Keen on diversity management job

first_img Comments are closed. Previous Article Next Article Keen on diversity management jobOn 6 Aug 2002 in Personnel Today I am currently in a two-year traineeship in HR. I am very keen on the areaof diversity management and would like to pursue this as a career. Do you thinkit is a ‘career of tomorrow’? Any ideas as to how I should approach achievingmy goal? Peter Sell, joint managing director, DMS consultancy Your opportunities for working as a specialist in diversity are more limitedthan in other HR specialisms, but don’t let that put you off. Many of thelarger organisations, particularly public sector bodies, have specialistdiversity roles, and some have their own departments. You need to watch for job opportunities in the HR press and research theorganisations that interest you. Other ports of call are the professionalbodies, such as the CBI and CIPD, which undertake research and give advice ondiversity issues. Finally, look out for specialist consultancies that may have consultantroles providing support to organisations on diversity issues. Whether it is a ‘career for tomorrow’ is difficult to answer, but ifdiversity interests you then follow up on the possible opportunities. Victoria Wall, managing director, Victoria Wall Associates You are right; diversity management is a key issue at the moment, and couldpotentially become a fundamental specialist area within HR. I would recommendstudying for your CIPD qualification if you seriously want to pursue a careeras an expert in this area. ‘Diversity’ involves so many legal practices that an up-to-date knowledge ofchanging employment legislation will increase your credibility and credentials whenit comes to achieving your goal. Suzanne Taylor, consultant, Macmillan Davies Hodes l I would certainly agree this is a ‘career of tomorrow’, although notcurrently a specialism in vogue. While many organisations currently have nospecialist roles in this field, it is already an important area. It has beengiven a high profile in the public sector and large blue-chip employers arekeen for their workforce to fully reflect society, and this trend is likely tocontinue. Diversity is a core value of many companies, and they will have relatedtargets which HR or diversity specialists focus on. These will touch on allaspects of HR, from policy setting and development, to resourcing and branding.To fully contribute, you would be best developing a broad generalistbackground with a good understanding of employment law and equality issues. Related posts:No related photos.last_img read more