1×1 of Barcelona: With Messi blurred, Luis Suarez became the leader

first_imgNet: More than one missed Ter Stegen. You can’t say he made a bad game, but he also didn’t provide security and confidence under the sticks. In the first goal of David López he made the statue a little, although it is true that the ball was almost unstoppable, but in the second goal of Lei he could do something else, covering rather his goal. Only one remarkable stop in the ninety minutes. Rakitic: Very disappointing party of the Croatian, who was very insecure and thick in all his actions. Valverde did not see it clear and ended up leaving him in the house after the break. A match to forget yours.From Jong: He was ejected in the 75th minute for an absurd loss of the ball that forced him to grab the opponent from behind. Before I had already slowed a dangerous transition from Espanyol in a similar way seeing the first yellow. The Dutchman was never comfortable in the field, although he improved performance in the second half. The team ended up paying for its expulsion.Messi: The Argentine was noticed too much that he only had two workouts, since he was lacking in rhythm and in some moments until blurred. Even so, he drew a spectacular play with a great assist to Suarez that if mark surely becomes one of the best goals of 2020.Luis Suarez: Luck of the charrúa who saved the furniture. He scored a goal, gave Arturo Vidal’s assistance to score another and sent a ball to the post. He was also able to score another one after a great play by Leo that served him a candid ball to score at ease, but Diego López saved in extremis.Griezmann: Bad game of the French who is no longer as an alibi to say that he is the only one of the trident who puts on the work overall in defensive tasks. Disconnected, slow and without ideas, his game was a nonsense. Except for some timely transition, he was uncomfortable throughout the game. He was the first sacrificed by Valverde after the expulsion of De Jong, being replaced by Semedo.Changes:Vidal: You can continue to demand everything you want and call your lawyers one day and another too, that if you continue at this level it is impossible for Barcelona to let you go. His entry into the field in the second half gave the team a new air, scoring a great goal. Add six goals in this League.Semedo: He entered the field almost against the ball after the expulsion of De Jong, placing Sergi Roberto inside. Sergi Roberto: Little by little he got into the game, although it cost him maybe too much. It began as a right back and ended as an interior after the expulsion of De Jong. He brought some danger in some of his offensive incursions as a lane, but unfortunately he did not lavish them in excess.Pique: The best in defense, despite having more than one problem to be successful in the face of rival pressure. Very well in the air game and in anticipation, he had to endure the pressure of taking the ball at the insistence of Espanyol to squeeze with high pressure. He made a mistake in bulk, but without major consequences,Lenglet: He never knew how to stop Calleri. The French central has several games demonstrating a lack more than palpable. He looks slow and not blunt. Every day it seems clearer that Umtiti is going to eat the toast if he doesn’t shake.Sunrise: The side gave spectacular assistance to Luis Suarez to score the first goal. The defender showed a good level, but he is not yet in the sweet moment he transmits when his connection with Messi explodes.Sergio Busquets: The best in the midfield. The one of Badia was always to the remove of the innumerable errors of his companions. He played very well between the lines and always offered to look for a ball out.last_img read more

Hierve Ibiza: a match for history

first_imgA gray Wednesday dawned in Ibiza, but calm. The stormy Gloria seems already far from the area of ​​the island (although at the time of the game there is a 55% chance of rain) and that allows the front pages of local newspapers to tip over at Ibiza-Barça this afternoon (7:00 p.m. DAZN) and coincide in the headline: “A date for history.” Diario de Ibiza dedicates nine pages to his party, from 29 to 32. “Without complexes against Barça”, he titled his sports cover. Detailed information of the match, interview with Amadeo Salvo included: “The most beautiful thing is the illusion, football is illusion. Miguel Núñez, midfielder of Ibiza, gives an interview to this medium in which he warns: “That we are going to bite and bother you, that’s for sure.” The institutions have also turned to a historic party. Ibiza Town Hall has installed seats and a giant screen five meters long and three meters high in the Es Pratet pavilion. About a thousand people will be able to follow the event at the venue. Barça clubs will also meet at the Sa Nansa restaurant after 2:30 pm, while the directors will eat at the Sa Calma restaurant.Newspaper of Ibiza gives opening news category to Ibiza-Barça and carries the information of the match between pages 4 and 17. Amadeo Salvo gives another interview in which he says that they could fill two stadiums and that it is “unlikely but possible” to beat Barça. Javi Pérez, midfielder of Ibiza, also gives an interview in which he is excited (“hopefully a magical night”) and does not expect “a team B at Barça”. Comprehensive analysis of the templates and preparations surrounding the meeting. Boil Ibiza and you can get excited Can Misses. Eye that the island believes in miracles.last_img read more

How often should we change the mattress? This is the red line that we should not pass

first_imgA good rest is essential for our health. Rest properly affects both our daily performance and the proper development and work of our organs, and a key point to achieve this is our mattress. 02/04/2020 – 14:11 | 14:11 – 7/02/20 The conditions of a mattress affect our restIt is advisable to change the minimum mattress every 7 years Image: iStock. A mattress does not have to be the cheapest to be the best, but there are some points that must be taken into account when choosing it. Depending on the physical condition of each person, a mattress must have a type of height, core or firmness.Another very important key to getting a good rest is to change the mattress when necessary. According to experts, the mattress should be changed at least every 7 or 10 years, although this time can be reduced if the necessary care is not applied. This time is stipulated to prevent the malformations that suffer over time affect our rest and can cause some kind of illness. Get a mattress to last longerTo ensure that a mattress is in good condition and lasts the 7 years stipulated by experts, a series of tips must be followed. The best known is to rotate the mattress every 6 months so that it does not have malformations. Another tip is to keep pets out of bed so that dirt does not accumulate on it and vacuum it to remove dust that may accumulate. In addition, there is a trick that helps reduce moisture and odors that is sprinkle a little baking soda all over the mattress surface.last_img read more

Video games succeed among the Pucela squad

first_imgPedro Porro demonstrated this by participating in the LaLiga Challenge, after winning in an internal tournament several of his teammates. However, there have been more who have recognized that this is one of their favorite pastimes, as it has been seen in the videos published on the club’s official channels. Players like Nacho or Joaquín kill part of their free time in this way, through games on the console or, like Andalusian, also on the computer. Throughout these first days of confinement, Real Valladolid has shown through their social networks what the routine is that their players carry out during confinement. In addition to the work scheduled by the medical services and the technical staff, this atypical situation allows a lot of leisure, and among a large number of soccer players, video games are the kings. It is not the only way to pass the time that they bet, however, since reading is also present or, in the case of Nacho, also the kitchen. Pets, always faithful companions, help recreation these days, like also the possibility of enjoying their families those who have them close. This is the case of Carnero, who, despite being atypical, was able to be with his son for Father’s Day.Footballers’ personal social networks are also important, in the day to day, but more now. Fede San Emeterio, who turned years a few days ago, could not spend it with his own, but at least he could take advantage of this route to connect with them. The different challenges that Twitter and Instagram have invaded, mainly, have been accompanied by live communications with their followers from players like Porro himself or Toni, who shared the screen a few days ago with Sergio Encinas, a comedian from Valladolid.Try all this the normality of footballers, which will continue training for the time being individually, following the parameters imposed by the technical staff, after Real Valladolid will provide them with physical material to be able to carry out the sessions made available to them, in order to lose as little physical tone as possible while the alarm state lasts.last_img read more

“Pelé gave me his blessing before signing for Real Madrid”

first_imgBrazilian Real Madrid striker Rodrygo Goes points to his compatriot Neymar and Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo as his “sources of inspiration”, but warns that his “hero and greatest inspiration” is his father, while praising the figure of Zinédine Zidane because it is helping him “where and how to improve”.“My greatest inspiration is my father, without a doubt. And, of the players with whom I share the time, Cristiano and Neymar, who are the two that I take as a reference and who are sources of inspiration, two players of whom I am a great fan But as a hero, my father, he is my hero, “Rodrygo says in an interview with ‘DAZN’. And even though he doesn’t play very regularly now, He claims to have “a very good relationship” with Zinédine Zidane. “He received me very well. He knew the moment to get me into the field and how to prepare for it. Today I am in good shape and he is the culprit. He helps me, advises me and tells me where and how to improve, he also highlights what I do well. All this time with him is being very good, “he remarks. The striker too celebrates having been able to debut with the national team from his country, “the great dream of every Brazilian child”. “And I was able to debut against Argentina. I hope to wear the national team shirt more often, I continue to do my job here to be called up. Really, it is the greatest dream for a professional player. The dream of every child is to wear this shirt someday, and I have been able to make it come true, “he points out.Rodrygo made these statements after receiving the award for best young player in the world in the Awards ‘NxGn 2020’, awarded by ‘Goal’, and before soccer stopped due to the coronavirus pandemic. “I think this award will motivate me a lot, it gives me a lot of confidence and I hope that good things happen, that I continue to play very well this season,” he wishes.center_img Asked for three referents of Brazilian soccer such as the legendary Pelé, Neymar and Robinho, the young attacker recognizes that the three “represent a lot” for him and for Santos, his “favorite” team. “Neymar was the one I followed the most, but thank God I had the opportunity to meet the three of them. Even before coming to Madrid, I went to Pelé’s house and received his blessing before I left,” he confesses.“Real Madrid is like Vila Belmiro (the Santos stadium), a dream come true for me and anyone who knows me knows it. My big dream was to play here, I always watched the games, “stresses Rodrygo, who describes his first goal as Real Madrid player as” a very emotional moment. “He will always remain in my memory,” he admits of scoring against Osasuna when he barely had a minute in the field.last_img read more

“I stopped Cristiano’s penalty and he didn’t want to give me his shirt”

first_img“We agreed to exchange the jerseys, “he told ‘Sky Sport’,” but after missing the penalty he was very angry. It had never happened to him in ItalyAn agreement that was broken after the final whistle: “In the tunnel of the changing rooms we crossed, he gave me a handshake, he congratulated me, but he had a bad face. And he didn’t give me the shirt. “Sorrentino, yes, he was able to take another award from the ‘Allianz Stadium’:”In the end I took Dybala’s. It went well for me anyway“He revealed smiling. 7 Since Cristiano Ronaldo has arrived in Italy, only a goalkeeper can boast of having neutralized a penalty. Is about Stefano Sorrentino, ex-keeper of Chievo Verona, who now, at 41 years old, has decided to become a striker for Cervo, a ‘Seconda Category’ team in Liguria, trained by his father. In his career he played 363 Serie A matches and on January 21, 2019 he knew how to hypnotize CR7 from 11 meters, during the Juventus-Chievo (match that Vecchia Signora, anyway, won 3-0). A feat that, however, cost the doorman a coveted collector’s item: Cristiano’s elastic.last_img read more

Haaland ‘copies’ Mbappé

first_imgThe ‘killer’ of EuropeHaaland is a relentless scorer and came to a halt as the European ‘killer’. We are facing a striker who can mark an era and his service record reflects this. Su name began to go around the world when he scored nine goals for Honduras in the 12-0 of the U-20 World Cup (nobody had achieved something like this in any category of the World Cup); in the Champions League he became the third youngest player to make a hat-trick (he went 6-2 to Genk and took 102 seconds) behind Raúl and Rooney (later Rodrygo would overtake him); He has ten goals in the Champions League, one less than Lewandowski, the pichichi (only Fortaine, Mané and Firmino reached that figure in their debut in the European Cup) …The Haaland earthquake It has impressed the soccer planet. “It’s an animal,” Cassano defined him. “In a couple of years will go to a great team for 200 or 300 million; is the strongest of all, “predicted Vieri.” It is a beast, “settled Tuchel, who ‘suffered’ him in the Champions League (he doubled in PSG’s defeat in the first leg of the second round). The Norwegian thing is bigger words. Haaland will not leave Borussia this summer, but he will be able to do it for 75 million in the winter market of 2021. Madrid follows its situation from a distance but with its name noted on the road map. Along with that of Mbappé. The last two impacts in Europe that would give the Zidane team the lost goal. Real Madrid projects a future with a goal. The one that yearns since Cristiano Ronaldo’s march to Juventus, in 2018. Aware that Benzema is already 32 years old and that despite having taken a step forward he is more magician than predator, and that Jovic, signed this summer by 60 million, has not broken in the scorer he promised last year at Eintracht, the white club dreams of an attack that leaves its mark on history: Mbappé, for which he will launch the final assault in 2021, and Haaland, the great event of this season and that in his contract with Borussia has a liberation clause from 2021 of 75 million euros.The emergence of Haaland (19 years old) in European football, with his extraordinary coordination of movements despite his imposing physique (1.94 meters high), his dizzying runs towards the goal and his feints, has had the greatest impact on recent years, comparable to Mbappé with Monaco in 2016-17. Not surprisingly, only the French striker exceeds the Norwegian’s numbers at his age on the Old Continent. Haaland has accumulated 12 goals in 11 games for Borussia this season, which is 40 in 33 games if we add up the goals he made for Salzburg at the start of the season. Total, since he is a professional, he has scored 61 goals among all competitions (89 games), according to data provided by Opta. There are still three months (on July 21) for the Borussia striker to turn 20, but if we take as a reference the day when the great European scorers reached that age, only Mbappé beats the Norwegian cyclone (119 goals in 121 games). Cristiano, for example, only had 16 goals when he reached twenty; Messi, 26; Benzema, 28; Ibrahimovic, 22; Lewandowski, 3 …last_img read more

USTA does not rule out a US Open at Indian Wells and in November

first_imgEven if simply two days in the past the US Open introduced in a assertion that “the target of the USTA is to have a good time the 2020 United States Open in New York on the presently scheduled dates, “the CEO and govt director of the US Tennis Affiliation, Michael Dowse admits in an interview for the journal Inside Tennis They do not rule out the likelihood that there will likely be a totally different setting and dates. Particularly, it factors to options Indian Wells and November.“There’s nothing off the desk”Dowse factors out, which clarifies that “No formal determination has been made on Indian Wells.” “No matter we do, we should do it in alignment with the event house owners, the ATP and the WTA”. One of many choices for the US Open is that it’s held in New York, however with out an viewers, one thing that does not persuade these answerable for the USTA. Therefore, they’ve considered one other location, in the desert of California, a state the place the confinement order could possibly be lifted quickly. The Indian Wells Tennis Backyard, with a capability of 16,000 spectators, is the second largest tennis stadium in the US. “All of us need the US Open to happen. And we’re ready to assist enhance testing (for coronavirus) and make it simpler for gamers to enter and go away the nation.”, explains Dowse, who clarifies that the USTA has “three priorities”: The well being and well-being of the gamers, the workers, the followers and everybody concerned; what is nice for tennis; and the monetary affect. The whole lot continues to be on the desk and We are going to transfer ahead in keeping with the three-phase strategy outlined in the federal pointers. “last_img read more