Video games succeed among the Pucela squad

first_imgPedro Porro demonstrated this by participating in the LaLiga Challenge, after winning in an internal tournament several of his teammates. However, there have been more who have recognized that this is one of their favorite pastimes, as it has been seen in the videos published on the club’s official channels. Players like Nacho or Joaquín kill part of their free time in this way, through games on the console or, like Andalusian, also on the computer. Throughout these first days of confinement, Real Valladolid has shown through their social networks what the routine is that their players carry out during confinement. In addition to the work scheduled by the medical services and the technical staff, this atypical situation allows a lot of leisure, and among a large number of soccer players, video games are the kings. It is not the only way to pass the time that they bet, however, since reading is also present or, in the case of Nacho, also the kitchen. Pets, always faithful companions, help recreation these days, like also the possibility of enjoying their families those who have them close. This is the case of Carnero, who, despite being atypical, was able to be with his son for Father’s Day.Footballers’ personal social networks are also important, in the day to day, but more now. Fede San Emeterio, who turned years a few days ago, could not spend it with his own, but at least he could take advantage of this route to connect with them. The different challenges that Twitter and Instagram have invaded, mainly, have been accompanied by live communications with their followers from players like Porro himself or Toni, who shared the screen a few days ago with Sergio Encinas, a comedian from Valladolid.Try all this the normality of footballers, which will continue training for the time being individually, following the parameters imposed by the technical staff, after Real Valladolid will provide them with physical material to be able to carry out the sessions made available to them, in order to lose as little physical tone as possible while the alarm state lasts.last_img

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