treatments and cures. We are extremely grateful that Charles and his family are helping us spread the word about the urgent need for patients with blood cancer.”LLS is set to maximize Esten’s role through a national Public Service Announcement, a Radio News Release and extensive educational materials to promote the Light The Night campaign, from early April through September. Esten and his family will lead the way at the Light The Night Walk in Nashville on October 9, 2015. Fans and those who want to donate to LLS can visit Esten’s personal donation page.“Walking in the Light The Night Walk, with thousands of people carrying lanterns, you can’t help but feel the support. To have all those people out there, together, holding lanterns, nobody there is alone,” Esten explained. “I know it’s The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s hope that every year there are fewer gold lanterns (commemorating those lost to the disease). Your lantern will make a difference. It will be a little brighter on that night because you and the team you created brought your lanterns. Start a team. Join a team.”Friends, families and co-workers form fundraising teams and millions of consumers help by donating at retail outlets. These efforts culminate in inspirational, memorable evening walks in nearly 200 communities across North America each fall. Participants carry illuminated lanterns – white for survivors, red for supporters and gold in memory of loved ones lost to cancer. Anyone big, small, young and old can shine a light on the importance of finding cures and ensuring access to treatments for blood cancer patients.Today, LLS is the world’s largest voluntary health agency dedicated to finding cures for leukemia, lymphoma, myeloma and other blood cancers. Through its efforts it has invested more than $1 billion in cutting-edge research to advance therapies. Thanks to research, survival rates for patients with many blood cancers have doubled, tripled and even quadrupled since the early 1960s. Yet, despite these advances, about one third of patients with blood cancer still do not survive even five years after their diagnosis.To form a team or to learn more, call 877.LTN.WALK or visit read more

City tax rates rising this year due to overall property value drop

first_imgLooking at tax rates, Joy showed that residential tax rates as budgeted will be increasing from $4.76 to $4.86 per $1,000 to make up for the drop in home values. In fact, tax rates for all property types will be increasing this year to make up for the drop in residential properties, save for Utilities properties, which are subject to a rate of $40 per $1,000 assessed value. Major industrial property owners will pay $26.97, light industrial owners will pay $24.64, businesses will pay $13.67, recreational properties will pay $10.24, while farm owners will pay $1.45.Joy said that the rate increase is needed to keep revenues the same as in 2017 in order to maintain the same services the City provided last year. He explained that homeowners whose properties dropped in value by the average of seven percent will actually pay less in property taxes this year, while those whose property values were unchanged will see a $40 increase this year.Joy also looked at how recommendations on the 2009 Hamilton Report that examined the City’s tax rates would apply to the City today. That report observed that the City’s light industrial tax ratio was high, and that the tax ratio on businesses was near the top, though within a reasonable range. The ratio of taxes paid by heavy industry was found to be in the mid-range with other cities in B.C.Joy said that the 2009 report recommended lowering the business tax ratio from 2.97 to 2.7 over four years, and to lower the light industry ratio from 5.56 to 3.0 over three years, with the cost of those reductions to be made up by residential owners. However, Joy noted that residents would currently pay between $11 and $42 extra per year to make up for the drop in revenue from commercial and industrial owners. He added that the report was written nearly ten years ago, during a time of economic prosperity, while the local economy is currently on the tail end of a steep recession.Mayor Lori Ackerman mentioned the possibility of having some of the City’s Peace River Agreement annual grant money used to make up for the shortfall, since the terms of the agreement are different than the former FairShare agreement with the Province. Councillors Bolin and Evans said they weren’t opposed to the possibility. City Manager Dianne Hunter said that the City’s current policy of how much of the Peace River Agreement money is allocated to operating and capital costs would best be discussed ahead of the 2019 budget. Council voted in favour of a resolution to review the PRA’s allocation policy and how it would impact the 5-year financial plan. Meanwhile, the City’s Budget Bylaw is due to be passed at the next Council meeting in early May. FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. — The City of Fort St. John is one step closer to officially setting municipal tax rates for this fiscal year after the 2018 Tax Rates Bylaw passed first three readings at Monday’s council meeting.The City’s General Manager of Corporate Services David Joy gave a presentation of this year’s tax rate review at a Committee of the Whole meeting on Monday. Since 2013, Joy showed that the City’s revenues from residential property taxes have decreased from 45.6 percent to 42.1 percent. In that same timeframe, revenue from businesses has increased from 47.2 percent to almost 60 percent. Major and light industrial taxes combined represent less than 4.5 percent of revenues, down from nearly 6.5 percent in 2013.Joy explained that after Assessment BC finalized property assessments earlier this Spring, the value of property assessments in Fort St. John actually decreased an average of seven percent compared to last year, while business property assessments increased just over three percent. Overall, the city saw property values drop by roughly $200 million, from $3.8 billion to $3.6 billion. last_img read more

Japanese expats families bear brunt of Gurugrams toxic air

first_imgGurugram: There are over 10,000 Japanese expats residing in Gurugram. Like most of the citizens, the poor air quality has also had an adverse impact on the Japanese and the foreigners who are working in the multinational companies in the city. To deal with the deadly air quality levels most of the Japanese take extended breaks from the months of September to January when the air quality is at its worse.The movement of the professionals also is restricted during the time when the air levels are at its worse. Most of the expats are also refraining now to bring their families so that they do not their health is not affected. However, for those people who have a long posting duration of more than Also Read – Bangla Sahib Gurudwara bans use of all types of plastic itemsthree years bring their kids. Most of the parents send their children to the schools within the radius of three to five kilometres so that they are not exposed to the city’s bad air. There are also some parents whose children are studying in schools in Delhi. Most of the advertising and IT companies whose professionals suffer from respiratory ailments have already been advised to work from home. Measures are being devised in various corporate meetings of how to enhance productivity with fewer employees working in the office space. It is also been made mandatory that every office and residential unit have the high-quality air purifiers Also Read – After eight years, businessman arrested for kidnap & murder”From the time of December to February when the air quality is at its worse the schedule is slotted for working outside the Delhi – national capital region. It is not possible to make people not attend the offices over here so we keep on mulling on measures that we are less exposed to such toxic air,” said Horiuchi Ryou, a Japanese woman professional who works for a Japanese auto ancillary unit. “Not only do we have to guard ourselves against the poisonous air but we have to also save our young children who are in their formative stages from the unhealthy air levels,” said Asako Kitazawa, a homemaker A large number of Japanese professionals are not only employed Japanese firms in Maruti Suzuki and the Honda factories but also in various Japanese construction and auto ancillary firms that have set their base in the city. The cost of living for most of the Japanese expats is been borne by their company that has also witnessed an upward trend due to the health concerns caused by deadly levels of air pollution. Gurugram was recently declared the worlds’ most polluted city by a global environmental think tank. On his recent visit Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar also expressed concern about the city achieving this dubious tag and stated that measures to rectify the situation will be taken by the authorities.last_img read more

How The World Cup Semifinalists Match Up

Source: Football Whispers Argentina0.233.930.69 Australia0.003.730.31 Morocco0.303.951.22 TeamOpponent’s passes per possessionRank TeamOpponent’s passes per possessionRank England is striking gold from the set pieceTeams with the best rate per 90 minutes of shots from set pieces (corner kicks and free kicks) in the World Cup France3.636 teamGOALSSHOTSSHOTS ON GOAL Switzerland0.233.670.46 Source: Football Whispers How England and Croatia match up stylisticallyNumber of per-possession passes (for and against) and where that ranks among World Cup teams Germany0.304.231.51 Croatia3.194 TeamPasses per possessionrank Croatia, which takes on England in the other semifinal, had just a 3 percent pre-tournament chance of winning the tournament and an SPI of 80.4, according to FiveThirtyEight’s predictions. The team is now at 18 percent with an SPI of 82.0, which reiterates the impressive run it’s been on, despite having to ride its luck in two consecutive penalty shootouts. Gareth Southgate’s young England squad, up to 85.2 in SPI, has fulfilled its pre-tournament dark horse expectations, taking advantage of a relatively easy draw to increase the chances of it finally “coming home.”The brutal truth of knockout soccer, though, is that team strength counts for only so much; just ask Spain and Brazil, which went out to Russia and Belgium, respectively. Soccer is a random game, and this is exacerbated in situations where one win carries such importance.Tactics also play a big part. Belgium was lucky in its 2-1 win over Brazil, to the extent that the South Americans had 3.01 expected goals to Belgium’s 0.52. But Roberto Martinez set his side up in a way that was designed to exploit Brazil’s limited weaknesses. Romelu Lukaku — normally the team’s central striker, with four goals already this World Cup — was moved out to the right wing to exploit the space behind Brazil’s marauding left back, Marcelo. Kevin De Bruyne, whom Martinez had underused in a deep midfield role, was shifted to the “false nine” position — in which an attacking midfielder plays nominally as a striker but drops deeper than typical to receive the ball — so that he could receive the ball behind the Brazilian midfielders and launch counterattacks quickly. The Red Devils may have ridden their luck, but they had a plan.In the two semifinals, the stylistic clashes should make for an entertaining spectacle.Belgium vs. France: divergent defendingBelgium and France are both comfortable teams on the ball. They both average more than four passes per possession, according to soccer media and technology company Football Whispers, putting them both in the top third of teams at this World Cup. The Red Devils tend to be slightly more patient, holding the ball for about 1.5 seconds more when they get it than France does, and they switch play from side to side more, with possessions that are wider (in terms of the distance between how far right and left they go) by about 3 yards. England4.3621 TeamPasses per possessionRank Uruguay0.924.601.84 The World Cup in Russia has become one of European dominance. The four teams that remain all hail from the continent: France, Belgium, England and Croatia will be battling in the semifinals Tuesday and Wednesday for a shot at glory in the final Sunday in Moscow. In this World Cup of Upsets, the French are the only consistently successful team left. Croatia and Belgium have never reached the final, while England’s only appearance was in 1966.The first semifinal, France vs. Belgium, features the two strongest teams remaining in the competition, each with a Soccer Power Index rating of 87.5, according to FiveThirtyEight’s model. Belgium’s rating has improved steadily from before the tournament began, when it stood at 85.4, to after the dramatic quarterfinal win against Brazil, the tournament favorite. France, meanwhile, has strolled to the semifinals relatively easily, apart from a dramatic 4-3 victory against Argentina in the round of 16. While Les Bleus’ World Cup average of 1.12 expected goals per 90 minutes is the worst of the remaining teams, according to ESPN’s Stats & Information Group, their 0.67 expected goals conceded per 90 leads the semifinalists and is fourth best in the tournament: Belgium4.689 Spain0.645.341.07 When they don’t have the ball, the two teams behave very differently. Belgium is much more willing to press high up the pitch, taking risks and committing men in the hope of a valuable turnover: They’ve regained the ball in their attacking third 5.2 times per game compared with France’s 2.6, while their possessions start an average of 48.92 yards from their own goal, compared with France’s 47.28 yards.The downside to this sort of pressing, though, is that if the initial Belgian press is broken, its opposition can keep the ball under a lot less pressure and start to probe in attack. Belgium’s opponents have the ball for 2.61 seconds longer on average than France’s opponents do. Belgium’s opponents average well over four passes per possession, whereas Didier Deschamps’ side allows opponents just 3.63 passes, the sixth lowest of all teams in Russia.Martinez will need a characteristically proactive game plan to avoid allowing France the room to counter that Argentina did — speedster Kylian Mbappe needs no second invitation. Martinez will also have to find a replacement for Thomas Meunier — his first choice to play right wing-back, who is suspended for receiving his second yellow card against Brazil — in a squad thin on full-backs. Deschamps will probably avoid tinkering, hoping that his balanced side will frustrate Belgium while relying on individual talent in attack.England vs. Croatia: intense pressing and set playsDespite being blessed with arguably the most talented midfield in the competition, Croatia doesn’t dawdle when it gets on the ball, moving it to the attackers quickly: Croatia has had the fewest passes per possession of the four teams remaining. England, conversely, has had the most. Some of this is because of the quality of opposition each side has faced, but it’s also a fair reflection of their respective directness: Gareth Southgate’s men hold the ball for more than 3 seconds longer when they get it, often using possession as a defensive tactic. England0.865.711.73 From Set Pieces (Per 90 Minutes) How France and Belgium match up stylisticallyNumber of per-possession passes (for and against) and where that ranks among World Cup teams Source: ESPN Stats & Information Group England4.846 Portugal0.693.880.69 Belgium4.3822 Croatia3.8916 Off the ball, both teams implement an aggressive press — but in subtly different ways. England looks to stunt its opposition’s attacks, allowing it to cycle the ball in its own half but not advance much: The Three Lions regain the ball, on average, 54.81 yards away from their own goal, the second highest distance of any team in Russia this summer, but they allow their opponents well more than four passes per possession. Zlatko Dalic’s team, on the other hand, regains the ball in the attacking third just 1.8 times per game compared with England’s 5.6, but Croatia allows its opposition only a little more than three passes per possession, the lowest of any side remaining. In other words, it’s easy to pass into Croatia’s half but difficult to do anything once you get there.The stylistic factor most likely to influence this semifinal matchup, though, is England’s skill when it comes to set plays (corners and free kicks). Southgate has spoken about his focus on them as an opportunity for England to gain an advantage over opponents, with this strategy bearing fruit: England has scored five goals from them already, nearly half of of its total so far. France4.2212 Brazil0.184.231.10 Croatia has conceded only one goal from a set play — Russia’s equalizer in extra time of the quarterfinals. But it has conceded 22 shots from them so far, which is tied for the most in the tournament. This suggests that some luck has been involved — Russia, for instance, gave up the same number of shots from set pieces as Croatia did, but five of those shots resulted in goals against.The game will probably be tense and closed off, with England’s willingness to patiently pass the ball in its own half combined with Croatia’s indifference to pressing high resulting in an overall lack of openness. The beauty of high-stakes knockout stage soccer, though, is that one goal can change everything.Check out our latest World Cup predictions. read more

Handanovic urges Inter to bounce back

first_imgInter Milan goalkeeper Samir Handanović is looking ahead after their Champions League exit on Tuesday night.Inter Milan were knocked out of the UEFA Champions League on Tuesday night after failing to beat PSV at San Siro, and Handanovic has called on his teammates to bounce back from the disappointing result as soon as possible.“Today is a new day and we’re now looking ahead. We’re back in action on Saturday, and playing and winning is the best medicine in situations like this,” Handanovic told the club’s website.We knew we had to win our game without thinking about what was going on elsewhere, but unfortunately, we didn’t manage to do so.Romelu Lukaku, Inter MilanLukaku backed to beat Ronaldo in Serie A scoring charts Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Former Inter Milan star Andy van der Meyde is confident Romelu Lukaku will outscore Cristiano Ronaldo in this season’s Serie A.“We have missed out on our objective, but come February we’ll be treating the Europa League as a new opportunity, as will the other teams with a chance of winning it.“We have a team that can go all the way. We haven’t even reached the halfway stage of the season and we’ve still got targets we want to achieve.“We’ve played well in recent games, but unfortunately, we haven’t managed to pick up the results we wanted. We need to find that spark again.”last_img read more

Neymar slams false Barca Madrid rumors

first_imgParis Saint-Germain forward Neymar has revealed transfer speculation linking him with a move to Real Madrid and Barcelona as not “concrete”.The Brazil international has been a constant subject of rumours ever since joining PSG in 2017, the French club broke the world transfer record when bringing him to France for €222million.Real Madrid were reportedly interested in Neymar last summer, but talks cooled off before the World Cup and the French champions succeeded in keeping their superstar.Reports in the Spanish press claimed earlier in the season that Barcelona were interested in bringing Neymar back to the Catalan club, but Barca went as far as publicly denying claims they had been in contact with Neymar’s father in an attempt to seal a transfer on Tuesday.News about a transfer to Madrid have resurfaced in recent weeks, but Neymar has dismissed the importance of such speculations.“There is always speculation about me,” he said, according to FourFourTwo.Jose Mourinho, Lionel MessiMourinho: “Lionel Messi made me a better coach” Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Jose Mourinho believes the experience of going up against Barcelona superstar Lionel Messi at Real Madrid made him a greater coach.“Ever since I became a professional footballer, there has always been speculation that I would quit other clubs.”“But there is nothing concrete. As soon as there is something definitive, be reassured, I will tell everyone.”Neymar scored a brace in Saturday’s 9-0 thrashing of Guingamp, and he applauded the impact of manager Thomas Tuchel, whom he values immensely.“It’s a friendship but, at the same time, a huge mutual respect,” the Brazil star said. “I respect him as a coach, but when we need to talk, we talk.”“I’ve developed a great affection towards him since the first time we spoke. When you have this great affection for your coach, you give your life on the pitch. For him I will do my best to win.”last_img read more