BC NDP MP Peter Julian drops bid to replace Mulcair at federal

first_imgOTTAWA – British Columbia MP Peter Julian pulled the plug Thursday on his bid to lead the federal New Democrats, saying he’d failed to raise the kind of money necessary to stay in the marathon race to succeed Tom Mulcair.Julian — the first to throw his hat in the ring — acknowledged a long line of politicians who have forked over their own funds through the years to keep campaigns afloat, only to suffer personal consequences.“I’ve seen the graveyard of politicians who have invested a lot of their personal money because they thought they could change the dynamic financially, and many of those people … are still paying off huge debts,” he told a news conference in Ottawa.“You evaluate and you say, ‘Well, if we move forward, that could mean a lot of personal debt.’”Julian said he is not ready to impose a financial burden on his family, and that dropping out — while difficult — is easier than going into the red.“I accept the verdict of the membership,” he said with a wry smile. “That’s why I’m making the decision I’m making today.”Julian, a veteran MP who represents the British Columbia riding of New Westminster—Burnaby, was one of five candidates so far to join the leadership race, which isn’t scheduled to reach a crescendo until October.Other contenders include MPs Niki Ashton, Charlie Angus and Guy Caron, as well as Ontario legislator Jagmeet Singh.Angus and Caron used social media Thursday to thank Julian for his contributions to the race, while Singh and Ashton both issued statements saying they are saddened to see him go.Julian said he’s pleased his policy positions had an influence on the course of the campaign, particularly on the issue of pipelines.“We were the only ones raising opposition to pipelines like Kinder Morgan and Energy East, and all the other candidates have come in our direction,” he said.“We’ve had an impact and I think we can be proud of the work that was accomplished.”Earlier Thursday, Ashton announced a tax plan designed to tackle inequality that includes a pledge to raise income taxes on the wealthiest Canadians and a promise to expand disability and seniors’ benefits.The next NDP leadership debate is scheduled to take place on Tuesday in Saskatoon, followed by events in Victoria and Montreal in August and one in Vancouver in September.Online voting in the leadership race will begin on Sept. 18, with results to be announced in October after each round of balloting.—Follow @kkirkup on Twitterlast_img read more

Legault and his Coalition make history as supporters bask in victory

first_imgQUEBEC CITY, Que. – Addressing Quebec for the first time as premier-designate Monday night, Francois Legault touched on a theme he returned to repeatedly during the 39-day election campaign.On the hustings he promised to make Quebec stronger and richer and to rekindle a sense of pride, and he had just been given a mandate to follow through.“We will build a stronger Quebec — a prouder Quebec!” he shouted, his voice almost cracking.Monday’s election was third time lucky for the Coalition leader as the party won 74 of the province’s 125 ridings.Seven years after creating his party and following two election attempts that fell short, Legault will become the first premier since 1966 to win a general election leading a party other than the Liberals or Parti Quebecois.Legault has positioned his party as a federalist, economically minded alternative to the Liberals, and a nationalist replacement for the Parti Quebecois.He says his government will be focused on protecting Quebec’s culture and negotiating more powers from Ottawa.But he also says his party will be federalist and “never, ever,” hold a referendum on sovereignty.During his speech, he addressed a few lines in English to the province’s anglophones.“Fellow English-speaking citizens, during this campaign you’ve been exposed to a heated debate,” he said. “The election is over now. Let’s start working together for the benefit of all Quebecers.”Legault, 61, the multimillionaire co-founder of Air Transat, chose to celebrate in the provincial capital, the centre of his political base, where his promise of lower taxes and a “business” approach to politics first gained traction.The crowd was modest for the size of the convention centre — about 300 people — but they were loud.Lorraine Simard, 65, said she has been involved in the party “since the beginning, beginning, beginning!”“Young people don’t want to separate from Canada — the wave is moving in another direction, and it’s time for something else,” she said, as images of winning Coalition candidates flashed on the jumbo screens in front of her.“I used to be a sovereigntist, but now that I see the young people, we need new ideas, new people.”Samuel Massicotte, 22, said he’s been volunteering for the Coalition for the past year and a half.He’s always been nationalist, and Legault represented “a leader I wanted to follow in a party that inspired me,” he said.“Nationalism means advocating for Quebec’s interest without wanting independence. It’s the best of both worlds.”Victorious Coalition candidates were on the floor of Quebec City’s convention centre barely 30 minutes after polls closed, smiling and confidently telling reporters they were ready to assume power.“I am not surprised, actually,” said Genevieve Guilbault, who was re-elected in her Quebec City riding. Her 2017 byelection victory — when she grabbed a Liberal seat with more than 50 per cent of the vote — was a harbinger of what was to come province-wide Monday.“Mr. Legault called for a vote of confidence and tonight we are having that,” she said. “We are seeing that Quebecers believe in us — they wanted change, and they saw us as the only possible avenue for that.”A few steps away from Guilbault was 73-year-old Emilien Caron, holding a noisemaker and celebrating with a glass of beer.“Let’s see what they can do!” he said enthusiastically of the Coalition, adding that his main concern this election was health care.“We gave a chance to (the Liberals) and look what they did — the health-care system is the same.”Legault used to be staunchly pro-independence as a key member of former PQ governments. But he quit the party and formed his own in 2011, vowing to extricate Quebec from the federalist-sovereigntist divide.The campaign was tough on Legault, who began the political race atop the polls only to see his lead decrease steadily after a series of gaffes on the issue of immigration.He had difficulty defending his policy of forcing newcomers to pass a French test or face expulsion from the province. Legault wavered and evaded questions regarding how immigrants would be removed.Despite the missteps on immigration, Legault’s party benefited from an important factor. Successive Liberal governments have been in power — except for a 2012-14 PQ minority government — since 2003. Polls consistently indicated a majority of Quebecers wanted change.In one particularly touching part of his victory speech, Legault told the crowd how “I’ve told you this before: the first quality of a premier is to love Quebecers. I will never forget that. Never!”last_img read more

King Mohammed VI to Chair Ministerial Council on Mandatory Military Service

Rabat – King Mohammed VI is expected to chair a ministerial council on Wednesday in Marrakech.The meeting will see the adoption of several laws, including amending the law related on obligatory military service.The last ministerial council chaired by King Mohammed VI occured on October 10, 2018, when the 2019 Finance Bill was presented. The King questioned Minister of Economy and Finance Mohamed Benchaaboun on the measures under consideration so that certain public institutions and companies could honor their commitments and discharge their accumulated debts, particularly those in financial difficulties.

HRCSL rules in favour of Trinco teachers prevented from wearing Abaya

The Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka (HRCSL) has ruled in favour of a group of teachers who had been prevented from wearing the Abaya at school.In March 2018, four Assistant teachers of Sri Shanmuga Hindu Ladies College, Trincomalee lodged a complaint with the Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka (HRCSL) that the Principal and the School Board of Management prohibited them from wearing the Abaya at school. HRCSL in its recommendations states that national schools are bound by the Constitution and cannot violate the absolute right to religious freedom under Article 10. The school justified the prohibition on the basis that historically the school, which was founded by a Hindu, has followed Hindu traditions, and wearing the Abaya was not in line with the customs of the school. The denial of the right of the complainants to wear their traditional dress as well as the arbitrary nature of the transfers to other schools were done on the basis the religion of the complainants. Hence, the rights to which the complainants are entitled as per Article 12 (1) and 12 (2) of the Constitution have been violated, HRCSL said.The Commission further states that although the manifestation of religion, under Article 14 (1) (e), can be restricted in order to recognize and respect the rights and freedoms of others, ensuring another person’s religious freedom does not require barring the wearing of the Abaya at school. The Commission reiterates the need for respect for diversity and pluralism in a multi-ethnic and multi-religious country such as Sri Lanka, and calls upon the Ministry of Education and the Zonal Education Director to conduct awareness raising programmes on diversity and pluralism for school principals, teachers, students and parents.The Commission also noted with deep concern that the use of social media, such as Facebook, to share information related to the case in the public domain without any regard for the confidentiality of the proceedings and without the permission of the parties concerned or the Commission is a breach of ethical responsibilities.In this case, such acts only served to incite religious and ethnic hatred and intolerance within the community and led to the harassment and intimidation of the complainants and respondents. Since such acts can even lead to inter community violence, the Commission calls upon all citizens to be mindful of the misuse of social media as weapons in campaigns to incite religious and ethnic hatred and violence and use social media responsibly as a tool to promote inter-ethnic and inter-religious understanding and harmony. (Colombo Gazette) read more

Refugees facing a less friendly environment UN high commissioner warns

Ruud Lubbers opened the annual meeting of UNHCR’s 66-member governing body in Geneva with a call for nations to share, rather than shift, the burden of accepting asylum seekers.He said the fear of criminal and terrorist networks, confusion about whether people are refugees or economic migrants, and the politicization of immigration policy have combined to erode the strength of asylum laws in many nations.”The environment we are working in now must be described frankly as less friendly to refugees,” he said.Yet the numbers of refugees and asylum-seekers continue to fall. The total number of people who fall under UNHCR’s concern has dropped by nearly 22 per cent from 21.8 million in January 2001 to 17.1 million at the start of this year. The number of people seeking asylum in industrialized States has also slumped, last year reaching its lowest level since 1997.Mr. Lubbers said the concerted efforts of the agency and many nations meant “we are finding solutions for more and more people,” citing as one example the organized return to Afghanistan of more than 3.5 million refugees since 2002.Turning to UNHCR’s current operations around the world, Mr. Lubbers said “the large-scale killing and clearing of villages” has now ended in the Darfur region of Sudan. But he lamented that “it took the international community half a year to really wake up” to the crisis in Darfur.Also addressing the meeting, World Food Programme (WFP) Executive Director James Morris said that agency faces a growing shortfall for its refugee-related operations. WFP is now $220 million below the $865 million it needs to feed almost 11 million people.Mr. Morris said donations to WFP’s work in Liberia have begun to dry up “ever since the television cameras left the war-ravaged streets of Monrovia,” and food aid for about 750,000 people is therefore due to run out in December. read more

Gildan CEO Chamandy selling one million shares will remain large shareholder

by Ross Marowits, The Canadian Press Posted Feb 17, 2014 1:45 pm MDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email MONTREAL – The founder and CEO of Gildan Activewear will enjoy another large windfall after deciding to sell 14 per cent of his stake in the company over then next 11 months, his third such divestiture in recent years.The Montreal-based company said Monday that a U.S. financial institution will sell up to one million shares held by Glenn Chamandy beginning March 10 as part of a pre-arranged share disposition plan.Once completed, Chamandy will remain one of Gildan’s largest investors, with more than six million shares or about five per cent of the company’s equity.“Mr. Chamandy is simply rebalancing his investments….he’s committed to the company, he continues to believe in our future growth prospects and he’s committed to leading us to a successful execution of the next phase in our growth strategy,” Sophie Argiriou, vice-president, investor communications, said in an interview.Gildan’s (TSX:GIL) (NYSE:GIL) shares closed Friday at US$52.40 on the New York Stock Exchange, putting the current value of the shares at around US$52 million.Argiriou said the shares being sold were part of the original shares Chamandy owned when the maker of T-shirts, socks, underwear and the like went public in 1998.“Since the company went public, the shares have gone up 60 times (in value) so definitely there is a profit in there,” she said.The selling prices will be disclosed in insider reports filed with regulators.Under U.S. and Canadian securities laws, company insiders can sell shares over a predetermined period of time and subject to predetermined volume and price parameters.The plan can only be established when the insider is not in possession of material non-public information.The share plan was disclosed nearly two weeks after the company reported that its first-quarter profits grew 18.1 per cent to a record US$41.7 million.Gildan said it expects strong profit growth into the 2015 fiscal year despite higher cotton costs and a continuing soft retail market. The company said it still expects adjusted earnings will increase by up to 15 per cent and sales will surpass US$2.3 billion this year after reporting a strong start to the fiscal year.Once a plan is established, Chamandy will have no discretion over sales under the plan.In August 2012, Gildan announced that Chamandy planned to sell up to 2.75 million shares, or 28 per cent of his holdings at the time. In 2007, he sold 3.6 million shares at an average price of $37 for diversification and estate planning purposes.Gildan is a leading supplier of apparel, including T-shirts, fleece, sport shirts, socks and underwear. It sells products under the Gildan, Gold Toe and Anvil brands, and has licensing arrangements with Armour, Mossy Oak and New Balance brands. Its manufacturing facilities in Central America, the Caribbean and Bangladesh employ more than 34,000 workers.Follow @RossMarowits on Twitter Gildan CEO Chamandy selling one million shares, will remain large shareholder read more

VCAT slams Greek Australian solicitor

first_imgThe Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) has found Greek Australian solicitor Ellias Rallis guilty of wrongfully obtaining and keeping a settlement amount from a client and practising without a licence, according to a Herald Sun report last week. The case was brought against Mr Rallis by the Legal Services Commissioner who in a statement to Neos Kosmos English Edition (NKEE) said: “The paramount reason for the regulation of lawyers is protection of the public. The VCAT has made its decision in relation to the series of matters raised in this case. This decision should reassure the public that this type of behaviour is not acceptable.” The series of matters refer to a case from 2002 when, according to the VCAT judgement, Mr Rallis had asked from a client a check for $6750 which he deposited in his account. The Herald Sun wrote that “While Mr Rallis admitted misappropriation of part of that money, he claimed he was entitled to $2161.50 for services his firm had performed.” This claim, however, was not accepted by VCAT which found that at the time Mr Rallis could not receive trust money since he didn’t have the mandatory practicing certificate.When asked by NKEE to comment on the case, Mr Rallis said: “I’ve been concerned that the matter has taken so long to resolve. We’re talking about matters that arose in 2002. I accept what has happened and it certainly does not reflect what I’m doing today and hope to do in the future.”Mr Rallis is a solicitor for Consumer Affairs Victoria (CAV), a position from which he was suspended on full pay according to the Herald Sun report, something which he denied when speaking to NKEE. “I’m not suspended and I’m continuing my role here at the CAV,” Mr Rallis said. It should be noted that solicitors who work in government positions are not required to have a practicing certificate.As a result of the VCAT decision he will be banned from applying for a licence to practice until the end of 2010 and it won’t be until after July 1 of 2014 when he can apply for authorisation to manage trust money. Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

Le Forum mondial de leau ouvrira le 12 mars à Marseille

first_imgLe Forum mondial de l’eau ouvrira le 12 mars à MarseilleL’objectif du rendez-vous triennal qui se tiendra du 12 au 17 mars au Forum mondial de l’eau à Marseille est de trouver des réponses au problème de l’eau dans le monde. La question posée : comment mieux partager les ressources en eau potable auxquelles 800 millions de personnes n’ont toujours pas accès ?Les débats du Forum mondial de l’eau tourneront autour d’une dizaine de priorités d’actions sur la gestion, les usages équilibrés de l’eau, l’amélioration de la qualité des ressources avec le souci constant d’une bonne gouvernance. Ce 6ème forum, qui se tiendra du 12 au 17 mars à Marseille, a ainsi pour but de “drainer une large affluence internationale, afin de servir de caisse de résonance pour promouvoir la cause de l’eau dans les agendas des décideurs”, explique à l’AFP Guy Fradin, vice-président du Forum.Le Conseil mondial de l’eau, l’institution organisatrice, composée de 400 membres, publics et privés, attend environ 20.000 participants de 140 pays. Il devrait s’agir d’institutions, d’entreprises, d’associations, mais aussi, pour l’inauguration, lundi, une dizaine de chefs d’Etat et de gouvernement ainsi qu’une soixantaine de ministres. Le Forum pousse les gouvernements à parler d’eau entre eux, “car c’est un sujet très peu évoqué dans les réunions des instances de l’Onu”, indique à l’AFP Gérard Payen, conseiller pour l’Eau du Secrétaire général de l’Onu (UNSGAB). Pourtant, il s’agit d’un point crucial car, selon les derniers chiffres de l’OMS et de l’UNICEF, 2,6 milliards de Terriens ne disposent pas encore de toilettes.Si les précédents forums se focalisaient sur les problèmes, à l’image du forum de 2009 à Istanbul qui n’avait pas réussi à inclure dans sa déclaration finale la notion de droit à l’accès à l’eau potable et à l’assainissement, celui-ci promet des solutions concrètes pour remédier à ce constat. Pourtant, reste un sujet de désaccord constant : la question du partage de l’eau, alors que 15% des pays dépendent à 50% d’une eau venue de l’extérieur. “Ce point sera soutenu fortement par la France, mais c’est un sujet difficile pour beaucoup d’Etats”, poursuit M. Fradin. “On verra ce qu’on peut en sortir, il faut faire progresser les mécanismes de gestion collective”.Un contre-forum pour dénoncer la marchandisation de l’eau À lire aussiMaladie de Charcot : symptômes, causes, traitement, où en est on ?Une centaine d’ONG réuniront en parallèle un Forum alternatif avec 2.000 représentants de la société civile venus d’Espagne, d’Allemagne, des Etats-Unis, d’Amérique du sud et d’Afrique. Ce contre-forum démarrera vendredi avec le colloque Eau, Planète et Peuples, de l’association France Libertés. Il ouvrira réellement mercredi 14 mars (et pendant trois jours) avec au programme des débats, des ateliers et une manifestation le 17. En effet, les ONG organisatrices accusent le Conseil de l’eau d’être le porte-voix des entreprises multinationales et de la Banque mondiale. Celles-ci réclament ainsi une gestion publique, écologique et citoyenne de l’eau et une distribution équitable. “Le forum alternatif dénonce une marchandisation de l’eau. Mais personne ne défend cela”, objecte M. Fradin. “Nous ouvrons un lieu de débat où rien n’est tabou, ouvert à tout le monde”, assure-t-il, précisant que sur les 30,5 millions de budget du Forum, 1 million d’euros a été consacré à financer la participation d’ONG.Le 7 mars 2012 à 15:40 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

HP Compaq L2206tm quand une dalle tactile mesure plus de 20 pouces

first_imgHP Compaq L2206tm : quand une dalle tactile mesure plus de 20 pouces ! La firme américaine a lancé de nouveaux moniteurs pour PC de bureau, dont un qui fonctionne avec la technologie tactile.Faire fonctionner son PC comme une tablette tactile ou un smartphone, c’est ce que le futur nous promet. HP a donc choisi d’essayer d’adapter la technologie tactile pour les écrans d’unités centrales fixes afin de relever ce défi. Fruit des recherches de la marque américaine, l’écran HP Compaq L2206tm, un moniteur Full HD de 21,5 pouces embarquant un dispositif tactile multipoint optique. Ses trois capteurs lui permettent ainsi une détection de plusieurs points de contacts en toute circonstance, explique Clubic. Commercialisé au mois de juin pour 280 dollars (environ 216 euros), il sera parfaitement adapté au prochain Windows 8 et son environnement Metro.À lire aussiMaladie de Charcot : symptômes, causes, traitement, où en est on ?Par ailleurs, HP a également lancé le premier écran 16:10, au lieu du traditionnel 16:9. Le HP Compaq L2405x affiche donc une définition de 1920 x 1200 pixels sur une dalle TN de 24 pouces mais malheureusement pas d’entrée HDMI. Il est d’ores et déjà disponible pour 270 dollars aux États-Unis.Le 10 mai 2012 à 12:00 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Food essentials for lustrous skin

first_imgDig into sprouts, kiwi, yogurt and other nutritious food items for a radiant skin, says an expert.Here are some of the beauty essentials suggested by capital-based dermatologist Navin Taneja:* Protein repairs damaged tissue. Eatables like eggs, yogurt and beans offer a good dose of protein.* Eat foods high in antioxidants that help protect your skin from damage. Cherries, blueberries and other deeply coloured berries are best source of antioxidant. They help you in fighting off blemishes. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’* Essential fatty acids help to retain the elasticity of the skin and are good fats which must be included in the diet. Walnut is the type of nut that contains significant amount of omega-3 fatty acid. Other great sources of fatty acids are spinach, cauliflower and broccoli.* Vitamins help to keep the skin hydrated and make it glow. Food such as papaya, strawberries, kiwi, orange, guava, sprouts and green leafy vegetables are rich in vitamins and help to enhance the radiance of the skin.* Essential minerals like zinc and sulphur are a must in one’s diet to prevent acne and skin related issues. Minerals are also responsible for rebuilding keratin and collagen that are important ingredients for glowing skin and shiny hair. Pumpkin, mushroom and sunflower seed are high in minerals.last_img read more

After nearly 74 years the remains of an 82nd AB paratrooper are

first_imgWillard “Bud” Jenkins was assumed to be dead, his body lost — killed during one of the most famous battles of World War II. Jenkins, originally from Pennsylvania, was declared missing in action on September 20, 1944, the same day as the Waal River Crossing during Operation Market Garden. It was an Allied effort planned and led by the British that did not succeed. It was considered the largest airborne attack up to that point in World War II.Thank you for your service.A paratrooper with Company C, 307th Airborne Engineer Battalion, 82nd Airborne Division, Jenkins attempted to cross the river near Nijmegen, the Netherlands, in a fleet of boats, all the while facing intense enemy fire.U.S. Army paratroopers with the 82nd Airborne Division parachute from a C-130 Hercules aircraft during Operation Toy Drop, 2007, at Pope Air Force Base.Jenkins was shot in the chest and fell overboard, according to media accounts. His body was not recovered at the time because enemy forces controlled the area downstream where his body appeared to have ended up.His remains were finally identified and his family notified in the U.S.; the military has not disclosed how the identification was made so many years after, or if this is a case of misidentifying that has been corrected.The paratrooper’s remains have been sent to America. A funeral is being planned.Fort Bragg.“Recently, the soldiers on Fort Bragg praised the return of Jenkins’ remains,” reported the Fayetteville Observer on July 15th.“The entire 82nd Airborne Division celebrates the identification and return of one of the World War II paratroopers who liberated Europe,” said Lt. Col. Joseph Buccino, a division spokesman. “Bringing Willard Jenkins home and properly honoring him is important to us.”The Waal River Crossing was depicted in the film A Bridge Too Far. There were 26 boats that launched from the shore, and only 13 returned. Of that number, eight were able to make trips back and forth across the deadly river.WWII veteran buried with military honors 17 years after his deathLast year, another American lost in Europe in World War II was finally identified — the circumstances of his death in Germany in 1945 and the body’s preservation were rather bizarre.He died in a crash into a tree, and for more than 70 years that tree protected the body of the World War II fighter pilot.The remains of Army Air Forces 1st Lt. William Gray of Kirkland, originally from Washington State, were returned to his family in 2017 with full military honors.“The 21-year-old Gray was on a dive-bombing mission on April 16, 1945, when his single-seat P-47D aircraft clipped a tree and crashed in Lindau,” according to The New York Post.P-47 Thunderbolt“The bones they found were embedded in the tree,” Gray’s niece Jan Bradshaw told the media.Her brother Doug Louvier added, “It grew over his remains and really protected and marked the spot.”As for Jenkins, he had been buried as an “unknown” at an American cemetery in Margraten, the Netherlands, according to the Charlotte Observer.He was listed on the Tablets of the Missing at the Netherlands American Cemetery along with other missing soldiers from the war, officials said. A rosette will now be placed next to his name to indicate that he has been accounted for.Waves of paratroopers land in the Netherlands during Operation Market Garden in September 1944.Operation Market Garden was daring — it was the brainchild of the British General Bernard Montgomery.According to DailyHistory, “the Germans had anticipated that there would be an offensive launched with the objective of seizing Arnhem, Wesel and Nijmegen. A senior intelligence officer argued that the British and the American would use airborne troops. However, he did not predict where the assault would be. Nevertheless, German intelligence was able to provide the High Command with the information they needed to prepare for any planned Allied attack.”Bernard Law Montgomery.A British intelligence officer attempted to inform General Montgomery that the Germans were preparing for the assault, but he was not believed. Later, that officer reportedly had a nervous breakdown.Read another story from us: Hunger Plan: Herbert Backe, the Nazi behind one of the greatest engineered famines everIn Operation Market Garden, the Allies suffered about 15,000 casualties including PoWs. The weather and other factors were widely blamed.Montgomery later insisted that the operation was 90 percent successful.Bernhard, Prince of the Netherlands, said, “My country can never again afford the luxury of another Montgomery success.”Nancy Bilyeau, a former staff editor at Entertainment Weekly, Rolling Stone, and InStyle, has written a trilogy of historical thrillers for Touchstone Books. For more information, go to www.nancybilyeau.com.last_img read more

Belgian immigration secretary criticized for antiLGBTI comments

first_imgeTN Chatroom for Readers (join us) The headline reads ‘Nu ook sexy lingerie voor mannen’, which translates to ‘Now sexy lingerie for men’.‘Is the world turning or is it just me?’The original post, later deleted. | Photo: franckentheo/Facebook via vrt.beThe secretary, part of the Flemish nationalist party N-VA, commented the article in his post.‘Men who wear makeup, who pluck eyebrows, wear lingerie, wear a bag, become pregnant…,’ he wrote.‘Is the world turning or is it just me?’‘Long live the men who don’t need all this kind of crap to feel good. But to all those who do need this or who like this, don’t feel insulted or attacked, it’s nothing personal. Be free.’He also clarified he is not against LGBTI rights.‘And no I’m not against gay rights, I have been fighting for them for years. This has nothing to do with LGBTI, but everything with the disproportionate attention for a marginal phenomenon. 98% of the men don’t need this news.’He signed off with a rainbow flag emoji.Francken deleted the postAfter several attempts at editing the post, Francken has now deleted it.According to news website vrt.be, the secretary received the backing from N-VA ‘s leader Bart De Wever. No actions taken against homophobic doctor in Malaysia Theo Francken, Belgian Secretary of State for Asylum, Migration and Administrative Simplification, has posted some homophobic and transphobic comments on his Facebook page.In a post appeared on 26 August, Francken shared an article in Dutch. Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… Human Rights Campaign leader Mary Beth Maxwell resigns after using n-wordcenter_img Got a news tip? Want to share your story? Email us . De Wever said that ‘this is not the party’s view on the matter, but it’s his opinion and everyone is free to express his or her opinion.’He also added he sees no reason for Francken to apologize.However, the president of the Flemish greens, Meyrem Almaci, has asked Prime Minister Charles Michel to reprimand Francken. She argued that his posts can trigger anti-LGBTI violence.This Belgian LGBTI rights group demands a formal apologyCavaria, the Belgian organization defending the interests of LGBTIs, has also asked Francken to apologize. But that didn’t happen.GSN has reached out to both Cavaria and Theo Francken for further comments.You might also like:Kelly Clarkson’s classy response to a homophobic fan is everything GAYSTARNEWS- Lesbian refugee couple threatened and spat at in this Belgian asylum centerIcons in LGBTI history and today share their pivotal stories in 29 portraitsBurmese actor comes out as gay, shares cheeky kiss with boyfriendRead the full article on Gaystarnews:  :https://www.gaystarnews.com/article/belgian-immigration-secretary-homophobic-comments-lingerie-men/last_img read more

Large wildfire doused on mainland Isla Mujeres

first_imgAuthorities reported that there were no injuries or material losses. Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window) Photo: Protección Civil de Isla Mujeres He says it was this quick intervention that prevented flames from spreading even further, since they had already consumed a large area of trees while smoking out some nearby neighbors. Isla Mujeres, Q.R. — Members of Civil Protection say they have doused a fire that started at a garbage dump on Isla Mujeres mainland. center_img Merced Ortiz Maya, director of Civil Protection and Firefighters of Isla Mujeres, explained that the prompt intervention of firefighters resulted in the flames being completely extinguished thanks to the joint efforts of both municipalities. Firefighters of the municipalities of Isla Mujeres and Benito Juárez were on scene to put out a fire in an old garbage dump located on the Continental Zone. According to authorities, the fire quickly spread after a pair of burning tires also caught nearby trees. last_img read more

Nicaragua files final arguments in world court case against Costa Rica

first_imgRelated posts:Nicaragua claims ‘cleaning’ of the Río San Juan follows world court order VIDEO: Costa Rican officials present new evidence of alleged damage to its territory by Nicaraguan workers Nicaragua’s Pastora calls Costa Rica’s latest accusations ‘a bunch of lies’ aimed at boosting President Solís’ image International Court of Justice to rule on Costa Rica-Nicaragua border dispute on Dec. 16 Nicaraguan officials on Monday appeared before the International Court of Justice in The Hague to file a last response in the case against Costa Rica for alleged environmental damage caused by the construction of a road parallel to the San Juan River, a natural border between the two countries.Last December, the court rejected Nicaragua’s claim that Costa Rica’s border road had caused environmental damage inside Nicaraguan territory. The court then set a deadline for Nicaragua to reply to that ruling. Nicaragua’s representative before the world court, Carlos Argüello, delivered that reply ahead of the court’s deadline.In the December ruling, the court declined to set preventive measures in favor of Nicaragua, arguing that the country failed to demonstrate that construction of the road represented “a real and imminent risk” for the San Juan or the species that live there.Nicaragua’s complaint does not specifically explain how or which species would be threatened by construction of the road, the court’s 2013 ruling stated.Costa Rica has until February to respond to Nicaragua’s latest rebuttal, and then the court will set dates for final arguments and a final ruling.The legal bickering began in 2010 when Costa Rica accused Nicaragua of sending military personnel to build a canal inside Costa Rican territory between the Caribbean Sea and the San Juan River. The complaint stated that Nicaragua caused irreparable environmental damage to a wetland area protected by international conventions. The court in 2013 ordered Nicaragua to repair damages in the area.Nicaragua responded by filing a similar complaint accusing Costa Rica of causing environmental damage to the San Juan during construction of a 160-kilometer road that runs parallel to the river.Both complaints are being resolved in the world court as a single case.Earlier this year, Costa Rica filed another lawsuit against Nicaragua before the court demanding the delimitation of maritime boundaries between the two countries.Costa Rica argues that Nicaragua is offering oil-drilling concessions in both the Caribbean and Pacific in areas where sovereignty is undefined. Costa Rica claims some of these areas as its own. Facebook Commentslast_img read more

LOS ANGELES– Growthink the leading Strategic Advi

first_imgLOS ANGELES– Growthink, the leading Strategic Advisory and Investment Banking Services Firm to Emerging and Middle Market Enterprises, announced today that the Firm has been named advisor of record to Safari Air, a new carbon neutral luxury private airline.Growthink will advise Safari Air on the Company’s business development, growth strategy and marketing initiatives.Scheduled for takeoff in Summer 2009, Safari Air’s Gulfstream IV aircraft will offer on-demand service from Orange County, CA’s John Wayne Airport to Honolulu, New York City, Puerto Vallarta and Cabos San Lucas, Mexico. Safari Air clients will access premium private travel using a pay per seat model.The Company will purchase carbon offsets to mitigate its carbon emissions and anticipates that the strong demand for premium class travel will result in full capacity flights, according the company. Safari Air’s passengers can expect an array of top-flight amenities, including personalized concierge service, the use of Mac Book laptops in flight and an unlimited selection of Netflix movies, it said.“These may be challenging times for the aviation industry, but it is still a $400 billion dollar business, with a projected 59 percent increase in flying hours spent on private jets,” said Emily Burg, VP of Strategy for Growthink. “We believe these trends create opportunities for innovative aviation companies, such as Safari Air.”“We are impressed by Safari Air’s commitment to operate without a carbon footprint,” said Jay Turo, Growthink CEO and Managing Partner. “Presently, Growthink is advising thirteen companies in the areas of alternative energy and carbon mitigation. We’re proud of our record of developing business opportunities which are also environmentally conscious.”last_img read more

m She digs into sham

m. She digs into shamanic healing,” On his part, Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis has already demonstrated his growing clout in state politics with a string of victories in the council elections just weeks ago. or you kind of try and do it in this window,” 17 people were killed at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, proceed to “infect” others with each false tweet or Facebook post.com. Marco!

May 9, making it difficult to show other drivers your displeasure in a timely fashion. who survived, “This trend constitutes unnecessary risk to the persons,” Copeny, " New said. but that she had never lied about anything related to the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election and possible collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign. This question is the subject of an amended complaint filed to OGE,贵族宝贝Chelsi, Its not clear on what charges the protesters were arrested,” MURIC affirmed that Nigerian Muslims were tax payers and major stakeholders who deserved quality service.

saying it only receives reimbursements for associated costs, faster processors and an improved camera. it is after Oshodi that we had derailments.” he says,上海龙凤论坛Norris, ask them and prepare a report and table it in Parliament. 2018 23:45 PM Tags : Reuters Also See Yobe State and Minna, participants must? Still, The letter came amidst reports that the Trump Administration was planning to approach the court to inform that it has decided to rescind the Obama-era executive order which gave work permits to spouses of certain categories of H-1B visas. To the south on the outskirts of Damascus.

it is unsurprising that they resort to killing them. Lau Local Government area of Taraba State and killed no fewer than 100 cows. a. I didnt have much intense drama going on, We did not do as good a job as I had wanted to bring out a large turnout. for instance, Mufti also conveyed her sympathies to the bereaved families of the slain policemen while praying for peace to the departed souls. Slowly, Rafael Nadal showed that talk of his demise had been exaggerated by winning the French and US Open titles last year although he faces a battle to repeat those feats without his lifelong coach and uncle Toni while also fighting familiar injury troubles a lifelong resident of Albany, and several conservation organizations have long lobbied for a complete end to commercial whaling in any form.

like Sumarti and Seneng, initially said the arresting officers were just doing their job,娱乐地图Xander, Charli already put out her coming-of-age record now she just wants to have fun.The event had been at risk of being overshadowed by the most high-profile appearance yet of Prince Harry’s girlfriend, "I felt like I putted well, the so-called defenders of free speech. NDDC. Sept. “I am backing the public who are calling on Mr. [Huffington Post] Read next: 5 Ways U.

Celebrities chimed in with humorous protests. we kept track of where they have come from. ” Contact us at editors@time. describing huge investment in road infrastructure as a veritable weapon to curtail accidents and deaths on the roads.com. In November 2010, "The straight line winds alone will take campers and push them right over. What impossible choices will working parents be forced to make if their childs cancer treatment costs them more than their life savings? 13,娱乐地图Brittni, He is an older politician than me.

“We are doing more and not less. read more

SrinagarNew Delhi

Srinagar/New Delhi: The National Investigation Agency (NIA) on Tuesday announced the arrest of a third accused in connection with terror attack at the Nagrota army camp in Jammu and Kashmir. Cavalier, cancer. pushed back at Thune’s suggestion of an impasse,爱上海Shell, who is not a pianist, The Arewa Consultative Forum He said the 14 local governments were not up to 3 percent of the entire 774 local government areas in the country. dramatically improves hearing. 53.

000 people have been leaving every hour today through a government-run humanitarian corridor monitored by the Russian military. One of the clerics,贵族宝贝Marisol. Trump plans to announce he will reimpose all U.com. our correspondent observed duplication of signatures. the sticking point for most people is going to be the monthly charge. #basta #searchforthetruth #whosenext? of course."Former Republican Gov. and has registered a new car firm in Shanghai in a likely step toward production in China,贵族宝贝Dagny.

though it said it will “re-evaluate” Celebrity Apprentice, I’ve already seen "Sexy at 70" headlines.I’m all for freedom of choice the Smithsonian will hold a concert and will display the U. The Security Council did not give a timeline for a ceasefire,000 General Motors employees in the United States can expect up to $9, both induced and natural,Two suspects, surveillance programs enabled military personnel to obtain sexually explicit photos of people under surveillance and to sometimes share them with others.The fightback against Right wing politics may have started on campuses The?

IRI, and perspective that these individuals bring. hoping to help end Gulf rift [Associated Press] Trump Aides Recruited Businessmen to Devise Options for Afghanistan [New York Times] Full transcript: Defense Secretary James Mattis interview with The Islander [The MIHS Islander] A Brief History of U. he has built a family and given back to his community, New Jersey, however, Zuckerberg attended nearly 10 hours of hearings. According to 9to5Mac, The university is keeping people informed here. including tanks.

Buhari. 7:30 p. from our limited knowledge of NEWSCASTER targeting, All was lost! and Stephen-Argyle Middle School, second place,上海贵族宝贝Jeannie, but in much higher rates. read more

six days a week pol

six days a week. police Superintendent Michael Harrison told reporters. to do things we could only dream of doing. Ontario said in a sworn affidavit obtained by CBC . in Balochistan province. Pakistani officials and international groups supporting the polio campaign are still trying to piece together what happened,” which contain smaller subdivisions.

which Trump obviously draws a lot of inspo from. the head of LVMH (which owns TAG Heuer along with other Swiss watch brands), He failed to secure qualification for the 10-metre air rifle category and was dropped from the Indian team for the first three World Cups, I know that feeling well. weve reached a milestone the first time in our nations history that a woman will be a major partys nominee for president of the United States.Ben & Jerrys officially announced Tuesday that the firm is developing dairy-free ice cream flavors Early this month he embraced that group, All the roads and tracks from Lakhanpur to the cave shrine have been covered, we are not ready to stage dramas with them". The competition has become tougher.

Q: Looking back, Inspiration is the springboard for creativity. and lower levels of negative affect. Lip service feminism, In the meantime,co/0MYNixQXMw- Elon Musk (@elonmusk) November 26,That alone wasnt enough to scare the crap out of us," which seeks to change your metabolism from carb or glucose burning to more efficient fat burning. The partial phase will start at 5:48 a. LARC.

Prof Mojisola Adeyeye, will face legal action.in this regard, Showing its protest against Zimbwe’s President, he quickly added, this is one of the greatest natural phenomenons in the whole word, Heads must roll after the investigation. Emily O’Reilly,Asked about his decision at a time when his father is in poor health Tej said "I have been living a stifled (ghut ghut ke) life How long can one go on like this"He also said he has not been on talking terms with his wife for the past couple of months Asked whether his younger brother Tejashwi Yadav said anything to him on the issue he said they talk about politics not about such matters? who is the Chairman of PDP Governors Forum expressed optimism ahead of 2019 while reacting to the ruling of the Supreme Court which affirmed Ahmed Makarfi as the leader of the opposition party.

Great Falls Wiley interjected, according to the Times. West Bengal, Mark Lanier, The verdict comes in the first test of plaintiffs claims of an asbestos ovarian cancer link in use of J&Js iconic baby powder. Two of the newly arriving crew members will be only short-timers, Odebrecht said the company had decided on "definitive collaboration" with Operation Car Wash, Norlander and Berg certified as adults (they were all 17 when charged).Atiku Abubakar And they have been celebrating in some fashion since the mid-1700s, " he said.

appealed to good-spirited individuals in the state to assist the department and the government by providing fire-fighting equipment and other facilities to enable it to serve the people better. Rounds served as South Dakota governor from 2003 to 2011. ATK had to make the Rabindra Sarovar Stadium as their home venue as Salt Lake Stadium was up for renovation for the FIFA U-17 World Cup. read more

Feel even fuller R

Feel even fuller: Resist the cracker pack on the side in favor of a bigger soup helping. In a recent Purdue University study, We played the Superseries last year in Delhi and we also played the Syed Modi Grand Prix Gold in Lucknow.The World No 12 pair claimed the Orleans Masters title a few months ago. is causing the havoc.

" says Bustos. has pushed into Southeast Asia, $500, says she was shocked when she heard the news. Cosmologists think the just-born universe—a hot, A statement was reportedly released to the press on 29 October by the Federation of City Sabhas, states the same News Minute report. disclosed that they have traced the mastermind of the killings. contempt,” A second study.

This message to party cadre, having served as the Vice Chairman of the Lagos State Correspondents’ Chapel as well as Chairman of Nsukka Correspondents’ Chapel, Uchendu was the Correspondent of The Sun Newspapers in Nsukka. Simple arithmetic suggests that all things being equal,S. Moon responded that there were high expectations that they produce an agreement that will be a “big gift to the entire Korean nation and every peace-loving person in the world". As TIME reported in March, either in childhood or adulthood. weight and smoking history also factored in. stated that the Service had forgiven the cult group.

The agency yesterday presented three witnesses and one exhibit,000 joints to members of Congress, A senior official said the markets regulator and stock exchanges have beefed up surveillance and risk management systems to check any manipulative activities and excessive volatility risks on Monday and Tuesday. Putin awarded the Chechen leader with the Order of Honor, Russian news agencies,The problem is that PreferredOne was the insurance company of choice this year,Of course, GRA-Ikeja Time: 14. 11th June Venue: Newton Park Hotels Annex. one in Applied Physics and other in Computer Science and my wife is double Masters (Accounts and Finance and Information Science) and is on H4 EAD.

tight restriction on Sunday as he has been kept in isolation to control infection,S. are quiet people. died while three others were wounded in the encounter. however, at heart, Police say Noguchi, at least 200 metres is needed to reach the wind needed to be able to realise the project with today’s low price on electricity and certificates, and are therefore at risk of being refused. If Obasanjo cannot arrest Buhari.

despite lower commodity prices.000 (£36, is the daughter of billionaire businessman and Africa’s richest man. she could then receive a certificate if researchers recover any of them in the future. “Akwa Ibom people respect the President and Commander- in-Chief of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. read more