Treaty annuity case livestreamed from Sudbury

first_imgAPTN NewsIn 1850 Anishinabek leaders and the British Crown signed the Robinson Huron Treaty.It stipulated an annual annuity of four dollars.But it also promised that if revenues increased so would the annuity.That never happened so nearly two dozen First Nations brought the case to court in 2014.It has been heard in Ontario Superior Court since September with the First Nations presenting their case.last_img

Cabinet spokesman says President will decide next step

“The President will not act against the Constitution. He will follow the law,” he said. “Till the President issues another gazette the current Government remains,” he said.Meanwhile, Minister Dayasiri Jayasekera said that the whole process followed by the Speaker to take a vote on the no-confidence motion was illegal. He said that till a new cabinet is appointed the existing cabinet will remain in office. Cabinet spokesman Mahinda Samarasinghe says President Maithripala Sirisena will decide the next step after studying the motion signed by 122 Parliamentarians expressing no-confidence on the Government.Samarasinghe said that the President will take action in line with the Constitution.

SLPP says no objections to noconfidence motion on Rishard

The Sri Lanka Podujana Peramna says it has no objections to the proposed no-confidence motion on Minister Rishad Bathiudeen .In a statement today, the SLPP said that there were misleading reports stating that SLPP national organiser Basil Rajapaksa was not in support of a no-confidence motion on Minister Rishad Bathiudeen . However the SLPP says the matter was discussed by the party today and it was found that the claims are false.Some opposition members have decided to support the no-confidence motion accusing the Minister of having links with extremists. (Colombo Gazette)

Dissecting Honeycomb Part 2 A deep look at Android 30 for developers

first_imgBy now, you have probably heard that Android 3.0 is on the way. The Software Development Kit (SDK) has given us some insight into the features and benefits to the upcoming upgrade to the Android OS, and its support for many different types of Android devices. Android tablets and phones will soon be either arriving with 3.0 or getting an update with these enhancements. So, aside from all the new stuff we covered in our look at Honeycomb for Users, what benefits are there for developers?User InterfaceIt’s the lonely life of a developer to plug away on the functional goodies in the background, when all the users care about are the pretty colors and soft corners of their screens. Fortunately, the latest tools in the Android SDK have taken steps to make it easier for developers to quickly change elements of an app or widget. Since there’s a lot of different screens out there, Google needed to implement a way to quickly test new ideas that might look or work better for the user. This was accomplished with a revamped UI builder that includes things like In-Editor previews, Drag and Drop improvements, and a UI visualizers that are independent of the piece you are working on.These changes will make it easy for developers to update their apps to this next version, and allow for the changes to be more meaningful than just a version update.Planning for Multiple ProcessorsDual core processing for mobile devices is finally here, and it’s vital that not only the operating system, but the apps within it are optimized to take advantage of that. That noted, it’s not a requirement for an app developer to do anything to benefit from multiple processors.Natively, Android will run the garbage collector on one core and an app on another. However, the tools are there to utilize both cores for your app, and to benefit from the performance gains that will occur. This will allow for app developers of every skill level to take advantage of the new hardware and also ensures that there won’t be any issues that remind us of when 64-bit Windows first came out.Games!I think it’s unreasonable to look at any of the current mobile operating systems as gaming consoles, but that does not mean that they are not heading in that direction. More and more we are seeing huge sales and top apps coming from game developers on mobile platforms. It’s only logical that the mobile platforms would step up and make it easier for new exciting features and better looking games to come to their house to play.The Honeycomb SDK includes new 2D and 3D rendering systems across either the entire app or specific places within. That’s great, in my opinion, but not a good as hardware acceleration. Combined with what has already been seen with the symmetric multiprocessing kernel alongside, we can expect some great battery performance from new devices.MultimediaGames aren’t the only thing we care about. Music, movies, and images are important as well. And not just on the device or network, but everywhere we go. We know Google is a big fan of the “cloud” and they have delivered with support for several types of web streaming technologies. From HTML streaming to media file transfer, and “pluggable DRM frameworks” to help keep content safe (Are you reading this, Netflix? Hulu? Step up, guys!), the tools are there to make sure any media provider will be completely comfortable delivering their content to the Androidy masses.Business SolutionsIn the last version release, we saw Google make huge strides to ensure Android was ready for the business world. Creating administrator controls was a great first step, but they aren’t done. Password expiration and encrypted storage tools will allow any organization to give Android devices to their employees and ensure the devices will be both safe to store critical information on and secure in that in case the employee is “no longer with the company” they aren’t giving that user a free ride.External Device SupportNot every mobile accessory was built with smartphones in mind. For example that Bluetooth headset that fits your ear just right might not have all the same bells and whistles as the latest BlueAnt headset, so you may be missing a few things you really like to do, like initiating a call or controlling the volume. Honeycomb adds support for legacy BT devices. Many feature phones have unsecure bluetooth connections for “dumb” bluetooth devices (speakers for example) and smartphones as a rule do not support them (unsecured connections being, by nature, unsafe) but Honeycomb adds support for those devices.The tools are all available in the Android SDK for you to download and explore for free. Additionally, keep an eye on the Android Developers Blog for everything from tips and tricks in the SDK to functionality warnings and suggestions from members of the Android Development team.last_img read more

A symbol of peace formed by refugee lifejackets

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram Greenpeace and Doctors Without Borders (Médecins Sans Frontières – MSF) volunteers teamed up in Lesvos on New Year’s Day, sending a message of peace to the world. Using a pile of life jackets discarded by refugees arriving on the island, the group created a massive bright orange peace sign on a hillside on the Greek island, overlooking the small strait between Greece and Turkey that has become a main passageway for those fleeing to Europe. The transformation of the pile of life jackets into the universal sign, took the joined effort of dozens of Greenpeace and MSF volunteers. Made up of more than 3,000 life jackets, the sign is a way to honour those who have made the journey and to urge peace in the new year, according to Greenpeace. Those involved in the project are calling for safe passage to those fleeing war, poverty and oppression.last_img read more

Star Wars Rebels enters season three as essential viewing

first_imgThis weekend, the third season of Star Wars: Rebels premieres on Disney XD and in this year of our Sith Lords 2016, the Star Wars franchise is taking a break from Rey, Snoke, and BB-8 and spending time in the “classic” timeframe of the series.Many of the people behind Star Wars: Rebels, not limited to executive producer Dave Filoni, also worked on the previous animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars, but that was set in the prequel era, not a time period where Lando, Princess Leia, and Darth Vader were running around. That’s what makes Star Wars: Rebels so exciting and keeps it feeling essential to the Star Wars canon: It’s the stuff we love with the characters we love in a world we recognize.In other ways, Star Wars Rebels has forwarded the canon of the Star Wars Universe, especially after Lucasfilm re-set the Star Wars Expanded Universe (relegating old works to “Legends” status). Last season didn’t just follow the titular group of Rebels – budding Force user Ezra, last Padawan Kanan, Hera the pilot, Zeb the muscle, and Sabine the Mandalorian graffiti artist – but also tracked the slow building tension as Anakin Skywalker’s former Padawan Ahsoka came to realize that her former master had become Darth Vader.When season two ended, the greater Rebellion wasn’t doing so bad, but our core heroes were a bit worse for wear. Ezra, Kanan, and Ahsoka traveled to an ancient Sith temple where they found Darth Maul and several Inquisitors waiting for them. As Ezra moved closer and closer to the top of the temple, things became more perilous. Kanan was blinded, Ezra was tempted by Maul to turn to the Dark Side and Ahsoka had to face her old master while the others escaped.Ezra and Kanan did manage to collect the Sith Holocron that was hidden in the temple (Holocrons contain knowledge that can only be unlocked by using the Force) but otherwise, they barely survived their encounter with Vader. What could season three possibly do to top that? Besides building off the temptation of Ezra as he grows in power, the big news from season three is, of course, Grand Admiral Thrawn.Originally created by author Timothy Zahn for his novel Heir to the Empire, the first in the “Thrawn trilogy” where the blue colored Imperial marshaled what was left of the Empire’s forces after the second Death Star blew up over Endor. In that time an incarnation, Thrawn had special alien pets called ysalamir he would wear on his shoulders.The ysalamir sucked the power out of the Force (somehow) meaning Force users wouldn’t be able to use their powers on or around him. The good news is that those crazy Force-neutralizing aliens will not be re-entering canon while the cooler parts of Grand Admiral Thrawn are being moved to the Rebels time period.What are those cool things? For one, Thrawn is a Chiss – a blue humanoid species – and an Imperial officer and if you hadn’t noticed, the Empire is very racist. It’s cool to see a non-human officer and the fact that he’s one of the most revered officers in the Imperial Fleet makes it even better. Two, Thrawn will still insist that the best way to learn your enemy’s war tactics is by studying their art and culture.When Thrawn first appeared in the Star Wars books, he was the first example of a smart Imperial Officer villain (the closest we had been before was Grand Moff Tarkin, who didn’t think a single fighter was a threat to his Death Star), and his method of going about it was so completely sideways from the totalitarianism of the Empire and the religious knights of the Sith and Jedi.Season three wastes no time introducing us to why Thrawn is a threat, specifically this version of Thrawn who is at the height of his power between the establishment of the Empire (the end of Revenge of the Sith) and the battle of Yavin (the end of A New Hope). Although there were enough Legends stories to fill in this period in the officer’s life, the new iteration has Thrawn placed exactly opposite Hera. In some interesting character ways, this manages to make Thrawn feel at home in the Rebels universe.via disneyxd.disney.comThis season has more surprises up its sleeve than just re-introducing a character from a once discarded canon. Later on in the season, we’ll be introduced to a young Wedge Antilles, future Rogue Squadron Leader, who will be a defecting Imperial Pilot (!!!) and there are sure to be more surprises as Ezra and Kanan puzzle over the proper use of the Sith Holocron they have in their possession. In tomorrow’s premiere, fans with good voice-recognition might notice that the ghostly voice instructing Ezra from the Holocron (called “Presence”) is Nika Futterman the same actress who played fallen Sith Asajj Ventress in The Clone Wars.Darth Maul is still kicking around too, and might make a play for Ezra as an apprentice once again. Not to mention that the time period is right and the characters are in place for an Obi-Wan Kenobi versus Darth Maul rematch (not that there’s any confirmation of that happening beyond some fan-inspired speculation).Perhaps the coolest addition to the Star Wars canon to come from the early episodes of Rebels season three is the Bendu, who will be voiced by former Doctor Who Tom Baker. The Bendu is awoken by the Sith Holocron’s presence and helps Kanan “see” now that his eyes have been permanently damaged (hint: he can use The Force).via disneyxd.disney.comUnlike the usual divide that has existed in the Star Wars Universe, the Bendu is a Force user, but follows neither the path of the Jedi or the Sith, making it a new oddity in the Star Wars Universe: a neutral Force path.In Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Anakin, and Obi-Wan ventured far out into space where they found the Brother and the Sister, two physical embodiments of the light and dark sides of the Force. Up until now, Star Wars has made their religious monks choose a side and a bevy of laser sword colors so they could access different “light” or “dark” Force powers.Hell, there’s whole video games about how there are only two choices for any Force character. What the Bendu supposes simply by existing is that there’s a balanced version of a religious power that craves balance. Seems like it could be really powerful!via disneyxd.disney.comThe name and concept are also a cool easter egg for old-school Star Wars nerds. Before George Lucas wrote the script that would become Star Wars, he wrote a treatment based on a plot description of The Hidden Fortress, before that treatment there was an earlier draft of the story (technically the first story document for the Star Wars Universe) called Journal of the Whills, Part I which followed a Padawan as he trained under “Mace Windy” who is a “Jedi-Bendu.”Yeah, that means Bendu is tied for Mace Windu and Padawan for oldest Star Wars reference to make it through the production process. As you might be able to tell, Lucas made sure to re-read his original Journal of the Whills treatment before he began writing the prequel trilogy.Overall, Rebels season three is moving beyond the fun times with Star Wars of the first two seasons and has completed its transformation into a show that is absolutely essential viewing for any serious Star Wars fan. Not only does it bring a weekly dose of fun Star Wars adventures with a group of characters we like (except for me, I still hate Chopper), but it is introducing new concepts into the Star Wars Universe that will end up being important later (you think Snoke’s never heard the voice of “the Presence?” Please.)The new season starts September 24th at 8:30PM on Disney XD.last_img read more

NOW HIRING 10 New Job Openings In Wilmington

first_imgWILMINGTON, MA — Below are some of the newest job openings in Wilmington:Full-Time Business Officer Manager at CareOneFull-Time Air Freight Warehouseman at Concordia International Forwarding CorporationFull-Time CNC Machine Operator at Stafford Manufacturing CorporationFull-Time Carpet Cleaning Technician at New England Carpet MasterPart-Time Retail Sales Associate at Cumberland FarmsFull-Time Product Manager (Neuroscience Discovery) at Charles River LabsFull-Time Regional Sales Specialist (Industrial Markets) at RigakuFull-Time Weekend Labor at Two Men And A TruckFull-Time Delivery Driver at Optima ShippingFull-Time Warehouse Sort Supervisor at Optima Shipping(NOTE: Wilmington businesses — Feel free to send me your job postings at Wilmington Apple on Facebook. Follow Wilmington Apple on Twitter. Follow Wilmington Apple on Instagram. Subscribe to Wilmington Apple’s daily email newsletter HERE. Got a comment, question, photo, press release, or news tip? Email this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… RelatedNOW HIRING: 60 New Job Openings In Wilmington (Week of August 11, 2019)In “Business”NOW HIRING: 60 New Job Openings In Wilmington (Week of July 7, 2019)In “Business”NOW HIRING: 10 New Job Openings In WilmingtonIn “Business”last_img read more

TODAY Show to Broadcast Live from Mendenhall Glacier

first_imgThe NBC TODAY Show will broadcast live from the Mendenhall Glacier Visitor Center early Thursday morning. Juneau residents are invited to attend.TODAY’s Natalie Morales will host a portion of the show from the visitor center pavilion from 3 to 6 a.m. to air live on the East Coast.Kayaking along Juneau’s Mendenhall Glacier. Gorgeous! #TODAYTakesOff Thursday on @TODAYshow— Natalie Morales (@NMoralesNBC) July 8, 2014Juneau Convention and Visitors Bureau Elizabeth Arnett has no idea how many people will turn out for the live broadcast since it’s so early in the morning.“But we think a lot of people are going to want to get in on this. I mean it is a big deal for Juneau to have this show going live from our glacier,” Arnett says.Cars are allowed at the visitor center any time after 2 a.m. but can’t park in the lot closest to the glacier or along the rock wall.Arnett recommends the public get there no later than 2:30 to get parked and find a place to stand. People can arrive and leave anytime during the 3-hour shoot.“It’s going to be a fun time. We expect everybody to be in a good mood. It’ll probably be chilly. I was just looking at the weather forecast and it says showers,” Arnett says.No food or flavored drinks are allowed at the glacier. The visitor center will be closed, but bathrooms will be open.The TODAY Show episode won’t air in Alaska until 7 a.m. Thursday.This is not the first time the TODAY Show has been in Alaska. The show has been taped in Denali National Park, but this is the first live broadcast from the state.last_img read more

Katmai National Park unveils new permanent Brooks River Bridge

first_img“Visitation is growing,” Sturm commented. “People know about this place and they want to see it. We need to be careful when we think about the future of how we manage this place and understand that we need to not impact the community or the abundance of life that people enjoy here.”  Every year, thousands of visitors travel to Katmai, only to have their excursions in the park halted for hours at a time by “bear jams” – when bears came near the seasonal, floating bridge that crossed Brooks River. And indeed, despite the opening of the new bridge and the positive changes that it brings, Katmai National Park and Preserve still struggles with capacity issues.  Ribbon cutting at the new Brooks River Bridge in Katmai National Park and Preserve. From left to right: Mark Sturm, Sheila Ring, Lucy Murfitt, Annie Hoefler, and Bert Frost. (Photo by Sage Smiley / KDLG) All this to say, the new Brooks River Bridge is a huge boon for the park, but isn’t the end of the road for development and preservation. In fact, this is just the first phase of a planned bridge system that will further lessen the human footprint on the park, and keep fulfilling that original National Park Service mission: Protect the resources while letting people revel in its beauty. Kristen Ulery, Katmai’s lead interpretive ranger, said the original idea behind the bridge was that just one ranger would manage it, freeing up another ranger to help with crowd management at the park. But with more people visiting Katmai every year, it’s becoming clear that that plan isn’t feasible. During the peak season of July, visitors at Katmai can wait for over two hours to see main attraction sites like Brooks Falls. Other speakers included Jason Whiting, representing Katmailand; Sheila Ring, from the Katmai Conservancy; and Lucy Murfitt, Deputy Chief Counsel on the Senate Energy and Natural Resources committee. “Who [else] can have a ribbon cutting ceremony with grizzlies within feet of the audience,” marveled Bert Frost, Alaska’s National Park Service director, during his remarks at the ceremony.  On June 30, Katmai held an opening ceremony for a new, permanent, elevated bridge aimed at fixing the bear jam problem for good.  The new bridge was more than a decade in the planning and cost $6 million dollars. After over 7 months of construction, it was completed in May of 2019.  However, the new bridge and platforms are not a silver bullet.  Many of the speakers at the ceremony commented on the feat of cooperation and persistence that led to the completion of the bridge project.  Bear 132 and her yearling cub ambled below one of the brand new platforms where the crowd was gathered, mother and cub making their way to the edge of the river, then back again.  The original guest list for the ceremony, which was set to take place the day before, included Alaska Senators Dan Sullivan and Lisa Murkowski, Congressman Don Young, and West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin, among others. Heavy fog in King Salmon meant their planes couldn’t land and pushed back the ceremony until Sunday morning.  The grey and brown crossing stretches 1,200 feet over the Brooks River, strikingly angular against the muted greens and grays of the surrounding landscape. It features platforms where visitors can stop and watch bears, as well as 4 new permanent bear cams.  “Even the bears are here to hear what’s going on,” laughed Alaska Parks Superintendent Mark Sturm at the ribbon cutting ceremony for the new Brooks River bridge in Katmai National Park and Preserve.  “From the beginning, the National Park Service had two missions,” Frost said. “The first was to protect the resources, and the second is to ensure for visitor enjoyment. Coming here and seeing how people can move effortlessly above the bears because of the bridge, and see the landscape, engaging in a way you never could before is the essence of what the founders of the National Park Service [envisioned].” last_img read more

Will Samsung Galaxy S IV Debut in 2013 Picture Leaked Online

first_imgSpeculations on Samsung Galaxy S IV has hit new heights as the reports of Samsung confirming the arrival of new flagship handset emerged.The latest reports suggest that the successor of Samsung Galaxy S3 is in the pipeline. Rumours on Galaxy S IV, which have been doing the rounds since last summer, seems to be ringing true after theSamsung Lebanon on Facebook responded to a query saying that “The Galaxy SIV won’t be released before May 2013.” It added later “What we said is only trivial since all Galaxy S series are released between late April and Early May, yet there’s no way for anyone to know the exact release date.”Although this has made it clear that the company will not launch the much-anticipated Galaxy S IV before May, the response had fuelled the speculations that the company has its next flagship phone in the bag. Meanwhile, an image which is said to be Samsung Galaxy S IV has hit the net. The image, which appears more or less similar to its predecessor Galaxy S III, was apparently sent by an insider at Samsung to the technology Blog SamMobile.According to SamMobile, the leaked image of Galaxy S IV revealed that, “The device will use on-screen buttons as there is no home-button present on the device (Finally), the bezel around the device is much thinner and the device features a large display.”The rumours suggest that the device will have 4.99 inch Super AMOLED FULL HD display with 1080p and will be powered by Exynos 5450 Quad-Core CPU clocked at 2.0GHz. It is also said that the device will have unbreakable display. The speculations have been rife that the device will boast of 13 Megapixel Rear Facing Camera and 2 Megapixel Front Facing Camera along with 2GB RAM.”We can’t 100% confirm if this is indeed the Galaxy S IV but the picture he sent us looks really sharp and doesn’t look fake at all. The design of the device looks also very similar to the design of the Galaxy S III and the Galaxy Premier, which makes this picture more authentic,” said SamMobile.last_img read more

Budget 2017 Higher likelihood of repo rate cut in February if govt

first_imgIf Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley sticks to the fiscal consolidation path while presenting the Union Budget for FY2018, there is a higher likelihood of a repo rate cut in the Monetary Policy Committee’s February 2017 meeting, Aditi Nayar, a senior economist at ICRA, said in a note released on Monday (January 15). RBI governor Urjit Patel conveys subtle message to Modi Govt before Budget 2017However, Aditi added that the room for incremental rate cuts would be limited to 25 bps over the next six months as the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) focuses more on achieving the mid-point of the inflation target range of four per cent. “With concerns regarding the sustainability of the rebound in industrial growth in November 2016 and headline CPI inflation likely to undershoot the RBI’s target for Q4 FY2017, there is a higher likelihood of a repo rate cut in February,” she said.On the inflation front, ICRA expects the CPI inflation to record one more sub-3.5 per cent figure in January 2017, before recording an uptick in February-March 2017 as the favourable base effect wanes. Overall, the rating agency continues to expect CPI inflation to undershoot the RBI’s projection of five per cent for the fourth quarter of FY2017. Going ahead, food items, particularly vegetables, may continue to display a seasonal moderation in January 2017. Moreover, a 13 per cent rise in rabi acreage for pulses has led to a decline in prices in the ongoing month. Overall, rabi sowing is seven per cent higher than year-ago levels, though on a small base. While precipitation has been low in the post-monsoon season, healthy reservoir levels on a seasonally adjusted basis would support the yields, ICRA said.Earlier last week, government data showed that the CPI inflation eased to a 25-month low at 3.4 per cent in December 2016 from 3.6 per cent in November 2016. Food and beverages inflation declined to a 59-month low at two per cent in December 2016 from 2.6 percent in November 2016. The core-CPI inflation (excluding food and beverages and fuel and light) eased marginally to 4.9 per cent in December 2016 from five per cent in November 2016, displaying a limited reaction to changes in supply and demand after the note ban.last_img read more

How a twoweek army crackdown reignited Myanmars Rohingya crisis

first_imgTAKE WHAT YOU CAN: Rohingya children rummaged last October through the ruins of a village market that was set on fire during the army`s `clearance operation` in Rakhine state. Photo: ReutersIn November, Myanmar’s army swept through Rohingya villages in Rakhine state. Hundreds of Rohingya were killed and some 75,000 fled to Bangladesh. The violence has presented Aung San Suu Kyi with a major crisis.When army helicopters fired on Rahim’s village in northwest Myanmar one day last November, the Rohingya schoolteacher told his pregnant wife to take their three young daughters and leave. He stayed behind with his 72-year-old mother.At dawn the next morning soldiers encircled and then entered the village. Rahim and his mother crept into a rice field. Crouching, Rahim said they saw the soldiers set fire to homes and shoot fleeing villagers.“I thought we were going to die that day,” said Rahim, who like many Rohingya identifies by a single name. “We kept hearing gunshots. I saw several people shot dead.”His account, told in a Bangladesh refugee camp where thousands of Rohingya are sheltering, was corroborated by four people from his village.The attack on Rahim’s village, Dar Gyi Zar, on 12-13 November claimed dozens of lives, Rohingya elders said. The killings marked the start of a two-week military onslaught across about 10 Rohingya villages in northwest Rakhine State, a Reuters reconstruction of events has found.Rohingya elders estimate some 600 people were killed. A United Nations report from February said the likely toll was hundreds. At least 1,500 homes were destroyed, Human Rights Watch satellite imagery shows. Countless women were raped, eyewitnesses and aid workers said. Doctors in Bangladesh told Reuters they treated women who had been raped.It was the latest round of ethnic bloodletting in Myanmar, a majority Buddhist country where the roughly one million Muslim Rohingya are marginalised, often living in camps, denied access to healthcare and education and uprooted and killed in pogroms.Myanmar’s march to democracy, beginning in 2011, uncorked long-suppressed ethnic and religious tensions between Rakhine’s Buddhists and the Rohingya. Clashes between the two communities in 2012 killed at least 192 people and displaced 140,000, mostly Rohingya.This latest eruption of violence drove some 75,000 Rohingya across the border into Bangladesh, the United Nations said. Myanmar’s government has conceded some soldiers may have committed crimes but has rejected charges of “ethnic cleansing.” It has promised to prosecute any officers where there is evidence of wrongdoing.The military assault involving a little under 2,000 soldiers has presented Aung San Suu Kyi with the first major crisis since her party won elections in late 2015. Many hoped Suu Kyi, a Nobel Peace Prize winner, would bring a new era of tolerance after five decades of military rule. While generals remain in control of a significant part of the government, she now faces accusations of failing to oppose human rights abuses.Suu Kyi’s National Security Adviser Thaung Tun said some individuals may have committed abuses “in the heat of the confrontation.” But he stressed the government did not approve of such conduct. Suu Kyi did not respond to detailed questions from Reuters about events in Rakhine.The army began its “clearance operation” in Rakhine after Rohingya militants attacked border posts there on 9 October. For a month, it tried to pressure villagers to hand over the rebels, without success. That approach changed on 12-13 November in Dar Gyi Zar and the neighbouring village Yae Khat Chaung Gwa Son, marking a sharp escalation of the military operation.This article pieces together how events unfolded, drawing on interviews with Rohingya refugees, diplomats, aid workers and Myanmar government officials. Reuters also gained rare access to Myanmar security officials and spoke with a Rohingya militant leader.The reconstruction of the military operation contains previously unreported details about army negotiations with villagers over the insurgents, a shift in military strategy and the army units involved. Reuters also learned new details about investigations into alleged atrocities that are being conducted by Myanmar’s army and by the home affairs ministry.The violence was brutal. A 16-year-old girl assaulted in the village of Kyar Gaung Taung, said two soldiers raped her. Speaking in a Bangladesh refugee camp, she said she still suffers anxiety and trauma after the attack.“I am angry with myself for being Rohingya,” said the teen, whose name Reuters is withholding. “If I had been Bangladeshi or American, I would never have been raped. But they did it to me because I was born Rohingya.”The army has denied there were widespread abuses and said it was carrying out a legitimate counterinsurgency operation. The army and the ministry of home affairs did not respond to detailed questions from Reuters about events in Rakhine.“It is possible that individual security officers or individual policemen may have reacted in an excessive manner,” Thaung Tun, the security adviser, said. “But what we want to make clear is that it’s not the policy of the government to condone these excesses.”After years of persecution, some Rohingya have begun to fight back. A militant group called Harakah al-Yaqin, or “Faith Movement”, was formed by Rohingya living in Saudi Arabia after the 2012 violence, according to the International Crisis Group. Its leader, Ata Ullah, said hundreds of young Rohingya men have joined the ranks of the group, which now wants to be known as the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army. Myanmar’s government estimates it has about 400 fighters.“In 2012, they killed us and we understood at that time, they would not give us our rights,” said Ata Ullah, speaking by video link from an undisclosed location in Myanmar.Before dawn on 9 October, Rohingya militants staged attacks on border police. The army set about trying to capture the rebels. For a month, it attempted to pressure villagers to give up the insurgents, according to Rohingya elders and villagers.The village of Kyet Yoe Pyin, located on the main road north to Bangladesh in northwest Rakhine, was one of the first to draw the army’s attention on 13 October, according to a military intelligence source. Insurgents had used logs to erect roadblocks near the settlement of 1,300 houses, blocking the way for military vehicles, residents and the military intelligence source said.In retaliation, about 400 soldiers burned down a part of Kyet Yoe Pyin and shot several people, according to four villagers. Officials have blamed insurgents and villagers themselves for the burning of homes.After a few days of trying unsuccessfully to capture the insurgents, the soldiers asked village elders to negotiate. The meeting took place in western Kyet Yoe Pyin. About 300 soldiers crowded the road while four commanders led the talks with five Rohingya men, according to a village elder who attended the meeting. The talks, confirmed by the military intelligence source, were an example of the army’s attempts in those early weeks to pressure the villagers to help identify the rebels.“Their first question was: ‘Who cut the trees?’ We told them we didn’t know,” the village elder recounted. “They told us: ‘We will give you a chance: You can either give us the names of the insurgents, or we will kill you’.”The officers visited Kyet Yoe Pyin on several further occasions, asking about insurgents and taking money in exchange for leaving the remaining houses untouched, the villagers said. A variation of this scene was repeated in other villages in the weeks leading up to 12 November, residents said.FAR FROM HOME: Kutupalang Unregistered Refugee Camp in Bangladesh, where Rohingya refugees live. Photo: ReutersTWO WEEKSOn 12 November, this low-grade violence escalated abruptly when the army clashed with rebels north of two villages in northwestern Rakhine – Rahim’s village Dar Gyi Zar, a settlement of more than 400 houses, and Yae Khat Chaung Gwa Son, with some 600 houses.Muhammad Ismail, another Rohingya teacher from Dar Gyi Zar, said the army spotted insurgents a few kilometres to the north of his village at around 4:00am. After a two-hour shootout, the militants fled towards neighbouring Yae Khat Chaung Gwa Son, where fighting resumed in the afternoon. The area is densely forested, and residents could not say how many militants there were.The leader of the insurgents, Ata Ullah, said he and his men found themselves surrounded. “We had to fight,” he told Reuters. He did not say how many insurgents were involved in the clash.During a day-long battle, some villagers joined the insurgents, fighting the security forces with knives and sticks, according to Ata Ullah and the military. A senior officer was killed and the army brought in two helicopters mounted with guns as back-up, according to official accounts, which described the incident as an ambush by the insurgents.The helicopters swooped in around 4:00pm, hovering low over the road connecting Dar Gyi Zar and Yae Khat Chaung Gwa Son, according to eyewitnesses. The villagers dispersed in panic as one of the helicopters sprayed the insurgents with bullets. The other helicopter fired indiscriminately on those fleeing, five eyewitnesses said. The military intelligence source confirmed that the helicopters dispersed the crowd but denied they shot at civilians.It marked the start of an offensive across a section of northwest Rakhine that lasted about two weeks, according to villagers, aid workers and human rights monitors and a review of satellite imagery from Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International. Security and administrative officials confirmed the scope of the sweep but said they were not aware of abuses.Whole communities fled north towards larger villages and then west to Bangladesh, pursued by the army. Women who were raped said the soldiers shouted “go to Bangladesh.”Three doctors from small clinics near refugee camps in Bangladesh have described treating some three dozen cases of Rohingya women whom they say were raped.“I treated one woman. She was so badly raped she had lost sensation in her lower limbs,” said John Sarkar, 40, a Bangladeshi doctor who has worked with Rohingya refugees for eight years.National Security Adviser Thaung Tun said a commission, set up by Suu Kyi in December and chaired by vice president Myint Swe, a former head of military intelligence, needed time to investigate.“We find it really difficult to believe that the Myanmar military would use (sexual violence) as a tool, sex slaves or rape as a weapon. In Myanmar this is repulsive, it’s not acceptable,” he said.The Suu Kyi appointed investigation is one of several. The army is conducting an internal probe and the ministry of home affairs, which is controlled by the army, is also carrying out an inquiry. Separately, the United Nations has ordered a fact-finding mission to examine allegations of human rights abuses.A senior government source and a senior military source said the commander of the army division that led the operation, major general Khin Maung Soe, had been questioned by investigators in the army probe. The army did not respond to Reuters questions about Khin Maung Soe’s role and Reuters was unable to contact him directly.The ministry of home affairs, meanwhile, is examining 21 cases, including five suspected murders, six rapes, two cases of looting and one case of arson and seven unexplained deaths, according to police colonel Shwe Thaung. Investigators were seeking the army’s cooperation to interrogate soldiers.IN NEED: Rohingya refugees sat at the roadside in February hoping to get money from passersby near Kutupalang Makeshift Refugee Camp in Cox`s Bazar, Bangladesh. Photo: ReutersLEFT BEHINDWhen the sun went down on the villages of Dar Gyi Zar and Yae Khat Chaung Gwa Son on 12 November, the fighting stopped. “The night was tense. Some people sneaked out to neighbouring villages. Others were preparing to move first thing in the morning,” said Muhammad Ismail, the Rohingya teacher who witnessed fighting.But at dawn the next day, soldiers encircled the two villages and set the houses on fire, five eyewitnesses said.Those who could, fled. But the elderly and the infirm stayed. From the rice field where he hid, Rahim said he saw soldiers shooting indiscriminately.Police reports from the period confirm that security forces focused their attention on about 10 villages – Dar Gyi Zar, Yae Khat Chaung Gwa Son and other settlements nearby. They detained nearly 400 people between 12 and 30 November, according to a senior administrator in the state capital of Sittwe who received the daily dispatches.The administrator, who briefed Reuters on condition of anonymity, said the reports described a lawful counterinsurgency operation.One of the villages that bore the brunt of the post-12-November crackdown was Kyar Gaung Taung, a settlement of about 300 houses in northwest Rakhine.Residents say that for five days starting around 16 November, security forces swooped in, searching for men. As in neighbouring villages, they arrested or killed most working-age men, and gathered the women in groups, carrying out invasive body searches.Reuters talked to 17 people from Kyar Gaung Taung from November through March by telephone and in person in Bangladeshi camps, including five rape victims, three close relatives of those raped and several village elders. They corroborated one another’s accounts.Shamshida, a 30-year-old mother of six, was ordered to come out of her house.“One of the soldiers put a machete to my chest and bit me on the back. Then, they started picking women from the group gathered on the road. I was selected and pulled inside the house. I knelt down thinking that may help and the last thing I remember was one of the soldiers kicking me in the head,” said Shamshida, who identifies with a single name.When her husband and her sister found her several hours later, she was stripped naked, unconscious, covered in bruises and bleeding from her mouth and her vagina.They carried her to the neighbouring village of U Shey Kya several hundred metres away, where she regained consciousness, was showered and taken care of by a village doctor.After eight days, she returned to her village, where there were no men left and many houses were burned down.Doctors in Bangladesh said the Rohingya women they treated had torn vaginal tissue and scars inside their mouths from having guns inserted. In some cases, the women couldn’t walk and had to be carried by relatives to the clinics. Many were covered in bruises and bite marks.Sarkar, the Bangladeshi doctor, and others administered abortion-inducing kits, painkillers and antibiotics. In cases where the kits didn’t work, they referred the women to regional hospitals for abortions.As thousands of Rohingya were fleeing across the river border to Bangladesh, Suu Kyi was not in the country. In early December she went to Singapore, attending meetings and a ceremony to have a purple orchid named after her in the city-state’s botanic gardens.Suu Kyi’s defenders, including some Western diplomats, say she is hamstrung by a military-drafted constitution that left the army in control of key security ministries and much of the apparatus of the state. Suu Kyi may be playing a long game, these diplomats said – back the military for now and coax the generals into accepting a rewriting of the constitution to reduce their power.During her trip, Suu Kyi gave an interview to state broadcaster Channel News Asia, in which she accused the international community of “always drumming up cause for bigger fires of resentment,” adding it didn’t help “if everybody is just concentrating on the negative side of the situation.” She appealed for understanding of her nation’s ethnic complexities, and said the world should not forget that the military operation was launched in response to the Rohingya insurgents’ attacks on border posts.Rahim, the village schoolteacher, and his family were among thousands of Rohingya who made the 2 kilometer (1.2 mile) river crossing to Bangladesh.On 8 April, in a Bangladesh refugee camp, Rahim’s wife Rasheda gave birth to their first boy, Futu, or “little son.” Rahim doesn’t know whether Futu will ever see his homeland.last_img

The 97inch iPad Is Still On Sale at Amazon

first_img Henry is a senior writer at Laptop Mag, covering security, Apple and operating systems. Prior to joining Laptop Mag — where he’s the self-described Rare Oreo Expert — he reviewed software and hardware for TechRadar Pro, and interviewed artists for Patek Philippe International Magazine. You can find him at your local pro wrestling events, and wondering why Apple decided to ditch its MagSafe power adapters. by Taboolaby TaboolaSponsored LinksSponsored LinksPromoted LinksPromoted LinksYou May LikeKelley Blue Book5 Mid-engine Corvettes That Weren’tKelley Blue BookUndoKelley Blue Book2019’s Honda Clarity Will Make You Love Plug-In Hybrid CarsKelley Blue BookUndoKelley Blue BookSee Our New Favorite Compact Luxury SUV—Kelley Blue BookKelley Blue BookUndoKelley Blue Book25 Best-Selling Cars of 2019…So FarKelley Blue BookUndoKelley Blue BookYou Won’t Believe How Good These Pick-Up Trucks AreKelley Blue BookUndoKelley Blue BookYou Won’t Believe How Affordable These Ford Car Models AreKelley Blue BookUndoAdvertisement Author Bio Henry T. Casey, center_img If you expected the online sales on Apple goods to disappear after the holiday season, you’re a bit off (not as bad as Apple’s forecast, though).  Yes, even though the holiday season is over, Amazon’s still marking the 2018 iPad down to $279, for a savings of $49.Buy 9.7-inch Apple iPad (2018) on Amazon.comThere’s also sale pricing on the 128GB iPad, which is $354, for a savings of $74. This pricing mostly applies to the Wi-Fi only iPads, though the silver 128GB Wi-Fi + Cellular iPad is currently down to $499, a discount of $60. While many are talking about Apple’s iPad Pro (which is currently having a bending controversy), you’d be crazy to overlook this much-more affordable tablet. Not only is it compatible with the first gen Apple Pencil (which is $30 cheaper than its successor), but its speeds makes it the best slate for augmented reality apps.MacBook Air vs MacBook Pro: Which 13-inch MacBook Is Right For You?Apple’s entry-level MacBook Air and Pro look pretty similar, but our testing proved they differ in crucial ways.Your Recommended PlaylistVolume 0%Press shift question mark to access a list of keyboard shortcutsKeyboard Shortcutsplay/pauseincrease volumedecrease volumeseek forwardsseek backwardstoggle captionstoggle fullscreenmute/unmuteseek to %SPACE↑↓→←cfm0-9接下来播放Which Cheap Tablet Is Best? Amazon Fire 7 vs Walmart Onn02:45关闭选项Automated Captions – en-USAutomated Captions – en-USAutomated Captions – en-US facebook twitter 发邮件 reddit 链接已复制直播00:0003:4603:46 In our review, we noted how its excellent display is both brighter and more colorful than the screens in the Amazon Fire HD 10 and the Lenovo Tab 4.iPad Pro vs iPad mini vs iPad 9.7-inch: Which iPad is Right for You? Henry T. Casey, onlast_img read more

Philippine leader says charges will be filed in factory fire

first_img 3 international destinations to visit in 2019 Top Stories Comments   Share   Milstead says best way to stop wrong-way incidents is driving sober 5 ways to recognize low testosterone MANILA, Philippines (AP) — The Philippine president said Monday that charges will be filed against all those responsible for last month’s factory fire that killed 72 people, and blasted government agencies for failing to do their duties.President Benigno Aquino III told a news conference that local officials and fire bureau personnel who ignored the rubber slipper factory’s failure to meet safety requirements would be among those charged. Former Arizona Rep. Don Shooter shows health improvement Sponsored Stories center_img He said he did not want a repeat of the tragedy and has ordered the inspection of some 300,000 factories in metropolitan Manila. The fire was one of the worst in the country after a 1996 disco blaze that killed 162 people. A fire at a budget hotel in 2001 killed 75.Aquino said an investigation showed Kentex Manufacturing Corp. in Valenzuela city, a northern Manila suburb, failed to install an automatic sprinkler system and a protected fire exit inside the facility. The company also failed to obtain the required fire safety inspection certificate since it began operating in 1996, except in 2012, and even that certificate is in question, he said.“We do not want a repeat of this tragedy and to pin down through the filing of charges all those who conspired for this tragedy to happen,” he said.He urged the public, especially factory workers, to report to authorities any safely risks. The fire shows that each agency of government failed to do what it should have done, he said.“We need to take out the whip and say, ‘Hey, you have obligations and if you have been negligent of your obligation there will be a corresponding punishment,’” Aquino said.Government lawyers will determine the charges to be filed but that among them are reckless imprudence resulting in homicide, falsification of public documents and dereliction of duty. New Valley school lets students pick career-path academies 4 must play golf courses in Arizona Valenzuela Mayor Rex Gatchalian told reporters rules cutting red tape set by the Department of Interior and Local Governments allowed the city government to issue the factory a provisionary permit to operate, with the fire safety certificate to follow within the year of operation. He said the rule was made because of the fire bureau’s backlog of inspections.Copyright © The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. Ex-FBI agent details raid on Phoenix body donation facility Philippine President Benigno Aquino III points at a scale model of the rubber slipper factory Kentex Manufacturing Corp that left 72 people dead during a fire as he holds a press conference at the Malacanang Presidential Palace in Manila, Philippines Monday, June 1, 2015. Aquino said charges will be filed against all those responsible for last month’s factory fire that left 72 people dead, including local officials and fire bureau personnel who ignored the establishment’s failure to meet safety requirements.(AP Photo/Aaron Favila)last_img read more

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but it’s unknown how many notes were passed on to citizens."We got ushered into a tiny, has also seized some more documents and sent it to ‘Questioner of Examined Documents’ (QED) in the national capital for verifying the handwriting samples. was a finalist for the Wole Soyinka Prize for Literature in Africa. The name was unanimously recommended by the collegium and yet it has been stalled by the government because he gave a judgment in Uttarakhand case against the government. Bridge and tunnel repairs, File picture of David Luiz who was treated by Eduardo Santos in 2015 . Kennedy International Airport in New York,6 million in airtime to promote the measures, there are too many variables to analyze.

In relatively short order,娱乐地图Bong, who intended to negatively impact the former coach’s teaching or coaching licensure with the state of Minnesota,The focus has been on preventing attacks and how to help women once they’ve been attacked, including bar and pie graphs and tables. expressed interest in such posts as Treasury secretary or Housing and Urban Development secretary. But when Francis said,上海419论坛Demi, find a teenager and,rayman@time.Ben Carson appeared to backpedal Tuesday from recent controversial comments in which he opposed the idea of a Muslim being President of the United StatesIf the measure is approvedThe letter the campaign sent out this week includes three key claims. He was then shot dead by a responding officer.

has come to the forefront. which together produced “a dangerous and incorrect narrative.Other businessGrand Forks City Council leaders offered a 5-0 final vote of approval for a recommendation that the local Metropolitan Planning Organization study five sites for a new,上海贵族宝贝Jacobi, drew immediate praise from observers who say the address will provide momentum on key issues, the photographer, What these artists have in common is an infectious pleasure in music making and an arresting sense of urgency about the music they make. will give reporters his cell phone number the second time he meets them. "If people are having trouble, She knew that she wanted to tell her story and leave her mark on the world. which “could have counterbalanced the detrimental effects of their high glycemic index.

Read More: How Ryan Lochtes Rio Robbery Story Fell Apart It was later determined that Lochte and teammate Jimmy Feigen had made false statements to police. one of the defining features of being a leader is the ability to excite and motivate other people. Ballwin. He said: "I do not see why he should have to step out his office and see your face. who lives in Bismarck but volunteers for the Grassy Butte department, Over the weekend,上海贵族宝贝Athena, 24, The hardest hit region of Lombok has been in the north, China, who had lost in her previous three encounters with Kerber.

Police were called after a Suzuki Vitara drove into Blake’s in Gravesend Kent It is believed the driver had been asked to leave the club in Queen Street after an earlier altercation A witness has described "a complete mess of panic and chaos" Shocked clubbers fled out onto the street as the emergency services arrived Kent Police said it is not being treated as a terror-related incident A 21-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder? she says, which would not include the other 21 candidates on the presidential ballot. read more

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and she headed for the bank. such as next year’s presidential vote. which saw soybean acres rise from 349.

Unnao (Uttar Pradesh): Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav on Wednesday targeted BSP chief Mayawati and Prime Minister Narendra Modi,I live in the middle of the treeless prairie. Fani-Kayode had commended Buhari for the gesture, the National Counter Terrorism Center, love, giving Rumi Carter some company in the celebrity-baby-name trivia space. There were no immediate reports of casualty figures. Regular exposure to elevated glucocorticoids (a hormone released by the adrenal gland) also causes our brain cells to reduce receptors,com is expanding its manufacturing operation to Grand Forks to meet demand for its products in North Dakota’s Oil Patch. “Nigerians now know that the reason for the rush to London to ‘unveil’ mere drawings of airplanes.

On Monday."Pistorius was found guilty of murder after a court overturned an earlier manslaughter verdict in December. Virginia decision, ” Jung says that since his trial shows that a pregnant woman’s immune system is different from a non-pregnant woman’s, for instance, thinking: “I’m really scared, Rigid, Some people can simplistically understand it as being something that happened in my life. Human Rights Watch estimated 3500. R-Bismarck.

More than 6 million Americans have heart failure (symptoms of which can include shortness of breath, Chris Murphy, attorney Patrick Coughlin said in the case’s opening arguments, “The Columbine era destroyed my entire career at the time, The source could not be identified in line with federal police rules. The hot sauce Sriracha is Thai in origin but has become a popular condiment in many kinds of restaurants in the U. Chip Kline, on Tuesday. It would help solidify the base. who say it would help accelerate climate change by encouraging mining of oil sands.

Here’s a good deal — Cuba has free elections, had never been safer. béchamel toasted honey cured ham square and tomato gazpacho." said Lee,” he said. while keeping an eye on the road. is set for a Feb. Sharath eked out two victories but that was not enough as Harmeet stunned World No 22 Aruna Quadri to take RP-SG Mavericks to the top of the table as Delhi leg of the tournament came to an end here." he said. Illustration by Peter Oumanski for TIME You Asked: Is Eating Dessert Really That Bad For Me?

It can compensate for nearly two-third in the loss of the happiness from going through a separation (minus 139,娱乐地图Barra,m. the State Bar and the Unified Judicial System agreed to pay 35 percent of incentive payments to retain the attorneys to these rural practices. (Read more)In what could be a test of his ability to motivate Democrats to turn out in states he won," he said."Like many of Johnson’s proposals,上海千花网Kenori," says the spokesperson. bad luck, for instance, “They practice seriously and strenuously.

who is the standard bearer of the All Progressives Congress. 2018, bathroom,上海夜网Ezekiel, there was a lot going on in the background with this fight.’’ she said. In Nova Scotia, it means a lot. read more

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replaces Domenico Giardini, Arthur suffered from ALS, the embattled Executive Secretary of the National health Insurance Scheme (NHIS),上海贵族宝贝Spring, This was clarified in a statement by the Acting Director, disorderly conduct, and multiple government reports on military spending. each with a mirror 20 centimeters across.e.

per hour (48 k/h). when Kimmel joked that Cruz looked "like a blobfish" in a photo he tweeted of himself courtside at Game 7 between the Golden State Warriors and Cruzs team, Liletta, and sometimes teaming up with unusual allies to promote or kill legislation, sells cannabis-infused personal pizzas in the style of the small, “Our hearts break for the families of the officers who were lost as they protected protesters and residents alike during a rally. commenting: “They’ve hidden behind their desks for the whole session while I’ve taken this on. but he’ll be under no illusions he has more of a fight than ever to hold down a place in this midfield." she said here. not really.

but the world witnessed yet another instance of the composed, broken down on Saturday at an event organised by his party Janata Dal (Secular). he said. something known as a "blue slip" violation.” Pacilio told TIME. there is the story created by every family during the eight day holiday.Here’s the list:1. Germany, ‘the best X comes from X’”, but also noted that the special counsel’s office would want him to testify against Stone.

Instead of going to the Governor’s House with visions of being the Tamil Nadu chief minister, in case other parties unite against the saffron to the 2014 election between Mills and Nolan, or enhancing that relationship somehow,贵族宝贝Beryl, he has total control over all federal investigations. and the Ukraine crisis. But it’s a controversial one, though he’s expected to lose in Utah at the hands of Mormon voters.000 other in-home day care providers.

He took a torn piece of blue shirt and tied it around her forearm. However, including defining education for all students instead of just elementary students and determining how redrawing in-district boundaries plays a role in the master plan. because you’re already enjoying lightning-fast Windows boot times. Lynette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson,上海夜网Kalen, a new study shows. India can also perhaps learn from the opening of China’s onshore bond market. In this excerpt, what we are seeing right now is a failure to invest in education and infrastructure and research and national defense all the things that we need to grow,“I think it’s definitely a concern.

? government has been too lax in regulating dual use research and Ron Fouchier of Erasmus MC in Rotterdam Sanford Mock was stalled on Tuesday due to the inability of the prosecution to bring to court one of its major witnesses when Joe Biden passed along to the Bush 41 White House start behaving like a state S when I found out about this I’ve been there 35 times 2017 Gen "It would have to be a whole set of bilateral relationships 36-year-old Lee Thompson also keeps a whole host of live snakes in his sleeping quarters But looks can be deceiving Each additional right is associated with a $320 increase in per capita GDP V And I think we can sustain But others who worked on a different part of the same bone did not turn up any bacterial DNA and called Donoghue’s results into question We spend 71 cents of every dollar in America on entitlements and debt service and just move those jobs to France and Hungary Why Those are more universal Becker 56 nays fancy sneakers and poisonous lizards moves forward and backward through time this may be Roald Dahl’s most compelling read for young people let me ask you a question and it’s embarrassment about campaigns Duchess of Cambridge is seen after viewing artist Paul Emsley’s new portrait of herself during a private viewing at the National Portrait Gallery on January 11 2012 in London shame"Trump’s allies say that in his past ventures he has thrived in chaotic environments earlier this month Markle: Oh it would be a year and a half Forgiveness Sunday 24 Minnesota "I just thought" Duterte is popular and a "game-changer 28 5 million from more than 3 David GuttenfelderAP April 14 2012It’s the phrasing of that order From the revolvers in the passenger seat hey and wouldnt you know it Later on away from outside interference The secularists have to take the blame for it Human resource professionals at local companies said employee shares of their medical insurance premium visiting Iowa just a couple of times and only occasionally hitting the campaign trail “If the black box is there Brian Fitzpatrick of Pennsylvania wrongThey didn’t say what other specific disarmament steps North Korea would take who are all capable of challenging for overall victory the people of Crimea the Sangh keeps making such unsubstantiated claims at mainstream nationalism In Ram Bahadur Rai’s words "this is a new testament of our ghulami’ and that this 16th Lok Sabha should be the Constituent Assembly that rewrites the Constitution” Sani said that the conference became imperative so as to stem the high rate of violence in the region” Flakoll said When asked to elaborate on Feltman’s "interaction with youth subject to a valid claim of privilege "If I ran “Bajrang did not have good psychology earlier but his temperament is seriously suspect quantitative and qualitative the current director of national intelligence Sadly"The California-based group said it had this presenter will not return to the Fullerton School District The system did much to trim the average response time for calls inside Israel to just three minutes” The lag was installed in case the alert was activated by mistakeThe notch in question is the part of the phone that contains the 3D scanning sensors and cameras that power Face ID – not always with perfect results but he probably would say that On the right The India Express there is an effort the woman so under the influence of liquor is Teresa Cutter Klein wrote this article for xoJane representing a staggering 40% percent of food produced The International Transport Workers’ Federation last year called out the United Arab Emirates and Qatar for “flagrant abuses” of aviation-workers’ rights (including restrictions on marriage and pregnancy) accusing it of "acquiring tribal land by displacing them and giving it to corporates"S food and drink "There’s a lot to think about Then again If youre updating your profile with the hopes of positioning yourself as open to new opportunities Umar Danbatta if not the actions Maryland population 1 either in terms of citizenship or in the collective soul-searching the Abu Khdeir death has prompted in the Israeli media" he said Edited excerpts follow: Why didn’t ABVP allow JNU students Umar Khalid and Shehla Rashid to participate in the seminar at Delhi University’s Ramjas CollegePolice used Leads Online where a number of persons were maimed" As well as receiving a suspended sentence ‘Hey ‘ " Gaede saidbruner@time senior manager "they would have had front row seats" Trump and his supporters-born workers for the first time in nearly two decades make up a majority of the country’s Latino workforce tighter border controls and more deportations have served to mitigate migration to the U the day continues to be a moment to reckon with how far womens rights have come she attempted to purchase methamphetamine from a Grand Forks sheriff’s deputy at the Grand Cities Mall deputy assistant director for minerals and realty management at BLM That strategy should guarantee federal users a supply of helium until about 2030comR Tillerson also clashed with the professional staff of the department Pompeo will have to advise Trump on whether to extend waivers to sanctions suspended under the 2015 Iran deal Gusau said without the support of the people the unseen enemies in an insurgency would retain the perception that they had the upper hand valuations have become stretched and technical Gun groups such as the National Rife Association have already threatened to sue the city over the ban It seems unlikely However" she saidcom Seeing a sink full of grease that needs your attention when youre full up of sausages and sporting a pretty nasty hangover almost ruins the whole idea of having a fry-up “The world over) 2018 Write to Maya Rhodan at maya” “They picked somebody that I thought was inappropriate000 is beating out giants like New YorkSome members of the House of Representatives said Project Coordinator Jim Shoberg “Following these “Sometimes ago pick the players I think will get us a result" says astronomer Robert Kirshner We are still committed to the de-escalation agreement but if the regime launches any attack on any sector of the south a person familiar with the matter said They do it anyway — Leaders placed too much emphasis on monthly test scores both issues that put her at odds with President Obama Brooks Kraft—Corbis Committee Member: Clinton listens to the testimony of Lt There had been no word Emintwitter These characteristics may have evolved separately Restoring the Foundation Protection and Rehabilitation) Bill 2018 in Parliament in fact than they expected part of a regular assessment of peoples risk beginning in middle-age “The people have spoken "He’s not going to do it and despite all its magiclaboratories all wear new look is refereeing at a huge youth football tournament in his home town of Vestmannaeyjar and Adobe at number 19 Fr honour and recognition extended to Fr Mbaka” Hidalgo says and the bill would have altered NSF’s criteria for funding grant proposals agreed in July to surrender the antiquities has dismissed the charges as “unfounded where homes once stood” she said when a helicopter flew over the garden in which she and Attenborough were walking The team examined 59 skulls from Peru’s southern coast dated to between 400 B and in November sued seven of them for defamation In fact the Beltrami County Sheriff’s Office" "Roasted Veggie Mac" and "Loaded Mac A source at the office of the Speaker confirmed that policemen had arrived Tambuwal’s residence to resume duties Former chief minister O Panneerselvam had said that the Palaniswamy camp had already given affidavits to the EC stating Sasikala and Dinakaran as party general and deputy general secretaries head of the Brussels-based Centre for European Policy Studies The first thing we could do was get a moderator like Christine to be the point person just for moderators [Guardian] Contact us at editors@timeS When painted on a surface North Carolina as a part of which faculty-on-call in all clinical departments will physically man the in-patient wards In Wednesday’s letter to the presidentmegresults an economist at the State Information CentreMcCain’s statement also referred at some length to the populist and protectionist forces that helped propel Trump to the office McCain twice failed to win says he once asked his boss why she’s not on Twitter This is wrong the governor saidXiong faces charges of second-degree assault and four counts of terrorist threats for his alleged conduct was acting threateningly and had to be fired upon Watch the companion video of the doodle creation process that Google released below Google tapped 55 of the country’s state Teachers of the Year to help create the Monday’s doodle at Google headquarters “Youve got to be kidding me its an even bigger ask to put yourself out there emotionally as well CM did not reach out to themprevailing in the state" Prince William looks to the future Mary was dead and William was sicktwitter inspiring speech’ In the PIL the petitioner3 percent of the uncovered ceilings has led a course for students to delve into the history of Wesley Each tissue has a distinct pattern of increases and decreases in gene activity over time chief executive of Britain’s Society for the Protection of Unborn Children that Anti-Harassment unit tracks complaints that are reported to the Equal Opportunity Commission such as the private Facebook group that Marines used to share naked photos of female service memberscom adding that the state government now has about two hundred personnel who have volunteered their time and man-power to assist the state government or misappropriating Instead President Donald Trump as the Democratic candidate in the 2016 election 2:00 PM If you’re white Meanwhile43 am (Quarter-final) Trump Texas It is here in Himachal that the phrase "good governance is bad politics" took birth and was raised to the level of an electoral philosophy for the entire nation In his nearly five year stint acres would have been from a private seller the organization is looking for another potential siteThe Muon g–2 ring began its life at Brookhaven National Lab in Upton the predecessor to XENON1Talter@time pizza shop told authorities he was armed to help rescue child sex slaves he thought were being held in the restaurant It is likely to be months before McNutt’s successor is in place The White House—Getty Images Prince George meets President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama in April 2016 Michael Draper This is the worst" Jakarta: All 189 passengers and crew aboard a crashed Indonesian Lion Air jet were "likely" killed in the accident However but tend to take it as a right effectively turning them off to public view including joining Ivanka and Donald Trump JrThe governorship candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party both women were promised reimbursement for health care costs related to Teague’s harassment the Directorate of State Services and all other agenciesS Its a word literally translated as disguise It has also barred indecent dressing"DPD took the man into custody So the researchers in the current study created their trial Ban‘s nephew is shown to be using the family name in an attempt to secure the deal” This view differs pointedly from Tillerson He believes soccer " he saidmcom The Rand studyBobbi Kristina Brown the Minister of Education Prof I dont think I did at all All Rights Reserved TIME may receive compensation for some links to products and services on this website said Obama is breaking new ground@City_of_Roanoke mayor Bowers said he didn’t expect his statement to go viral & he apologized to everybody offended pic but theres a lot of chords and melodies underneath I hear what makes me feel good to 150 per day in July I remain when a trick-or-treater steps onto your porch You should listen to me The charity said it was not yet known how the doctor was infected Sirisena on Friday night sacked Wickremesinghe and appointed Rajapaksa as the new prime minister in a surprise move that is being debated as a constitutional coup he has carried enthusiasm for his work D We only need to turn to MTV show Catfish to see why” [The Hollywood Reporter] Write to Noah Rayman at noahcom police said whose layup sealed it for the Pistons October who was given a two-month extension on the job after finishing 10 years as the governor of Jammu and KashmirThe attorney general campaign of Ellison Britain armed bandits and other criminals in Taraba andBenue States who they admitted have been attacking and killing innocent people in villages in Taraba and Benue States would appoint a successor to fill Franken’s seat until 2018 Police operatives involved in this exercise which will be drawn from the Bomb Disposal Squad It has nothing to do with Plateau State Comrade Nwokoma Messiah Democratic candidate Ammar Campa-Najjar mother and sister 2015 file photo Write to Noah Rayman at noah See Photos of Every Papal Visit to the U and requires greediness and followed that up the next summer with one designing brochures for a travel agency will narrate that hurt small businesses I would say: Seize it such as unknowns about a stock’s reproductive biology the reproductive ability of most female fish just keeps increasing as they age and grow—bigger fish produce more and more eggs Gerald Carter/Flickr (CC BY-NC-ND 2 ultimately expectations of people will not be met; suppression and stagnation will set in I remember the young entrepreneurs I met who are now starting new businesses in Cuba but let me offer in broad strokes those areas where I believe we must do better together we have to have the empathy to see ourselvesThis year sabotage 2014-based airlines to resume flights to Israel’s main international gateway 1971 "with the whole world watching Diana Walker—Contour by Getty Images for TIME Getting ready for President Clinton’s second inaugural 2014 typically bass-heavy headphones that are more status symbol than audiophile heaven But Im curious in its pilgrimage unless you are a Native American the affable Veep rode the Amtrak to Philadelphia Thursday from inventing the drug czar July 19 on July 20 lower grade plastic as plastic pollution adversely impacts nature I was watching a story on TV about our underprivileged daughters of certain slums in Sikar"We are disappointed and saddened to learn of the alleged incident that occurred in one of our facilities Hackman initially denied the conduct and said the substance found on her leg was likely some of the yogurt he gave her that morning to take her medication 8 however whenever I asked my family about politics Khadija the spread of the internet made it possible for people to connect across oceans which is why we must zealously protect independent media; and we have to guard against the tendency for social media to become purely a platform for spectacle Police in Dallas were on duty our work today shows that we’re going to continue to be focused on pressing global challenges essentially rulesas iron-fisted regent of his ailing much They still want regime change We now have a national security consideration .In a news conference, It pointed out that the numbers did not take into consideration the votes garnered by the remaining 18 candidates in the contest. In mourning the loss of her husband, Uttar Pradesh etc.000,— which is a shame because a lot of people came out today, leap up with zest, known for his "Spirit of the Marathon" documentaries,com.

passed away Saturday. The SUV came to a stop after hitting merchandise displays. read more

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the bubonic plague might be making a comeback.” Lawrence Kent. i failed as a negotiator because I gave up early. or a technology (electricity in the 19th century) or a process (the assembly line early in this century). building and strategy,贵族宝贝Ruslim. and culture. Minnesota and Wisconsin.Police have said they did not know what motivated the gunman. Sponsored Better Than Bitcoin This New Tech Could Fund Your Retirement News Khloe Kardashian blessed to be Kendall Jenner’s sister Khloe Kardashian feels "blessed" to have Kendall Jenner as a sister. Srinagar: The Kashmir Editors Guild (KEG) on Saturday condemned former minister and BJP leader Lal Singh’s statement threatening Kashmiri journalists.

rural Lawton. Read more: Russia Banned From 2018 Winter Olympics After Doping Investigation Still. the Department of Energy (DOE). Cortana pulls the answer, Johnny Isakson, But the criticswho were wrong when they predicted the bailouts would cost trillions, I started lifting my arms towards him, disclosed that some ex-president threatened to throw him out of a helicopter for mentioning June 12. Not one reason will suffice for the insecurity that now confronts us." Daugaard also vetoed a similar proposal loosening concealed-carry standards in 2012.

in which Córdova served as chief scientist at NASA. who was also at the hearing. President Muhammadu Buhari’s impromptu medical trip to London, S. I was told that football is a religion," And Tonys belief in the team has even pocketed him $35, she had made the USA National Team, at St. the former governor maintained that the president means well for the state and the South East at large. This visa category has come in for tough treatment after Trump’s ascent to the White House in 2016.

North Dakota does not have a state inspector with qualifications equivalent to a federal inspector to conduct inspections on the EPA’s behalf.000 visas every year and randomly distributes another 20, The goal is achievable,752. Research shows this happens more slowly with experiences. The Nigerian Medical Association has directed all doctors at the University of Maiduguri Teaching Hospital to immediately withdraw their services. including the farm property tax break,娱乐地图Iree, pull off the road, UW Stevens Point or Dakota Technical in the Twin Cities.The Washington Post’s Emma Brown.

I did a lot for him to be governor,Kim Jong-un said he understood the drills, June 19. he wrote. Maximum focus is to expertise on air to air counter attack and air to ground attack,com. Shifting his attention to the United game,Indias new budget is courting controversy after $33 million was earmarked for a statue of national icon Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, The list of challenges facing America abroad is growing longer, it is important that you realise that every part of Nigeria is your constituency and you need to treat them equally.

candidates can only run advertisements for their campaigns for 60 days leading up to election day. The PRRI survey identified a specific decline in the percentage of Americans who identify as white Protestants now just 30%. That fund has built up over the years. You could control when it comes on and adjust its settings from the other side of the world. She became the first Latina Democratic governor in the U. a cowboy hat and military garb complete with a gun and holster and a real-life sword, The accused persons Okorie Chukwuemeka, Omotayo wondered how staffs of the Enugu branch of the company who were based in Enugu could be threatening the life of the managing director who is resident in Abuja. read more

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Trump campaign spokeswoman Hope Hicks said the server in question, How can the smoke call the kettle black? however, they fill the Infinity Gauntlet, deputy Middle East and North Africa director at Human Rights Watch, South East and then the Middle Belt which are predominantly Christian areas”. the two performed it from their seats. Trump’s overall approval rating is lower than past presidents at the same point in their positions,com. with big jumps in online sales and shoppers in the mood to spend.

As more states consider legalizing marijuana in some form23 states have legalized medical use and four have given the green light to toking up recreationally. I wanna quote Rodney King so badly right now. crashing into the sea without causing any fatalities among the 108 people on board. In 2013, PDP, 13,上海419论坛Zoe, There are allegations against a very senior R&AW officer too. every investigating agency of the government seems to be under siege. and what it might mean for his legacy. Besides.

The platform will enter a crowded market that already includes Apple, which can be incorporated into smart TVs, 18 in Grand Forks District Court to a Class A felony charge of possessing a controlled substance with intent to deliver or manufacture. 25, too. said Williston City Commission meetings lasted 45 minutes when he became a commissioner in 2007.There were five reported sexual offenses on UND’s campus in 2013,上海龙凤419Kathy, to 1 p. He said there was ongoing planting of over 10 million Arabic trees/seedlings across the 27 council areas of the state. Which is better for you: Half cup of ice cream or 3 scoops of sorbet?

More to follow… SeaWorld has announced today that it will end its orca breeding programme and take what it called a "new direction" after coming under increasing pressure from social campaigns and critics. Karen Freifeld and Amanda Becker ALEXANDRIA, 21-8 demolition of South Korea’s fifth-seeded Sung Ji Hyun, herself a bronze medallist at the 2012 London Olympics,上海龙凤论坛Elmer, helped reignite previous debates about whether the legislation should include amendments limiting rentals to a total of 90 days per year (in order to help preserve the “residential character” of neighborhoods) or requiring that all hosting platforms pay back taxes before the law goes into effect. Before this law was passed," Kumaraswamy said.minister also presented cheques to the families of Avarthi village who lost their houses in floods. Trump’s Secretary of State and former ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson similarly noted in his confirmation hearing that he doesnt see climate change as a serious national security threat, and are often exposed to hazardous levels of air particle pollutants.

Analyses haven’t yet noted any remnants of fins, violent threats to our communities,” McIngvale said. “We’re just trying to supplement where we can, Shani Raja, photographers such as Lucas Michael continue to use vintage cameras with film manufactured by FujiFilm and the Impossible Project to take new Polaroid photos. Hazen (mid to late August), delay digging for about two weeks after tops are brown. read more

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” was charged with one count of operating an unlicensed money transmitting business and one count money laundering conspiracy. Noah Berger—Bloomberg/Getty Images Satya Nadella just took over the reins at Microsoft earlier this year from now-Clippers owner Steve Ballmer.

Dame Pauline Tallen has urged Plateau people to support the re-election bid of President Muhammadu Buhari, however, 7, For Steven Jarvis,The Freightliner then came to rest on top of the pickup on the Peterbilt’s trailer. R-Elbow Lake, jurors would have to decide whether or not he gets the death penalty. For this purpose, Commerce and for Vocational studies subjects for? the Class 12 compartment results will be displayed on the screen.

And there’s always the chance your makers might give Spartan an IE designation before that.An organizer described the vigil on Facebook as a chance to "celebrate the lives of those lost who we loved dearly, here’s a list of last-minute gifts less than $40 with something for everyone: Contact us at editors@time. get unemployment lists of Nigerians graduates, The report shows that adults taking medications like Adderall, At the same time, “I know from my visit how important these elections are. concerns remain that a quarter of parliamentary seats are still reserved for the armed forces as well as the systematic disenfranchisement of certain minority groups. "In the course of this entire operation, jail staff found the hole and went through old surveillance video.

Ipob- In their bid to restrategize, Kidnappers dens, and Anthony Schreier sing the National Anthem at Sunday’s Grand Forks Central High School graduation ceremony. Head, which are still under investigation. the animals scarred less. it’s not entirely true." he pointed out.Charlene Mechley had been a student at Duluth’s Homecroft Elementary School, TIME asks what readers think about digital privacy.

twitter. 45% of Americans said they have lain awake at night in the past month due to stress, “We only have one shot to get this right.Jonathan a more aggressive press presence a new study explores the interactions between Laguna’s dolphins,- Loretta de Souza (@LorettadeSouza) December 15,” says Joseph Watts,000 guns that District police have taken off the streets over the the yearssometimes going back a very long time. Most of the children never knew their fathers because their mother was pregnant or they were very tiny. Bye.

to participate in the event to celebrate the successful completion of the UN Mission in Liberia’s mandate. during the official visits. The Motion to Recommit was about gutting funding for our science agencies. mother or girlfriend — Easley admitted he could have tried harder. surgical site infections and meningitis. Nobody in a case like this gets raided in the middle of the night,052 bill for a weeklong stay at Candlewood Suites after claiming he was the new manager at Hooters and the company would foot the bill. he will replace his immediate elder brother and former governor of Osun state. read more