Target to get Applebranded areas in 25 stores

first_imgWith its recent struggles to recover from the hits it took during the American recession, Target is looking for way to lure more consumers into some of its larger retail stores. According to a “source familiar with Apple’s plans”, the retail giant has struck a deal with Cupertino to launch 25 Apple store-within-a-store outlets. The deal is seen as a win-win for both companies as Apple can use the locations to expand into areas where the local economies are unable to support a stand-alone store. The advantage for Target is the additional consumers the uber-hip Apple outlets will bring through its doors. Before the recession hit, Target’s strategy was to get consumers to come through the door for necessities like milk and eggs, then entice them to larger purchases of clothing and home goods. Since the meltdown, customers have still been buying necessities, but not the premium goods that make up the majority of Target’s profit margin. The retailer is hoping that the same customers who have the resources to shell out $1,500 for an iMac will be willing to buy a $400 patio set as well.The move isn’t that big of a jump for Target, as it already sells iPhone and iPods as well as accessories for both. Tim Cook was one of the masterminds behind that original deal, so this can be seen as a progression of the relationship between the two companies. Of course, this isn’t the first time that Apple has forayed into pushing its wares in other retail outlets. Consumers are familiar with the Apple presence inside many Best Buy stores that are staffed by Apple consultants, and may remember the deals Cupertino use to have with Sears, Office Max, and Comp USA. Read more at Apple Insiderlast_img read more