Author says ebook piracy is wrong but she downloads pirated music

first_imgNorwegian author Anne Birkefeldt Ragde, has made a bit of a fool of herself over her anti-piracy standpoint during an interview with news publication is known for her children’s and young adult books, but when it comes to piracy she believe a lot of money has been lost:Piracy scares the hell out of me. I do not know what to say. I lose sleep at night over it. I have figured out that I’ve lost half a million kronor ($72,500) on piracy of my books, maybe more. She then goes on to talk about music specifically, saying:I can not stand the thought of someone stealing something. I look at Norwegian musicians who have to do live concerts. We have nothing to live on other than the physical product. So she’s an author against piracy, but then it turns out she is a pirate herself. As well as admitting to buying Prada handbags that weren’t official, her son also spoke out against her music piracy:You have a pirated MP3 collection. We copied the first 1500 songs from one place and 300 from another. She admitted to her son’s claim, but has since made it clear that it was her son who downloaded the music, and she has promised to delete it all next time she turns on her iPod. Apparently she buys all her music.Read more at TorrentFreakMatthew’s OpinionIf you are going to take a stand against piracy, then you can’t have a double standard when it comes to content outside of your own field. Ragde has 1,800 music tracks on her iPod illegally, if it wasn’t for her son speaking up they would probably remain there indefinitely.If the music industry is hell bent on tracking down all pirates, then Ragde should now be on the list for openly admitting to it. She will face a lawsuit claiming compensation for each track illegally downloaded, and I suspect the $72,500 she states she has lost through e-book piracy will be a small drop in the ocean to what the compensation demand is for the music she stole.But that may never happen. She may never remove the tracks from her iPod and we wouldn’t know. Hopefully, she’ll never try and take a stand against piracy again, she’s clearly in no position to judge others.last_img read more