Online Sports Exhibit Launched

first_imgNova Scotians interested in the province’s history of amateur sport can take a step back in time with the latest virtual exhibit developed by Nova Scotia Archives and Records Management. The exhibit, called “Tom Connors: The Old Sport,” features almost 800 historical photographs dating from the 1860s to the 1940s. They show Nova Scotians hard at play or celebrating victories in more than a dozen different sports. “Nova Scotia has a strong tradition of producing exceptional athletes,” said Bill Dooks, Minister of Tourism, Culture and Heritage. “This virtual exhibit showcases the great athletes of yesterday and was assembled with photographs by Tom Connors, the province’s biggest sports fan of the time.” From regattas to the boxing ring and from the rugby pitch to baseball diamonds, the digitized photographs are vivid reminders of medal winners, record-breakers, star athletes of the day, and people just keeping active. Many of the photographs include Mr. Connors’s own handwritten notes, giving further context to the images. His deep-rooted personal connection with amateur sport is evident as he identifies “old-timer” heroes from “the good old days,” and proudly labels up-and-coming young athletes as champions. “We are proud to present this popular photo collection to our Internet audience,” said provincial archivist Brian Speirs. “A century ago, Mr. Connors’s specialty collection was regarded as the finest of its kind in Canada and the images are still just as powerful today.” Mr. Connors was born in Halifax in 1862 and competed as a youth in tug of war matches and boxing. His passion for sport drove him to train local athletes and support amateur athletics until his death in 1949. He was so well known in sporting circles throughout Canada and the United States that he was affectionately dubbed “The Old Sport.” Besides showcasing the history of amateur sport, Mr. Connors’s collection illustrates Halifax as a growing city and the scenic beauty of Nova Scotia. Images presented online include fire and police departments, parades and carnivals, businesses and streets, Halifax Harbour and the Northwest Arm, fishing villages and schooners. The exhibit is on the Nova Scotia Archives and Records Management website at . Nova Scotia Archives and Records Management acquires, preserves and makes available the province’s documentary heritage.last_img read more

Strategic Insurance Brokers awarded major national reinsurance

The CAPC was wrongly misinformed and disregarded the fact that Strategic Insurance Brokers offered the most responsive bid and that the intent to offer  was to an overseas company not even a registered broker accredited with the Insurance Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka.Colombo District Court Judge Sujeewa Nishanka issued an interim injunction essentially forbidding any foreign company that is not registered as a company, or as insurance broker, from offering any insurance related services in the country. The complainant in this case, Strategic Insurance Brokers (Sib) sought the order against an overseas company J B Boda and Co from holding itself out as an insurance broker.Romesh de Silva, PC Chanaka de Silva appearing for the complainant Sib, in his submissions before court stated that the defendant Company had been making bids for major tenders on insurance related matters. The plaint filed states that the defendant is been awarded tenders illegitimately by state statutory bodies such as the National Insurance Trust Fund. Meanwhile Indrajith Fernando Director Sib revealed that  National Insurance procurement programs have had to be renewed  as at 1st January 2018 and have not been extended after expiry, due to what can only be called irresponsible behavior, and the malefide attempt by officials to award tenders to illegitimate Overseas companies. Though Sib as the incumbent leader had offered lower premiums with almost the same panel of underwriters, the intent for new awards were to be made  at excessive exorbitant premiums to the overseas companies,  he stated. The Line Ministry namely The Ministry of National Policies and Economic Affairs, vigilant to these unauthorized activities, had requested the local brokering company Sib Insurance Brokers to avail themselves of their right to appeal.The National Procurement Guidelines exist for just such purposes to prevent companies being given awards pending appeal, with alleged fraud and corruption when tenders are granted at excessive premiums compared to the bids offered by the competition, Fernando added.Industry sources added that if foreign companies are appointed to take up national reinsurance brokering assignments, it leads to corruption as amply demonstrated in this instant, as there is zero accountability regarding these companies’ operations, as the legislation with regard to insurance regulation  suggests. Strategic Insurance Brokers has offered the best premiums and the most responsive bids for national programs on the past several years and on the last two occasions  with regards to this retrocession program that covers all catastrophic and all risks of all insurance companies in Sri Lanka, and is the incumbent broker.Among other things Sib offered the best terms given by the best panel of reinsurance companies in the international market. The cover among other things indemnifies against natural calamities which is a very important national issue since the 2004 Tsunami and 2016 flood calamities etc.The successful company SIB’s Reinsurance Business is ably supported by a majority of the world’s leading underwriters and International brokers including Brokers at Lloyds, thus demonstrating a greater success in all the business placed by them in Sri Lanka. More importantly and significantly, in all the tenders of the NITF, for instance,  their bids contained the best terms and were the most competitive. This is mainly due to the skills and due diligence practiced  by them, along with carefully selected international partners and leading brokers in their respective regions. This decision of the PAB comes close on the heels of the District  Court of Colombo making interim injunction that the overseas illegitimate company which  was presented with an  intent to award on the above program by the NITF,  is not entitled to and cannot hold themselves out as an insurance brokeror  function as a reinsurance broker in Sri Lanka. This order was made subsequent to an initial enjoining  order issued earlier this year. The Presidential Appeals Board (PAB) on procurements made recommendations to award the Retrocession Program to cover 30% Compulsory Reinsurance Cession for the Period from 1st January 2018 to 31st December 2018,to Strategic  Insurance Brokers, overturning  the earlier decision by the Cabinet Approved Procurement Committee (CAPC).This award was conveyed to the Cabinet, which has approved the recommendation by the PAB and sent word on the award of the tender to Strategic Insurancebrokers (Sib), to the National Insurance Trust Fund, the Procurement entity (NITF). Section 79 of the Regulation of the Insurance Industry Act, No. 43 of 2000 (as amended) provides that; “No  person  shall  act  or  hold  itself  out as  an  insurance  broker  unless such person is a holder of a certificate of registration as a broker granted by the Board and is a member of an Association of Insurance Brokers approved by the Board.”In Section 114 “broker” means the placing of insurance business for or on behalf of an insurer, for insurance or reinsurance, with an insurer or reinsurer. (Colombo Gazette) The PAB decision establishes incontrovertibly that  Strategic Insurance Brokers bid for the above retrocession  program was the best and the most competitive, and most responsive bid. The PAB overturned the decision of the CAPC affirming Sib’s position that the recent decision not to make the award in the program to Sib was arbitrary, capricious,and “tantamount to constructive fraud and corruption. read more