Survivors Grateful to New Kru Town Ebola Task Force

first_imgRev. Abraham Kofa was said to have the Holy Spirit and believed in the Biblical statement that those who trust in the Lord would not come to any harm, and he therefore took chances with the raging Ebola Virus. “So when a young woman came to his church, sick and vomiting, (clearly displaying symptoms of the Ebola virus), Rev. Kofa believed the power of the Holy Spirit could save her.“But in trying to save the young woman, Rev. Kofa, 83, fell sick and within a couple of days, he was dead,” New Kru Town Ebola Task Force member, Bobby Jeegbe, told the Daily Observer last Sunday. “With the body of Rev. Kofa still in the house, another resident, Augustine Taplah, became a victim of the virus and his body was also kept in the same house,” Jeegbe said.  They were kept in the same house simply because the family did not believe that the two men died of Ebola even at the time the virus was raging in late October, Jeegbe said. “When the Task Force heard the news of Rev. Kofa’s death we proceeded there and informed the family that the body needed to be removed by the Ministry of Health Ebola Task Force.”  Jeegbe said the family was angry, describing community members that revealed Rev. Kofa’s death as evil people telling lies to hurt the family. “We told the family, including Rev. Kofa’s widow, that they could not bury the body as the family was insisting, but some of them made threatening remarks about us,” Jeegbe recounted. When the Ministry of Health’s ambulance arrived, the family still insisted that Rev. Kofa did not die of the Ebola virus. The task force requested for police intervention which cooled off tensions and the corpses, including Taplah’s, were removed.“A few days later, Rev. Kofa’s widow, Elizabeth, (who had earlier resisted the Task Force’s removal of the two bodies) and another child, came down with the disease,” Jeegbe told the Daily Observer.  “Sadly, Elizabeth and the child died due to the delay in going to the nearest Ebola Treatment Unit,” he said.  At a nearby house, Helen Tugbeh, 36, was lying outside sick and vomiting. When the Task Force rushed to her aid, she would not accept that her best chance of survival was to be admitted to the nearest ETU in Island Clinic.  “People in the area said we who are members of the Task Force are evil men and women, looking for people to die,” Jeegbe told the Daily Observer.  It was only when Ms. Tugbeh’s brother (unidentified) came on the scene and intervened that Helen climbed on board the pick-up ambulance.  “Eleven year-old Blessing Marshall, whose mother refused to accept that her daughter had become infected with the disease, managed to run away from us briefly, but was taken to the ETU in Island Clinic,” said Jeegbe said.  Three weeks later, Helen Tugbeh and Blessing Marshall returned home safe and sound and their families are full of praises for the work of the Task Force.  The Task Force is now battling community rejection of the returnees and Jeegbe said something is being done about it. “We’ve always told the sick that the sooner we get you to the ETU the better your chance of survival as it has turned out in the cases of several survivors,” Jeegbe stated.  Genevieve Shine, 24, was the mother of two, Thomas, 9, and Fatumata Jalloh, 5. Both children died of Ebola. She had come from Gardnersville to care for her mother who died, and as a result got infected. Ms. Shine was transported to the ELWA Ebola Treatment Unit on September 12 and was discharged on September 28.“During a visit to her residence in New Kru Town, we saw a smiling woman, despite the loss of her children, thanking the Task Force for saving her life.”  Like Helen Tugbeh, Ms. Shine is pleading for financial capital to sustain herself.  “I’m happy to survive,” she said, but sad that I lost my two children,” she told the Daily Observer. “What I need now is to be able to get a little capital to continue my petty market that I lost due to the sickness.” Lagoon Task Force chairman, Nelson Sekeh, told the Daily Observer that there are some provisions for Ebola survivors being worked out but he did not give any further details about when financial help would be available to get Ebola survivors back on their feet.In the end, many people survive Ebola simply because they called for help and were transported to a nearby ETU.  But many died because of their refusal to even admit that they were infected, “and they have two chances to survive at an Ebola Treatment Unit, and no chance when they remain at home,” said Jeegbe.Meanwhile the Daily Observer  learned that the 200 strong Task Force operating in twenty-five communities on Bushrod Island recently received remunerations of US$80 each and their second payment is scheduled to be provided through UNDP and the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare in a couple of weeks.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Software specialist charged for assaulting woman

first_imgA self-employed software specialist was on Monday taken to the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts to answer to a charge of assault.Joseph Hoyte, of Lot 725 South Ruimveldt Gardens, Georgetown denied that he assaulted Donnette Miller when he appeared before Magistrate Judy Latchman.He pleaded not guilty to the charge, which stated that on February 8, 2018 at Duncan Street, Kitty, he unlawfully assaulted Miller.According to Police Prosecutor Arvin Moore, the 41-year-old man grabbed and choked the Virtual Complainant (VC) after they were reportedly arguing.Magistrate Latchman released the defendant on $20,000 bail and he was expected to return on February 26, 2018.last_img

Public cuss-out lands 2 at Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts

first_imgA public cuss-out at Houston Public Road ended with two persons being charged and appearing before Georgetown Magistrate Leron Daly.Ishmael De Younge admitted to the Magistrate that on October 21, 2018, at Houston Public Road, Georgetown, he made use of abusive language towards Julian Augustine whereby a breach of the peace was occasioned.Virtual complainant Julian Augustine also faced a charge which stated that on October 21, 2018, at Houston Public Road, he made use of abusive language towards Ishmael De Younge whereby a breach of the peace was occasioned.Augustine pleaded not guilty to this charge, and the Police Prosecutor did not object to him being placed on bail.Magistrate Daly placed Augustine on bail in the sum of $10,000, while De Younge was fined $10,000. The case against Augustine will continue today (October 29).last_img read more

Road to Humboldt a very remote one

first_imgSeven other teams from five states spent Monday firming up itineraries. The NCAA’s agent, Shorts Travel, made most of the arrangements but some details had yet to be ironed out. Cal State still had not secured rental vans late in the day. “The biggest problem is you have such short notice,” Cal State athletic director Nancy Simpson said. “There isn’t a lot of time to pull things together.” The tournament starts Friday. The Broncos (20-7) play in the first quarterfinals at noon against Seattle (19-8) while the Coyotes (22-5) face Brigham Young-Hawaii (20-7) in the second. Both local teams will leave Wednesday. Cal State has a 6:24 a.m. flight out of Ontario into San Francisco. They have a two-hour layover before their connecting flight to Arcata. The Broncos are flying out of LAX at 9:45 a.m. and going directly into Arcata. Basketball enthusiasts not connected to Humboldt State were hoping to go elsewhere. Problems that come up when the subject arises are the difficulty getting in and out of the area, lack of sufficient hotel space and a gymnasium with limited parking. Those at the school say those are myths. “It isn’t as bad as people think,” Humboldt Sports Information Director Dan Pambianco said. “We have to travel to play everybody and we haven’t had a problem.” Scott Lowe, Sports Information Director at BYU Hawaii agrees. His team is leaving Tuesday because it has a five-hour flight into a different time zone. “Some of the California teams are spoiled because they have it pretty easy most of the year,” he said. “We have had just as much trouble going to San Bernardino because you fly into LAX, then have to sit in traffic for three hours.” Lowe added that his school has learned to deal with minor inconviences because they are typical for the Hawaii schools. BYU used to be in a conference that played Western New Mexico and Montana State-Billings on the same trip and is ued to multiple stops. Pambianco confirmed that United has 10 flights (30-seater) from San Francisco and two from Sacramento arriving daily at Arcata/Eureka. Horizon has two flights (70 seats) from Portland and two from LAX. The city doesn’t have as many options as other major metropolitan areas, but there enough. The same is true for lodging accomodations, as long as athletic events are not held on graduation weekends. There are five rental car companies in the area, three operating out of the aiport. The school has successfully hosted Division II National cross country teams in 1990 and 1996 and those feature more than 30 teams. Pambianco concedes that parking is a bit of a problem because of construction taking place on campus. A new 2,000-seat facility should open in November and has swallowed up some of the existing space. In the meantime team vehicles will be permitted to park in front of East gym. The school is also running shuttles for fans to adjacent lots and is waving parking fees during the event. Most are adopting a wait-and-see attitude as to how the event goes over. “The NCAA has minimum requirements and they have met all of those,” Cal Poly Pomona athletic director Brian Swanson said. “The rules state that they get the chance to host.” Logistics aside, all say they expect a successful event. “I know their staff and they will run a terrific event. I have no doubt about that. I can tell by the package of information we have all gotten,” Simpson said. “The logistics are tough but they will do a great job with everything in their control.” 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!center_img The writing has been on the wall for the Cal State San Bernardino men’s basketball team for almost a month. Its loss to local rival Cal Poly Pomona cost the Coyotes a CCAA title and the chance to host the West Region Tournament. So the No. 2 seeded Coyotes and the No. 3 Broncos will be traveling to the remotely located but scenic town of Arcata, not far from the Oregon border. The Humboldt State Lumberjacks got the top seed and hosting rights for the eight-team event. last_img read more

The green party is back

first_imgSo Shrek and sidekicks Donkey and Puss sail away to find Artie, the future King Arthur. Just as they leave, Fiona drops another bomb on her anti-social, kid-hating husband: There’s a little ogre on the way. Fiona stays behind at the palace, where Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella and Rapunzel throw her a baby shower. The gifts include one of the seven dwarfs as a live-in baby sitter (“Don’t worry,” Snow White tells Fiona. “I have six more at home.”). Palace life is interrupted by an invasion of fairy-tale villains, led by Prince Charming, whose happy-ever-after was dashed by Shrek in the first two films. The prince takes over the realm, forcing Fiona to teach her posse of pampered princesses to stand up for themselves rather than wait for a man to rescue them. “A big part of this film is just the theme of taking responsibility, be it fatherhood or kingship or whatever,” said Nick Walker, head of layout on the animation team for “Shrek the Third.” WHO’S BACK: The whole gang returns, led by the key foursome of Shrek (Myers), Donkey (Murphy), Fiona (Diaz) and Puss in Boots (Banderas). Shrek’s still barking at everyone in his Scottish brogue, though married life brings out his softer side more and more. “What I love about the Scottish people, which is part of my heritage, is they go from, `I love you, come here,’ to `You get out of my house!”‘ Myers said. “Scottish people are hilarious when they’re angry. They shift gears so fast.” Also back: Fiona’s mom, Queen Lillian (Julie Andrews, who in a dizzy moment hums “My Favorite Things,” a tune she sang in “The Sound of Music”); King Harold (John Cleese); villainous Prince Charming (Rupert Everett); and ugly stepsister Doris (Larry King). WHO’S NEW: The main new face is Arthur Pendragon, or Artie (Timberlake), a bumbling teen who’s first seen getting his butt kicked by jock Lancelot in a jousting match at his high school. When Shrek, Donkey and Puss arrive with the news that Artie’s in line to become a king, it swells his head after a lifetime spent a rung lower on the social scale than the school dorks who play a medieval variation of Dungeons and Dragons. Timberlake, whose poster appears as a gag on Fiona’s bedroom wall in “Shrek 2,” recently split in real life from Diaz, but it was not their personal relationship that led to the “Shrek the Third” gig. The filmmakers rang him up after catching Timberlake on “Saturday Night Live.” “We had seen him on `SNL’ and were blown away by how funny he was,” said “Shrek the Third” producer Aron Warner. Shrek, Donkey and Puss also run across magician Merlin (Eric Idle), who used to be a teacher at Artie’s school until he had a nervous breakdown. Other newcomers include the quartet of princesses, haughty Snow White (Amy Poehler); long-haired Rapunzel (Maya Rudolph); obsessive clean freak Cinderella (Amy Sedaris); and narcoleptic Sleeping Beauty (Cheri Oteri). Regis Philbin joins the voice cast as Mabel, another ugly stepsister, while Captain Hook, seen briefly singing a Tom Waits song in “Shrek 2,” advances to a speaking role, with vocals by Ian McShane. There are hordes of others, from palace flunkies to medieval Valley Girls to a Wicked Witch singing Charlene’s sappy 1980s hit “I’ve Never Been to Me” as a torch song. It was a juggling act for the filmmakers, with so many new and returning characters competing for screen time. They stuck to one principle to balance it all. “Shrek is going to drive the story. That is our goal from day one,” said Chris Miller, who moves up from head of story on the last movie to make his directing debut on “Shrek the Third.” “When you have all these characters, a lot of them you want to spend a lot of time with. They’re interesting. They all have a place in this film. But at the end of the day, it’s supporting Shrek’s story.” WHAT’S BETTER: With three more years of refinements to computer animation, what isn’t better about “Shrek the Third”? The 350 people who worked on the film created more realistic fire and water images, developed ways to mimic how light behaves in the real world and even simulated the slightly seasick oscillations of live-action shipboard scenes, where the camera lags just a tick behind the rocking of the waves. They scrapped the basic computer models of Shrek and other lead characters they had worked with since the first movie and rebuilt them from inside out to take advantage of the subtler anatomy now possible. The filmmakers had to resist the urge to make external improvements so they could remain true to the look of the original film. 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! “You feel you’ve got a lot to live up to, man,” Timberlake said about being the new kid on the block in the Shrek world. “Every character is so good. When you come into `Shrek,’ you definitely feel you have a lot to prove.” The gang is joined by a gargantuan cast as the filmmakers take advantage of advances in computer animation to load up on supporting players, among them magician Merlin, Captain Hook, wicked witches, ugly stepsisters and four of the fairy-tale world’s fairest princesses. Here’s a rundown of the players and their exploits for the film that hits theaters May 18: WHAT’S HAPPENING: Just when newlyweds Shrek and Fiona thought they could head home to peace and quiet in the swamp, Fiona’s dad, the frog King Harold, croaks. On his deathbed, he asks son-in-law Shrek to take over the throne of Far Far Away, a job the ogre dreads. Shrek’s only option: track down Fiona’s distant cousin Artie and groom him to become king. REDWOOD CITY Time to catch up with your ogre friend Shrek, his greenish bride, Fiona, and their two men Friday, the yammering Donkey and the overreaching Puss in Boots. The filmmakers behind “Shrek the Third” offered a sneak peek at their PDI-DreamWorks animation complex near San Francisco. From the 20 minutes of footage they showed, the film looks likely to meet expectations as one of summer’s hottest tickets. Key voice stars Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy, Cameron Diaz and Antonio Banderas return, with Justin Timberlake headlining the newcomers as geeky teenager Artie. last_img

Job Vacancy: Pharmacy requires part-time pharmacy technician

first_imgA busy Letterkenny pharmacy requires a part-time pharmacy technician for an immediate start.Previous experience is essential for applicants of this role.There are no late nights or weekends but occasional full-time holiday cover will be required. Please email your letter of application and CV to Job Vacancy: Pharmacy requires part-time pharmacy technician was last modified: October 3rd, 2019 by Staff WriterShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:Chemistdonegaljobletterkennypharmacytechnicianlast_img read more


first_imgBREAKING NEWS: EXTRA TIME AT CROKE PARK: DONEGAL 1-07, KILDARE 0-10BREAKING NEWS: EXTRA TIME AT CROKE PARK: DONEGAL 1-07, KILDARE 0-10 was last modified: July 30th, 2011 by gregShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)last_img


first_imgFour Masters Minors win Southern Division 2 Championship FinalThe Four Masters Minor football team recorded a 1-16 to 2-06 win against St Nauls on Sunday morning, 30th November in the Southern Division 2 Final.The Four Masters boys dominated possession and chances for long spells but failed to take numerous goal and point chances they created. Both teams started with thirteen players due to St Nauls missing players. A good opening to the game saw Jack Keaney, Thomas McGowan, Darren Doherty, and Sean Meehan all register points; with Paddy Reid hitting the crossbar with a great effort before St Nauls replied. Two frees from St Nauls (one excellent long range free kick from goalkeeper Gavin Mulreanny) narrowed the difference before points from Jack Keaney, Paddy Reid, Nathan Ward and Thomas McGowan brought the score to 0-07 to 0–03 on the half hour. An excellent low finish from Thomas McGowan just before the half time whistle gave the lads a deserved 1-07 to 0-03 at half time. A good start to the second half saw Four Masters extend the lead with two quick Sean Meehan points. An excellent save from Gavin Mulreanny on a Jack Keaney shot kept St Nauls in the game. Two points from the excellent Brendan McCole brought St Nauls back into the game. Points from Darren Doherty, Paddy Reid and Nathan Ward (free kick) followed before St Nauls started to fight back with Peadar Mogan at centre half forward coming to the fore. A debatable penalty for St Nauls for a pick up of the ground was awarded with just over ten minutes left. Peadar Mogan finished the penalty clinically to bottom left hand corner past Ryan Haughey which left the scoreline 1-12 to 1-05. Nathan Ward replied instantly for Four Masters before a close in Peadar Mogan free kick. Good points from Nathan Ward (two points; one excellent score with his right foot) and Jack Keaney wrapped the game up. A last minute penalty for a Ryan Haughey footblock saw Peadar Mogan narrow the gap; with the game ending 1-16 to 2-06 to Four Masters.  Overall, the game was played in a very sporting manner with some excellent scores on the day. The best performers for Four Masters on the day were Jack Keaney, Gareth Cleary, Ryan Haughey, Calvin McShane, and Dylan Kennedy; with Sean Meehan and Nathan Ward coming to the fore in the second half. Peadar Mogan and Brendan McCole were excellent throughout for St Nauls, with their being an excellent duel between Daire Quinn and Mogan over the sixty minutes. Four Masters, despite winning will need to be more clinical with over six excellent goal chances spurned during the game. Four Masters play Buncrana next, with St Nauls playing Termon in the county semi finals. Best of luck to both teams. Four Masters Team: Ryan Haughey, Calvin McShane, Shane Cannon, Gareth Cleary, Daire Quinn, Aaron McCrea, Paddy Reid (0-02), Dylan Kennedy, Jack Keaney (0-03), Darren Doherty (0-02), Sean Meehan (0-03), Thomas McGowan (1-01), Nathan Ward (0-05). Subs: Tom O’Grady, Conor Breslin, Joe Ruck, Iarlaith Cox, Paul Cannon, Adam Gallagher, Neil Ward, Fergal O’Callaghan, Colum McDonnell GAA NEWS: FOUR MASTERS MINORS WIN SOUTHERN DIVISION TWO CHAMPIONSHIP WITH VICTORY OVER ST NAULS was last modified: December 2nd, 2014 by Mark ForkerShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:four mastersGAANoticesSportlast_img read more

County may have little say in air park operations

first_img The county Planning Commission in March considered revoking the airport’s permit after a slew of complaints from nearby residents about noise and stunts. But the panel backed off as officials attempt to define allowable uses. Eugene Tong, (661) 257-5253 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! AGUA DULCE – The county released a supplemental report Thursday that includes reactions to plans to upgrade the Agua Dulce Air Park, a small airstrip that has been an ongoing source of conflict in this rural town between the Santa Clarita and Antelope valleys. The airport’s owners continued to press expansion allowed under an existing permit; plans include an extended runway, 55 aircraft storage hangars and four service hangars. Meanwhile, opponents who fear that the expansion will bring more planes and noise to the hamlet of roughly 4,000 announced their concerns, a county planner said. The new material comes after a Nov. 30 county counsel memo to the county Department of Regional Planning, which cautioned that the panel may have little power to limit aircraft operation at the airstrip. The Regional Planning Commission is scheduled to reopen permit hearings Wednesday. AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MOREBlues bury Kings early with four first-period goals “It’s a memo from us to the commission that there are these additional comments,” said Sam Dea, a county planner. “(For the) opponents, obviously, they’re not happy with what we have.” The letter from Principal Deputy County Counsel Lawrence Hafetz said flight curfews, flight bans over residential areas or any direct changes of aircraft operation fall under Federal Aviation Administration jurisdiction, and outside the county’s authority. This would ground several proposed permit conditions that expansion opponents believe would minimize impacts to surrounding residents; they include a ban on acrobatic flying and limiting the airstrip to twin-propeller or smaller planes. Mark Armbruster, a land-use attorney representing airport owner Wayne Spears, said his client has no intention of bringing more air traffic to the area, which opponents dispute. Spears, a local PVC pipe tycoon and owner of Sylmar-based Spears Manufacturing, took control of the air park in September. Past owners and pilots want the airport to expand, allowing more planes, helicopters, film crews and community playing fields. Others, including the Agua Dulce Civic Association and the Concerned Citizens of Agua Dulce, want the facility to remain as it is – a rural pit stop for small planes. last_img read more

Newman Named MVC Softball Pitcher Of The Week

first_imgST. LOUIS – For the third-straight week, the Drake University softball team has claimed a Missouri Valley Conference softball weekly award. Sophomore Nicole Newman (Madison, Wis.) has been named the MVC Pitcher of the Week for the second time this season, the MVC office announced on Monday, April 4. Newman dominated in the circle in Drake’s series sweep over SIU this past weekend. She opened the series with a complete game with just one run allowed on three hits with 12 strikeouts. Newman followed that with a shutout of the Salukis in game two as she allowed just one hit with 13 strikeouts. In the series finale, Newman came in on relief and pitched 1.2 innings to earn her first save of the season, while striking out three. Overall on the weekend, Newman was 2-0 with one save and a 0.91 earned run average with two earned runs allowed along with 28 strikeouts and eight walks. On the season, Newman is 14-5 with a 2.26 ERA and a conference-leading 149 strikeouts.This is the fourth career MVC Pitcher of the Week award for Newman. Drake has collected numerous MVC awards already this season. Along with Newman’s two MVC Pitcher of the Week honors, freshman Kennedy Frank (Chesterfield, Mo.) has been selected the MVC Newcomer of the Week three times and junior Megan Sowa (Gurnee, Ill.) has been tabbed MVC Player of the Week once. Drake (19-11, 9-0 MVC) sits in first place in the MVC standings as the Bulldogs are set to host in-state rival Iowa State on Tuesday at Ron Buel Field at 5 p.m. On Wednesday, Drake travels to Omaha for a doubleheader with the Mavericks starting at 4 p.m. before returning to MVC play this weekend at Loyola for a three-game series with the Ramblers. The Loyola series will start on Saturday with a doubleheader beginning at noon and the series finale will be Sunday at noon. Print Friendly Versionlast_img read more