Japanese Device Uses Laser Plasma to Display 3D Images in the Air

first_img Explore further A collaboration of the Japanese National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), Keio University and Burton Inc. has produced a device to display “real 3D images” consisting of dot arrays in empty space. Copyright 2006 PhysOrg.com Many previous displays in 3D have been virtual images on 2D planes which, due to human binocular disparity, appear as 3D. However, the limitation of our visual field and the physical discomfort caused by wrongly identifying virtual images makes these displays less than perfect.The new device uses the plasma emission phenomenon near the focal point of focused laser light. By controlling the position of the focal point in the direction of the x-, y-, and z-axes, real 3D-images in air (3D-space) can be displayed. A 3D-object displayed using a 3D-image spatial drawing device. Credit: National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology. Various 2D and 3D objects drawn by the display device. Credit: National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology MEMS-in-the-lens architecture for laser scanning microscopy Citation: Japanese Device Uses Laser Plasma to Display 3D Images in the Air (2006, February 27) retrieved 18 August 2019 from https://phys.org/news/2006-02-japanese-device-laser-plasma-3d.html Our living space and the objects within it are three-dimensional but while 3D imaging is well documented on the Internet, we don’t see “real 3D-images” on our computer screens. This is because our monitors are unable to display them.Keio University and Burton Inc. noticed that, when laser beams are strongly focused, air plasma emission can only be induced near the focal point. So, they experimented by fabricating a device to display 2D-images in the air. The images are constructed from dot arrays produced by a technique combining a laser light source and galvanometric mirrors. To form 3D-images in the air, the scanning of the focal point in the depth direction along the laser optical axis is essential. However, to do this, the quality of the laser and the technique for varying the position of the focal point must be improved. This explains why we do not yet have the technology to display 3D images.By modifying the 2D image device with a linear motor system and a high-quality and high-brightness infrared pulse, the AIST, Keio University and Burton Inc. created a spatial display of “real 3D images” consisting of dot arrays.The linear motor system can vary the position of the laser focal point by high-speed scanning of a lens set on the motor orbit. Incorporation of this system makes the image scanning in the direction of the z-axis possible. For scanning in the x and y axis directions, conventional galvanometric mirrors are used.The high-quality and high–brightness infrared pulsed laser (repetition frequency of pulse: approximately 100 Hz), enables plasma production to be more precisely controlled, resulting in brighter and higher contrast image drawing. Furthermore, the distance between the device and drawing points can be extended by several meters.The emission time of the laser pulse light is approximately a nanosecond (10-9 sec). The device uses one pulse for each dot. The human eye will recognize the after-image effect of plasma emission from displays up to 100 dot/sec. By synchronizing these pulses and controlling them with software, the device can draw any 3D objects in air. Overview of the 3D-image spatial drawing device. Credit: National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology. This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only.last_img read more

Einsteins green refrigerator making a comeback

first_imgIn 1930, Einstein and Leo Szilard designed a refrigerator that required no electricity and had no moving parts. While almost everybody knows how Einstein revolutionized physics with his theories of relativity, many people may not know that the great scientist had a domestic side, too. Well, sort of – in 1930, Einstein and his former student Leo Szilard designed a refrigerator that required no electricity and had no moving parts. However, as refrigerator technology became more efficient, Einstein’s design was nearly forgotten. Citation: Einstein’s green refrigerator making a comeback (2008, September 25) retrieved 18 August 2019 from https://phys.org/news/2008-09-einstein-green-refrigerator-comeback.html Now, Malcolm McCulloch, an electrical engineer at Oxford, is trying to bring Einstein’s refrigerator back. McCulloch explains that the design is environmentally friendly and could prove especially useful in developing countries, where demand for cooling appliances is quickly increasing.McCulloch’s team has recently built a prototype of Einstein and Szilard’s refrigerator. Instead of compressing man-made greenhouse gases called freons, as typical refrigerators do, the prototype uses pressurized gas to keep items cold. The refrigerator just requires a way to heat the liquids, and McCulloch has been working on developing a solar energy system to meet this requirement.The refrigerator is based on the idea that liquids boil at low temperatures when the surrounding air pressure is low. “If you go to the top of Mount Everest, water boils at a much lower temperature than it does when you´re at sea level, and that´s because the pressure is much lower up there,” McCulloch said.In their refrigerator prototype, the scientists filled a flask with liquid butane (which is also commonly sold as a liquid in cigarette lighters and as a gas for cooking). Then the scientists introduced a new vapor to decrease the air pressure, which decreases the liquid boiling temperature, causing the butane to boil. As the butane boils, it takes energy from the surroundings, and lowers the temperature inside the refrigerator. Although Einstein and Szilard´s original design was not as efficient as the freon refrigerators that replaced them, McCulloch plans to improve the design by using different kinds of gases. He predicts these improvements could quadruple the refrigerator´s efficiency. The fact that the refrigerator has no moving parts could also be advantageous, he explains, as it would require minimal maintenance and so could be particularly useful in rural areas. McCulloch emphasizes that the refrigerator is still just a prototype, but he hopes to one day commercialize it. The work is part of his team’s three-year project to develop robust appliances that can be used in locations without electricity.via: The Guardian This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only.last_img read more

Destination determines direction

first_imgWhat made you realise that motivation speaking was your calling?My life is a result of a contribution of all the people I have met in all these years and they are responsible for enriching it. Books, too, have had a very positive influence in my life and has played a huge role in making me who I am today. When I started noticing that these positive influences had changed my life for the better, I wanted to carry them forward for others. With that in mind I started volunteering my time in maximum security prisons in the United States and started teaching prisoners about and attitude-self esteem programmes. After observing them, I thought of bringing these fundamentals to the corporate world and started working with corporate giants. Eventually after publishing my book Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’You Can Win in 1997 people started attending my sessions after reading my book and things fell into place. What are you referring to when you talk about bringing about a positive change in people’s lives?The most important change is the change of attitude, because invariably, many times in life we do not realise that we are our own biggest problems. We never analyse our own behaviour, instead we keep trying to control other people’s behaviour, not realising that other people’s behaviour is a reflection of our own. It is impossible to change how others behave but by changing my own actions and reaction, I can influence how others behave towards me. Also Read – Leslie doing new comedy special with NetflixAnother important factor we need to understand is that we cannot solve all our problems but we can certainly learn how to handle them. Life is full of choices and compromises, it seems like a contradiction but  really it’s not. If I ill-treat someone, I have chosen to be ill-treated myself, if I drink too much tonight, I have chosen that horrible headache the next morning, so life is full of choices and if you look at it, right from morning till night we keep making choices one after the other including what time we choose to wake up, to what we eat to how we dress up, everything is a choice we make.  In life we cannot choose the cards we are dealt with, but what we can choose is how we play the game. Sometimes nature gives us a lemon, it is our choice whether we cry or we make lemonade out of it.What are the ‘golden rules’ for  success?Persistence, hard work and focus are key to achieving success. Persistence is basically ability to bounce back even after several failures. Be it Thomas Edison or Bill Gates or Steve Jobs, they are all prefect examples of persistence. There is no substitute to hard work in life. These days’ people talk about working smarter versus harder. Take for example Olympic gold medallist and record holder Michael Phelps who has trained for over 10,000 hours for 15 seconds of performance. Most people want to succeed but very few are willing to pay the price to prepare to succeed.Most of us lack focus in life, unless you have a clear destination, how can you find directions? Most of us lose focus of our target and hence, end up not succeeding in life. To succeed, you need to do whatever it takes to achieve the target, put in that extra effort, even when it hurts. The difference between a good and a bad professional is that a good professional is that even on a bad day, a good professional’s output remains the same as that on a good day. They won’t compromise on the quality of performance. Could you tell us about your future plans or projects that you are working on?Well I am in the process of writing four more books on leadership, parenting skills, customer service and time management. So these four books, two of them should be out by September this year. Beyond it, we have a couple of things in mind. We are looking at starting to offer leadership programme in management institutes because today graduates that are coming out from engineering and management schools and NASDAQ did a study and Narayan Murthy said it too, that 90 % of them are unemployable. Would we be seeing you back in politics any time soon?Well, all I can say is that my getting into the political arena was not a trend or a fad that came in. You see when some things bother you deep inside and they keep coming back to haunt you and one has to take an action. All these issues of corruption etc. that have been raised in the recent past, I have already filed a petitions regarding the same in the court ten years back and I am still fighting them. I haven’t ruled out anything at this point and there are political parties that are in touch with me. I am still looking at how I can make a contribution; I may not necessarily have a ticket and fight the elections but I will certainly be supporting some good people.last_img read more

The film theory

first_imgAt the closing ceremony national award winning director Tigmanshu Dhulia addressed the event at NDMC Convention Centre, Connaught Place.On the occasion, Sanjay Maharaj, actors Gagan Malik and N.G. Perera of the film Siddharth Gautama with Ariel Cohen, director of closing film, Take Mama were present and witnessed the event.The seven days long festival not only showcased films but also gave a platform to creative people. The festival celebrated the success of world cinema with other competitions like ‘Face of the year’, ‘Best  Singer’, ‘Best Painter’, ‘Best Poet’ and ‘Best Sculpture’ and also rewarded for ‘Best Feature Film’, ‘Best Documentary’, ‘Best Story’, ‘Best screenplay’ & ‘Best Short Film’.  174 Films from 39 countries around the world were showcased during the festival.Indian Documentaries like Women Prayed and preyed upon and The River with some other short films from other countries like, Aab, Magnetism, Please Forgive me were a part of the elaborate line-up.last_img read more

Australia to tighten immigration laws crackdown on extremists

first_img“This year, the government will consider what further legislation is needed to combat terrorism and keep Australians safe,” Prime Minister Tony Abbott on Monday said while releasing a Review of Australia’s Counter-Terrorism Machinery in Canberra.The review came after the deadly siege in December at a Sydney cafe where a self-styled extremist cleric took 18 people hostage inside the cafe and demanded he be delivered an Islamic State flag. The cleric and two hostages were killed. Also Read – Pro-Govt supporters rally as Hong Kong’s divisions deepenIn his National Security statement, Abbott stressed that Australia faced?a new, long-term era of heightened terrorism threat, with a much more significant “home grown” element.Abbott said the government would seek to change the laws to enable authorities to revoke or suspend Australian citizenship in the case of dual nationals.“I am announcing that the Government will look at new measures to strengthen immigration laws, as well as new options for dealing with Australian citizens who are involved in terrorism. We cannot allow bad people to use our good nature against us. “The Government will develop amendments to the Australian Citizenship Act so that we can revoke or suspend Australian citizenship in the case of dual nationals,” he said. Also Read – Pak Army ‘fully prepared’ to face any challenge: Army spokesman“Those could include restricting the ability to leave or return to Australia, and access to consular services overseas, as well as access to welfare payments,” he said.He said people who fight against Australia “forfeit their citizenship” and that Australian nationals would also risk losing “privileges” if they were involved in terrorism. Abbott also suggested that tougher laws to target “hate preachers”, pointing to the political group Hizb ut-Tahrir. He said the actions against such groups would include programs to “challenge terrorist propaganda” and provide online material “based on Australian values”.“It will include stronger prohibitions on vilifying, intimidating or inciting hatred,” he added. “We will clamp down on those organisations that incite religious or racial hatred. No-one should make excuses for Islam-ist fanatics in the Middle East or their imitators here in Australia.” He said that it would also include stronger prohibitions on vilifying, intimidating or inciting hatred.last_img read more

Food essentials for lustrous skin

first_imgDig into sprouts, kiwi, yogurt and other nutritious food items for a radiant skin, says an expert.Here are some of the beauty essentials suggested by capital-based dermatologist Navin Taneja:* Protein repairs damaged tissue. Eatables like eggs, yogurt and beans offer a good dose of protein.* Eat foods high in antioxidants that help protect your skin from damage. Cherries, blueberries and other deeply coloured berries are best source of antioxidant. They help you in fighting off blemishes. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’* Essential fatty acids help to retain the elasticity of the skin and are good fats which must be included in the diet. Walnut is the type of nut that contains significant amount of omega-3 fatty acid. Other great sources of fatty acids are spinach, cauliflower and broccoli.* Vitamins help to keep the skin hydrated and make it glow. Food such as papaya, strawberries, kiwi, orange, guava, sprouts and green leafy vegetables are rich in vitamins and help to enhance the radiance of the skin.* Essential minerals like zinc and sulphur are a must in one’s diet to prevent acne and skin related issues. Minerals are also responsible for rebuilding keratin and collagen that are important ingredients for glowing skin and shiny hair. Pumpkin, mushroom and sunflower seed are high in minerals.last_img read more

India can become engine of global economic growth

first_imgIndia has the potential, resources and talent to become the engine of global economic growth. Anil Agarwal, Chairman, Vedanta Group, stated that India’s potential of attracting investment worth $100 billion is a great opportunity to create value for its people. Vedanta, India’s only diversified natural resources company, is participating at the Hindustan Times Leadership Summit 2015, held on Friday and tomorrow. While attending the Hindustan Times Leadership Summit, Agarwal said, “I am confident it will emerge as a global investment destination and an easier place to do business.” Also Read – Punjab & Sind Bank cuts MCLR by up to 20 basis points The Indian government needs to take a broader perspective of its policies and reduce process time to ensure a faster and transparent decision. Stressing for higher extraction of natural resources in the country, Agarwal, while commending Honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ambitious ‘Make In India’ mission, suggested that it needs to be supported by ‘Find In India’ and ‘Mine in India’, thus skilling the youth and creating thousands of SME’s and create job opportunities. Vedanta has created value for all the stakeholders, including the Union Government, and has produced tremendous job opportunities across the natural resources value chain. It is Agarwal’s dream for Vedanta to be India’s flagship and world class diversified natural resources company which represents the country on the global map. Also Read – ‘The great gold bull market has begun’Agarwal is committed towards poverty eradication and making India a self-sufficient economy. He believes that for every young individual to truly become an active participant in India’s economic growth the tripartite network of government, academia and industry is crucial. It will engage, enable and empower these bright minds thus boosting not just employability but also enterprise.Today India looks poised to grow at over 7.5%. While, it is a robust rate, Anil Agarwal is confident that it can achieve double-digit growth. The nation’s billion plus population houses over 600 million women. 50% of its total population is between the ages of 0-25, which makes India one of the youngest nations globally. Such demographic wealth is unmatched. But it can only be tapped when its youth are educated, when its women are empowered.last_img read more

Spanner in the works Cyclists making main thoroughfares accidentprone

first_imgKolkata: Cycling on main thoroughfares by flouting ban imposed by the city police is posing a serious threat to drivers, thereby putting a stumbling block on the smooth implementation of the Safe Drive Save Life campaign.Though there has been no report of any cyclist falling victim to road accidents in recent times, senior police officers said that there may be major accidents at important road intersections as cyclists have a tendency to flout traffic rules. Also Read – Rain batters Kolkata, cripples normal lifeIt may be mentioned that Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has launched the state-wide Safe Drive Save Life campaign, with an aim to bring down the number of road accidents. Both Kolkata Police and West Bengal Police have taken up several “Safe Drive Save Life” programmes, following direction of the Chief Minister. At the same time, steps have been taken for prosecuting those violating traffic norms.”But the entire effort of bringing down the number of road accidents would receive a major blow, if a major accident takes place in the city due to cycling on the roads where it is banned,” said a police officer on condition of anonymity. Also Read – Speeding Jaguar crashes into Mercedes car in Kolkata, 2 pedestrians killedHe further added that there is a need to take immediate steps to check cycling on the 62 roads where it has been banned by the Kolkata Police by issuing a notification as per the West Bengal Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989.Names of the roads and the timing during which there will be restrictions on cycling were mentioned in the notification, after stating that the order to restrict plying of vehicles including cycle van, hand cart, pull cart and bicycle, was given to provide “safe and uninterrupted movement of vehicular traffic”. There are as many as 174 roads where there is restriction on plying of cycle vans, hand carts and pull carts for a particular time in a day. Similarly, there are 62 roads and bridges where there is restriction on cycling.There is restriction from 7 am to 11 pm on roads including Ashutosh Road, Rani Rashmoni Avenue, Chittaranjan Avenue, Rash Behari Connector, Jawaharlal Nehru Road, Chowringhee Road, Mahatma Gandhi Road and Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Road. There is restriction on cycling for 24 hours on thoroughfares and flyovers including Camac Street, Red Road, Government Place West, Old Court House Street, BBD Bag East, BBD Bag North, Lock Gate Flyover, Chingrighata Flyover, Park Street Flyover, Gariahat Flyover, Sealdah Flyover and Brabourne Road Flyover.last_img read more

Lombardy Governor team likely to attend BGBS on February 78

first_imgKolkata: A delegation from Italy’s Lombardy is all set to attend the Bengal Global Business Summit (BGBS) scheduled to be held on February 7 and 8, 2019. Governor Attilio Fontana is also likely to attend the event.Digging into elaborate details about Bengal’s potential to offer a favourable climate for trade and investment for Italian investors, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee made a passionate appeal, reminding the audience of several social schemes that her government has introduced to empower the grassroots sector, which can be developed as a potential area of investment. Also Read – Rain batters Kolkata, cripples normal lifePointing to the skilled and cheap manpower that Bengal has to offer, she said Italian technology in various fields such as leather, fashion design, jewellery, steel and mining among education, tourism and others could find greater synergy. After the meeting, Banerjee wrote on her Facebook page: “Today, I had an excellent round of discussions with Attilio Fontana, president of the Lombardy Regional Government of Italy. Talks centred around strengthening relations between the Lombardy region of Italy and Bengal and explore areas of mutual collaboration in business, education, tourism and other key sectors. I took the opportunity to invite him to the Bengal Global Business Summit, 2019 and requested him to lead a delegation to Bengal to have a first-hand feel of the opportunities available here in the state. He has accepted the invitation and has expressed keen willingness to come to Bengal with a strong business delegation”. Also Read – Speeding Jaguar crashes into Mercedes car in Kolkata, 2 pedestrians killedBanerjee and Fontana spoke in detail about the areas of business where both of them can participate. The Chief Minister suggested that in skill development, Italy and Bengal can be great partners. “We are number one in skill development in India and here Italian participation is welcome.” It may be mentioned that while addressing the gathering of industrialists and representatives of different Chambers of Commerce in Milan on Monday, she had said: “Italy has the technology and we have skill and development can take place if Italy and Bengal collaborate.” She said in fashion designing, Italy, which is one of the leading fashion centres of the world, can invest in a design hub that is being planned in Bengal. Umesh Chowdhary, Vice-Chairman and Managing Director of Titagarh Wagons, has purchased a factory in Lombardy and both Italy and Bengal can explore the possibilities in the steel sector. Expressing her zeal towards football and portraying Kolkata’s ardent fan following for Italian football, she said: “We have three football clubs — Mohun Bagan, East Bengal and Mohammedan Sporting and we love your football, particularly AC Milan.”last_img read more

South Eastern Railway conducts antilittering drives

first_imgKolkata: The South Eastern Railway (SER) conducted special anti-littering drives on Saturday and Sunday at Santragachhi and Howrah Stations. During the two-day drive around Rs 27,000 was collected as fine.According to the SER, on Saturday officers and ticket checking staff were deputed in and around of Santragachhi Station’s platforms. The intention was to sensitise the passengers travelling not to make the platforms and other areas of the stations dirty by spitting or other means. Each passenger found littering the area was fined up to Rs 500. Also Read – Rain batters Kolkata, cripples normal lifeAccording to the SER officials, the drive was conducted not only to prosecute the passengers but to spread awareness among people. Sources informed that people found spitting was charged Rs 100 and people found throwing garbage on railway tracks or at platforms were fined Rs 500. On Saturday, the SER collected Rs 13,000 from the persons caught littering the area. Around 100 people were prosecuted including some without ticket passengers. On Sunday, the drive was conducted at the New Complex of Howrah Station. Around 108 persons were prosecuted for littering the station area and the SER has collected approximately Rs 14,000 as fine. The SER has announced that such drives will continue as a surprise check across the SER jurisdiction in future. “Such type of drives will continue at different stations under SER jurisdiction. The teams will consist of Commercial Inspector with Ticket examiner and RPF staff as it was on Saturday and Sunday,” said spokesperson from the SER.last_img read more

Madhyamik exam curriculum being reviewed Official

first_imgKolkata: The Syllabus Reforms Committee of Madhyamik — the Class 10 state board examination in Bengal — is reviewing its existing curriculum but not mulling any immediate change, a top official said on Monday. It has undertaken the process of reviewing the entire curriculum for Classes 9 and 10, the committee official said here. “The committee will suggest if there is need for any change in any part (of the syllabus), and the department and board officials will assess its report and implement the suggestions if they deem it necessary,” he said. Also Read – Bose & Gandhi: More similar than apart, says Sugata BoseTo a question, the committee official said, since no changes in Madhyamik syllabus can be effected within a period of five years, there is no immediate case for a “sudden change” in the curriculum. The 2022 Madhyamik examination is the earliest when such a change can be introduced, he said, adding, the review exercise is a periodic process. The Syllabus Reforms Committee had in 2015 suggested changes in the Madhyamik syllabus, recommending more multiple choice questions (MCQ) and text-based reading.last_img read more

Balurghat residents all agog over CMs visit

first_imgBALURGHAT: Balurghat is abuzz as the residents are excited to welcome Chief Minister and Trinamool supremo Mamata Banerjee here on Friday. Banerjee is scheduled to address a public rally at town club ground, for the election campaign of party candidate Arpita Ghosh.The poll for the Balurghat seat is slated on April 23, the third of the seven phase elections declared by the Election Commission of India. “It is my dream to see the Trinamool supremo at Balurghat. She has been working relentlessly for the development of Bengal since 2011. I will definitely reach the ground at least one hour before the rally starts so that I can see her from front. I know there will be a huge crowd as she is a real crowd-puller,” said Dilip Kumar Saha, an elderly Balurghat resident. With the elderly citizens excited to hear the speech of Banerjee, the youths are not far behind either. Also Read – Rs 13,000 crore investment to provide 2 lakh jobs: Mamata”She is my ideal. It will be my first time seeing her and hearing her speech. What strikes me the most is her indomitable spirit and energy. She emerged from the ground level to begin her political career. She always fights for Bengal with Modi and his saffron brigade in case of any negligence and deprivation of the state. She is the prime face of Opposition at the Centre and therefore, I have hardly missed any opportunity to tune in whenever she speaks on TV,” said Sourav Nandi, a college-goer. Also Read – Lightning kills 8, injures 16 in stateThe homemakers and working women are impatient to catch a glimpse of the Chief Minister as well. “Tomorrow is a holiday otherwise it would have been tough for me to manage a leave from school as I am engaged and working in a state-run higher secondary school located just on the outskirts of Balurghat. I will be there at her rally with my family,” said Taniya Basak, a high school teacher. District party president Biplab Mitra said Banerjee is expected to reach Balurghat at around 12 noon in helicopter. “After completing the proposed rally in Balurghat, she will reach Gangarampur to address another rally. We are expecting at least one lakh people each in the two rallies. It will be historic,” Mitra said. The senior leaders have already inspected Balurghat ground to check the preparations. District administration and police are alert to avoid any untoward situation. Sufficient policemen will be deployed to manage the crowd.last_img read more

Eight LS seats in West Bengal to go to polls in fourth

first_imgKolkata: Preparations are in place for the fourth phase of polling in eight West Bengal Lok Sabha constituencies on Monday, which will decide the fate of 68 candidates in the fray. All the eight seats — Baharampur, Krishnagar, Ranaghat (SC), Burdwan East (SC), Burdwan-Durgapur, Asansol, Bolpur (SC) and Birbhum — will see a four-cornered contest between the Trinamool Congress, the BJP, the Congress and the Left Front. An electorate of 1,34,56,491 will decide the fate of 68 candidates in these eight constituencies, the Election Commission said. Also Read – Rs 13,000 crore investment to provide 2 lakh jobs: Mamata The commission will deploy a total of 580 companies of central forces, which will cover all the polling booths in the Lok Sabha constituencies to ensure free and fair polling, election officials said. The campaign for the eight parliamentary seats — that came to an end on Saturday evening — saw roadshows and poll meetings by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, BJP chief Amit Shah, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee and Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath. Also Read – Lightning kills 8, injures 16 in state TMC has fielded Apurba Sarkar (David) against the Congress MP, Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury in the Baharampur seat. The Left Front constituent RSP has nominated Id Mohammad, while the BJP has named Krishna Joyardar. In Krishnagar, the TMC has fielded Mahua Moitra against BJP’s Kalyan Chaubey, a footballer. The Congress has nominated Intaj Ali Shah and the CPI(M) Shantanu Jha. Ranaghat (SC) will see TMC’s Rupali Biswas locking horns with BJP’s Jagannath Sarkar. Congress has nominated Minati Biswas and the CPI(M) Rama Biswas. In the Burdwan East (SC) seat, TMC’s Sunil Kumar Mondal will contest against Paresh Chandra Das of the BJP. The Congress has fielded Siddhartha Majumdar and the CPI(M) Iswar Chandra Das. Mamtaz Sanghamita is the TMC candidate from the Burdwan-Durgapur seat against BJP’s S S Ahluwalia. The Congress has nominated Ranajit Mukherjee and the CPI(M) named Abhas Ray Chaudhuri. In Asansol, Union minister and BJP sitting MP Babul Supriyo will contest against TMC’s celebrity candidate Moon Moon Sen. The CPI(M) has nominated Gouranga Chatterjee and the Congress Biswarup Mondal for the seat. In the Bolpur (SC) seat, TMC’s Asit Kumar Mal will contest against Ramprasad Das of the BJP. The CPI(M) has fielded Ramchandra Dome and the Congress, Abhijit Saha. Celebrity candidate Satabdi Roy is the TMC name from the Birbhum seat against BJP’s Dudh Kumar Mondal. The Congress has nominated Imam Hossain and the CPI(M) named Rezaul Karim for the seat. The polling personnel have already left for the 15,277 booths in the eight parliamentary constituencies. Besides general election observers and expenditure observers, the poll panel has for the first time deployed a special police observer and a special observer in the state. In another first, VVPAT will be used in all the polling booths along with the EVMs, EC sources said.last_img read more

After nearly 74 years the remains of an 82nd AB paratrooper are

first_imgWillard “Bud” Jenkins was assumed to be dead, his body lost — killed during one of the most famous battles of World War II. Jenkins, originally from Pennsylvania, was declared missing in action on September 20, 1944, the same day as the Waal River Crossing during Operation Market Garden. It was an Allied effort planned and led by the British that did not succeed. It was considered the largest airborne attack up to that point in World War II.Thank you for your service.A paratrooper with Company C, 307th Airborne Engineer Battalion, 82nd Airborne Division, Jenkins attempted to cross the river near Nijmegen, the Netherlands, in a fleet of boats, all the while facing intense enemy fire.U.S. Army paratroopers with the 82nd Airborne Division parachute from a C-130 Hercules aircraft during Operation Toy Drop, 2007, at Pope Air Force Base.Jenkins was shot in the chest and fell overboard, according to media accounts. His body was not recovered at the time because enemy forces controlled the area downstream where his body appeared to have ended up.His remains were finally identified and his family notified in the U.S.; the military has not disclosed how the identification was made so many years after, or if this is a case of misidentifying that has been corrected.The paratrooper’s remains have been sent to America. A funeral is being planned.Fort Bragg.“Recently, the soldiers on Fort Bragg praised the return of Jenkins’ remains,” reported the Fayetteville Observer on July 15th.“The entire 82nd Airborne Division celebrates the identification and return of one of the World War II paratroopers who liberated Europe,” said Lt. Col. Joseph Buccino, a division spokesman. “Bringing Willard Jenkins home and properly honoring him is important to us.”The Waal River Crossing was depicted in the film A Bridge Too Far. There were 26 boats that launched from the shore, and only 13 returned. Of that number, eight were able to make trips back and forth across the deadly river.WWII veteran buried with military honors 17 years after his deathLast year, another American lost in Europe in World War II was finally identified — the circumstances of his death in Germany in 1945 and the body’s preservation were rather bizarre.He died in a crash into a tree, and for more than 70 years that tree protected the body of the World War II fighter pilot.The remains of Army Air Forces 1st Lt. William Gray of Kirkland, originally from Washington State, were returned to his family in 2017 with full military honors.“The 21-year-old Gray was on a dive-bombing mission on April 16, 1945, when his single-seat P-47D aircraft clipped a tree and crashed in Lindau,” according to The New York Post.P-47 Thunderbolt“The bones they found were embedded in the tree,” Gray’s niece Jan Bradshaw told the media.Her brother Doug Louvier added, “It grew over his remains and really protected and marked the spot.”As for Jenkins, he had been buried as an “unknown” at an American cemetery in Margraten, the Netherlands, according to the Charlotte Observer.He was listed on the Tablets of the Missing at the Netherlands American Cemetery along with other missing soldiers from the war, officials said. A rosette will now be placed next to his name to indicate that he has been accounted for.Waves of paratroopers land in the Netherlands during Operation Market Garden in September 1944.Operation Market Garden was daring — it was the brainchild of the British General Bernard Montgomery.According to DailyHistory, “the Germans had anticipated that there would be an offensive launched with the objective of seizing Arnhem, Wesel and Nijmegen. A senior intelligence officer argued that the British and the American would use airborne troops. However, he did not predict where the assault would be. Nevertheless, German intelligence was able to provide the High Command with the information they needed to prepare for any planned Allied attack.”Bernard Law Montgomery.A British intelligence officer attempted to inform General Montgomery that the Germans were preparing for the assault, but he was not believed. Later, that officer reportedly had a nervous breakdown.Read another story from us: Hunger Plan: Herbert Backe, the Nazi behind one of the greatest engineered famines everIn Operation Market Garden, the Allies suffered about 15,000 casualties including PoWs. The weather and other factors were widely blamed.Montgomery later insisted that the operation was 90 percent successful.Bernhard, Prince of the Netherlands, said, “My country can never again afford the luxury of another Montgomery success.”Nancy Bilyeau, a former staff editor at Entertainment Weekly, Rolling Stone, and InStyle, has written a trilogy of historical thrillers for Touchstone Books. For more information, go to www.nancybilyeau.com.last_img read more

Unpublished Hemingway War Story Finally Sees the Light of Day

first_imgDespite winning writing prizes and movie deals for his fiction and receiving constant press coverage as the larger-than-life “Papa Hemingway,” the year 1956 was not an easy one for Ernest Hemingway. The days of producing novels like The Sun Also Rises, A Farewell to Arms, and For Whom the Bell Tolls were behind him. His last successful book was The Old Man and the Sea in 1952, and he was finding the filming of it frustrating.Hemingway’s biographer, Carlos Baker, wrote, “The mid-fifties–the least eventful years of Hemingway’s adult life–were largely spent recovering from his Africa injuries and dealing with many new illnesses.” He then got married to his fourth wife, Mary.Ernest Hemingway, hard at work in his younger years.Nonetheless, Hemingway was a writer who could still exert formidable discipline over himself, and he returned to his craft. In the summer of 1956, he wrote five short stories. One of them was titled “A Room on the Garden Side,” a 2,100-word story told in the first person by an American writer named Robert just after Allied soldiers liberated Paris from Nazi Germany in the August of 1944. That story never saw the light of day.Until now.Cover of the latest issue of Strand Magazine, courtesy of the StrandThe latest issue of the literary quarterly The Strand is publishing “A Room on the Garden Side.” Wrote The Chicago Tribune: “The themes and trappings are familiar for an Ernest Hemingway narrative: Paris, wartime, talk of books and wine and the scars of battle.”The room of the title is one in the Ritz, the hotel in Paris on the Place Vendôme that Hemingway adored and liked to say he had personally “liberated” from the Nazis.Ritz Hotel Paris. Hemingway once said, “When in Paris the only reason not to stay at the Ritz is if you can’t afford it.” How did the story surface so many years later?“I heard about it a while back from speaking to a Hemingway scholar,” explained Strand managing editor Andrew Gulli in an interview with The Vintage News. “He rifled off the names of a few stories by Hemingway that were never published before. And shortly after, I contacted a Hemingway scholar who I knew well and he confirmed that those stories were not published and were known to the Hemingway Estate for years.”At the Ritz. Photo courtesy of the StrandThe manuscript — 15 pages written in pencil — has been stored in the Hemingway collection at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum in Boston, available only for study by scholars.Gulli said that short stories have a huge place in the body of work of authors who excel at writing them. “Hemingway was no exception, he was a brilliant short story author and this story has some of his favorite themes: the sacrifice soldiers make during war, man’s struggle against mortality, nostalgia for the past and hope for the future.”Editor Andrew Gulli, who negotiated for the story. Photo by The StrandWhen asked why the author held it back all this time, Gulli said one could never be certain. “I’m not an expert on Hemingway, but I think he was perfectionist and he was probably too hard on himself and felt it might have needed some more work. He wrote a letter to Charlie Scribner saying that he could publish this story and others when he was dead. So I count the Strand fortunate that Mr. Hemingway didn’t publish this during his lifetime.”Hemingway at home in his apartment on the Left Bank, Paris, 1924.In August 1958, when Hemingway was not actively writing, he sued to block Esquire from reprinting in an anthology of three of his uncollected stories of the Spanish War. “He felt the stories did not represent his best work,” wrote Baker.21 of the greatest quotes of all time“A Room on the Garden Side” coming to light in 2018 is reawakening interest in Hemingway and in the Strand, which is perhaps best known for publishing mystery and crime fiction stories and reviews and has brought to life little-known work by Raymond Chandler. “We like to keep everyone guessing,” said Gulli. “Predictability is our enemy and Hemingway is a literary hero of mine.”Kirk Curnutt, a board member of the Hemingway Society, wrote an afterword in the magazine that the piece “contains all the trademark elements readers love in Hemingway” and captures “the importance of Paris.”Hemingway at a fishing camp in 1954. His hand and arms are burned from a recent bush fire; his hair was burned in the recent plane crashes.“The war is central, of course, but so are the ethics of writing and the worry that literary fame corrupts an author’s commitment to truth,” Curnutt wrote.Read another story from us: The Declassified FBI Files on Ernest HemingwayAs for whether he needed to do anything to Hemingway’s story to prepare it for publication, Gulli responded: “We’re talking about Hemingway–I wish all my authors would submit prose so clean!”Nancy Bilyeau, a former staff editor at Entertainment Weekly, Rolling Stone, and InStyle, has written a trilogy of historical thrillers for Touchstone Books. For more information, go to www.nancybilyeau.com.last_img read more

Historian Finds Never Before Seen Footage of Apollo 11 Moon Landing

first_imgA little over a week ago, we celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of a truly landmark historical event, the Apollo 11 moon landing. To commemorate the event NASA and other organizations planned a wide range of special events, from meet and greets to exhibitions. According to AirSpaceMag, space historian Robert Godwin was making his own preparations. As he was going through old footage NASA had sent him years previously, he found something he didn’t expect.  While he was scanning a copy of the internegative from the original 16 mm film from 1969, he saw something brand new.Buzz Aldrin poses on the Moon, allowing Neil Armstrong to photograph both of them using the visor’s reflection.The previously seen footage that documented the moon landing was full of dark shadows which prevented viewers from seeing everything that Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin were doing around the lunar module once they were on the moon’s surface.  In the video that Godwin was examining, however, he could clearly ascertain the two astronauts’ movements in the shadows just before Armstrong took the iconic photo of Aldrin standing on the moon, giving viewers the opportunity to witness activity by the Apollo that had never been seen before.AdChoices广告inRead invented by TeadsThe 1969 Apollo 11 mission was to safely land men on the moon and then return them to earth, and the mission was conducted by a three man team: Neil Armstrong, who was the mission’s commander, Michael Collins, who was the pilot for the command module, and Buzz Aldrin, who piloted the lunar module.  Two interlocked spacecraft were launched and set into a lunar orbit.Buzz Aldrin on the moonOnce orbit was established and Armstrong and Aldrin were ready, they entered the lunar module which descended and landed on the moon’s Sea of tranquility.  Armstrong exited the module, uttering the now-famous phrase, “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”  Aldrin emerged soon after, and the two men spent two and a half hours on the lunar surface collecting samples before returning to the lunar module, and, eventually, to Earth.The Apollo 11 crew: Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins, and Buzz Aldrin.The moon landing was broadcast live as it occurred, much to the fascination of an estimated 530 million viewers from around the world, according to NBC, meaning its audience was 27 times as large as the audience who watched the Game of Thrones finale.  Because of the nature of the breakthrough and the profound global interest in the idea of putting men on the moon’s surface, the entire landing was carefully documented, both through film and through still photography.All of the film footage has been gone over more than once in the course of the last fifty years, and a great deal of it was used in the documentary film, Apollo 11, which was produced this year as yet another commemoration of the event.  It’s hard to believe that there was anything new that could have been discovered from it, and yet, Godwin did it. You can see the new footage here at the  54:13 mark in the YouTube clipThis was a wonderful discovery for Godwin, who in the course of his life has been a college professor, club owner, the founder of his own music label, and finally, a space historian who has made a number of television appearances and written several books on the subjects of space and space exploration. Some of his titles from in the Apogee Books Space series and discuss the mission reports of several space missions, including Apollo 11.  Not only did his discovery allow him to learn a bit more about a topic that is clearly of deepest interest to him, it also provided an opportunity for others to get more of a glimpse into the both the event itself, and space exploration in general.Related Article: NASA Got Sick of The Conspiracy Thing so Released Over 10,000 Photos From the Apollo Moon MissionIt’s always fascinating when we are given new insights into events which occurred long ago, whether the scale is large or small, as it not only broadens our understanding of history as a constantly-developing thing, but has the capacity to teach us new things about the world and about ourselves.last_img read more

Colin Vegas believes in Lonzo Ball Video

first_imgThe NBA season win total over/unders have been released and the Lakers’ total was set at 36.5, which is a considerable bump from the 26 games they won last season.Colin thinks this proves Vegas is a believer in Lonzo Ball, since he’s the biggest addition to a team that will only field around a $30 million payroll, and is more interested in setting themselves up to aggressively pursue free agents in the 2018 offseason, than winning next year.Any improvement in L.A. this year will have to come from the impact Ball has running the show. Whether the Lakers win more or less than 36.5 is less important that the number was set that high to begin with.Is Ball, alone, worth 10 games? Vegas thinks so, give or take, and they didn’t build all of those casinos by being wrong.“That is a bet on Lonzo Ball.”The Lakers aren’t winning 37+ games this season. pic.twitter.com/WeJIMPNzpp— Herd w/Colin Cowherd (@TheHerd) July 6, 2017last_img read more

Skype From Startup to 85B in Eight Years

first_img Free Webinar | Sept. 9: The Entrepreneur’s Playbook for Going Global Tech giant Microsoft Corp. announced this week that it plans to buy internet calling service Skype for a whopping $8.5 billion in cash. But this isn’t the first time a company has ponied up major dollars for Skype since it was founded by two European entrepreneurs more than eight years ago.A quick history of the company and its founders follows.Aug. 2003: Niklas Zennstrom and Janus Friis, the entrepreneurs who founded file-sharing service Kazaa in the early 2000s, start a service that allows users to make voice calls over the Internet. They call the Luxembourg-based business Skype. Oct. 2005: After gaining traction with users, Skype is purchased by eBay for approximately $2.5 billion, plus potential performance-based consideration.April 2006: Skype says it has reached more than 100 million registered users — nearly double the users it had the previous year.May 2007: Zennstrom and Friis launch peer-to-peer online TV service Joost. The pair are said to raise as much as $45 million in funding.Oct. 2007: Zennstrom steps down as CEO of Skype, becoming nonexecutive chairman. In 2007, Skype generates $382 million in revenues and claims to have 276 million users. However, eBay says it will incur a $1.4 billion “impairment” due, in part, to a $530 million earn-out payment to Skype shareholders.Feb. 2008: Replacing Zennstrom, eBay names Shopping.com CEO Josh Silverman as chief executive of Skype.March 2009: Skype is expected to double its revenue to more than $1 billion in 2011, eBay says.Nov. 2009: Following an announcement the previous month, eBay officially sells a 70 percent stake of Skype to an investor group led by private-equity firm Silver Lake Partners and others including venture-capital firm Andreessen Horowitz. Founders Zennstrom and Friis join the investor group. Separately, Zennstrom and Friis sell Joost to Santa Monica, Calif.-based content network Adconion Media Group for an undisclosed amount.June 2010: Zennstrom and Friis launch online jukebox service Rdio. August 2010: Skype files for an initial public offering, reportedly seeking to raise as much as $1 billion. The company says it generated more than $406 million in revenues through the first half of the year.Oct. 2010: Tony Bates, a former Cisco Enterprise, Commercial and Small Business Group senior vice president and general manager, is named Skype’s CEO.May 2011: After delaying its IPO, rumors begin to fly. Facebook and Google are said to separately consider buying Skype: A deal is said to be valued at $3 billion to $4 billion.Not long after, Microsoft swoops in and agrees to buy the company for $8.5 billion in cash. Skype says it had 170 million users who racked up more than 207 billion minutes of voice and video conversations in 2010.The investor group that sold Skype to Microsoft is said to pull in a total capital gain of more than $5 billion on the sale. Register Now » May 12, 2011 Growing a business sometimes requires thinking outside the box. min readlast_img read more

5 Tips From One Nontechnical Founder to Others

first_img Free Webinar | Sept 5: Tips and Tools for Making Progress Toward Important Goals Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. As entrepreneur Marc Andreessen famously wrote in The Wall Street Journal a few years ago, “Software is eating the world.” Traditional businesses are being disrupted and everyone is talking about starting a new software-based business. Clearly an opportunity is out there, but founders with prior software experience have an advantage.For nontechnical founders with business backgrounds, the big challenge in starting a software company is navigating the technical part of the operation. From my vantage point as a nontechnical founder and as someone who has worked with many nontechnical founding teams, I can offer five tips to entrepreneurs who are short in tech skills but aiming to build a successful software business: Related: Avoid Loss in Translation. Put Developers and Creative Staffers on the Same Page.1. Target the right market. Nontechnical founders are typically businesspeople. Ideally they can leverage experiences and connections from their prior career to use in the new software business. If $1 million in theoretical revenue can be identified from existing connections, the company is well positioned. To pivot into a new industry, think big, but start small and choose a niche so as to have clear target customers to call on. 2. Assume that the company will be building software for a while.Building the software product for a company is not a project. It’s a journey. The organization needs the ability to respond to customers and continue to refine its product until it finds a market fit.Don’t start a software business unless a dedicated technical team can be kept running throughout the journey to make the product better each week. The more dedicated the technical team is to the long-term journey, the better.3. Start selling to prospects right away. In software, “build it and they will come” is not a reality. While the technical team is working on an product (which can take months), develop customers, That way when the product launches, business customers will be lined up.Use Powerpoint and mockups to demonstrate what the company is building and presell the product. Not only will it build the business faster, the founder will gain insight into what customers want to use and are willing to pay for. Remember: The product will never be done so don’t wait to start selling.Related: Turning the ‘Challenges’ of Being a Woman in Tech Into Opportunities  4. Stay focused on strengths.Given that a founder needs to be focused on finding customers for the product, avoid the temptation of trying to control the decisions of the technical team. Give the team clear guidance and let the team work on the solution.Assuming that  the technical team is experienced, be a good listener, collaborate and build trust. Be a product visionary without specifying every detail. Now get back to selling.5. Build maneuvering room for the business to stay alive.Time flies when a startup is being built and so can the budget. The #1 job of a nontechnical founder is to ensure the software business has budget runway to keep the team working on the product and build a user base. Create a realistic and conservative rolling one-year road map for the company and do everything possible to outperform the milestones.Compare the company’s performance against these milestones to attract more customers or additional investment into the business. The more that members of the team outperform the goals of the original plan, the more leeway is realized. Be sure to set very realistic expectations up front. Underpromise and overdeliver.The earliest stages of any software company will involve some very hard tasks: identifying a problem to solve, building the software to address it, selling and marketing the software and being sure to not run out of money. Nontechnical founders don’t have the skills to develop software but need a proven technical partner who can be trusted. But once that technical gap is filled, be sure to stay true to what makes nontechnical founders successful and focus on building the business.  Related: 5 Reasons Entrepreneurs Should Learn to Code Attend this free webinar and learn how you can maximize efficiency while getting the most critical things done right. Register Now »last_img read more

20 Productivity Apps to Keep You On Task Infographic

first_img 2 min read Free Webinar | Sept 5: Tips and Tools for Making Progress Toward Important Goals Register Now » Apps mainly do two things: They either distract us or keep us on track. If you’re a busy entrepreneur or someone who works for one, it’s best to stick to the latter kind, at least during working hours, especially if you want to be a productivity powerhouse.   Productivity apps can give you — and, yes, your boss, too — a leg up on putting your most organized, efficient professional foot forward.  Some are built to tame your inbox, while others streamline your to-dos or track your expenses. You can also use efficiency apps to sharpen your focus before a big meeting or to communicate with your coworkers under the radar (for strictly work-related conversations, right?). And then there’s the type that bosses love the most, procrastination-preventing apps that whip you into action.Related: 10 Tools for Getting More Done Every DayIf you’re looking to crush your A-game at work, check out the productivity apps neatly packed into the infographic by global human resources consulting firm Adecco below. Go get it, worker bees.    Click to EnlargeImage credit: AdeccoRelated: Procrastinators: How to Fight Your Genes and Get Stuff Done Nowcenter_img Attend this free webinar and learn how you can maximize efficiency while getting the most critical things done right. June 7, 2015last_img read more