RELAY FOR LIFE Family Feud Fundraiser To Benefit American Cancer Society On

first_imgWILMINGTON, MA — Sole Sistas, a team participating in the Wilmington-Billerica-Tewksbury Relay For Life, is holding a Family Feud fundraiser on Friday, May 10, 2019 at 7pm in the Tewksbury Knights of Columbus Hall (2068 Main Street, Tewksbury).Tickets are on sale now. Only the first 16 teams to register and pay in full will play the game so don’t wait! If you don’t want to play the game, please come join us and be an audience member. There will be music, dancing, and raffles as well.Please contact Karen Grabowski (978-375-2956, kmg1997[at] or Laurie Crowley Kwiatkowski (978-479-9372, lauriek95[at] to register, donate, and/or ask questions.All proceeds will support the American Cancer Society.Like Wilmington Apple on Facebook. Follow Wilmington Apple on Twitter. Follow Wilmington Apple on Instagram. Subscribe to Wilmington Apple’s daily email newsletter HERE. Got a comment, question, photo, press release, or news tip? Email this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… Related5 Things To Do In Wilmington On Friday, May 10, 2019In “5 Things To Do Today”Wilmington Youth Hockey To Hold ‘Drop The Puck’ Street Hockey Tournament Fundraiser On August 25In “Community”Wilmington Relay For Life 100 Days Away; 1st Team Meeting TONIGHT; 1st Team Fundraiser ScheduledIn “Community”last_img read more

Destination determines direction

first_imgWhat made you realise that motivation speaking was your calling?My life is a result of a contribution of all the people I have met in all these years and they are responsible for enriching it. Books, too, have had a very positive influence in my life and has played a huge role in making me who I am today. When I started noticing that these positive influences had changed my life for the better, I wanted to carry them forward for others. With that in mind I started volunteering my time in maximum security prisons in the United States and started teaching prisoners about and attitude-self esteem programmes. After observing them, I thought of bringing these fundamentals to the corporate world and started working with corporate giants. Eventually after publishing my book Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’You Can Win in 1997 people started attending my sessions after reading my book and things fell into place. What are you referring to when you talk about bringing about a positive change in people’s lives?The most important change is the change of attitude, because invariably, many times in life we do not realise that we are our own biggest problems. We never analyse our own behaviour, instead we keep trying to control other people’s behaviour, not realising that other people’s behaviour is a reflection of our own. It is impossible to change how others behave but by changing my own actions and reaction, I can influence how others behave towards me. Also Read – Leslie doing new comedy special with NetflixAnother important factor we need to understand is that we cannot solve all our problems but we can certainly learn how to handle them. Life is full of choices and compromises, it seems like a contradiction but  really it’s not. If I ill-treat someone, I have chosen to be ill-treated myself, if I drink too much tonight, I have chosen that horrible headache the next morning, so life is full of choices and if you look at it, right from morning till night we keep making choices one after the other including what time we choose to wake up, to what we eat to how we dress up, everything is a choice we make.  In life we cannot choose the cards we are dealt with, but what we can choose is how we play the game. Sometimes nature gives us a lemon, it is our choice whether we cry or we make lemonade out of it.What are the ‘golden rules’ for  success?Persistence, hard work and focus are key to achieving success. Persistence is basically ability to bounce back even after several failures. Be it Thomas Edison or Bill Gates or Steve Jobs, they are all prefect examples of persistence. There is no substitute to hard work in life. These days’ people talk about working smarter versus harder. Take for example Olympic gold medallist and record holder Michael Phelps who has trained for over 10,000 hours for 15 seconds of performance. Most people want to succeed but very few are willing to pay the price to prepare to succeed.Most of us lack focus in life, unless you have a clear destination, how can you find directions? Most of us lose focus of our target and hence, end up not succeeding in life. To succeed, you need to do whatever it takes to achieve the target, put in that extra effort, even when it hurts. The difference between a good and a bad professional is that a good professional is that even on a bad day, a good professional’s output remains the same as that on a good day. They won’t compromise on the quality of performance. Could you tell us about your future plans or projects that you are working on?Well I am in the process of writing four more books on leadership, parenting skills, customer service and time management. So these four books, two of them should be out by September this year. Beyond it, we have a couple of things in mind. We are looking at starting to offer leadership programme in management institutes because today graduates that are coming out from engineering and management schools and NASDAQ did a study and Narayan Murthy said it too, that 90 % of them are unemployable. Would we be seeing you back in politics any time soon?Well, all I can say is that my getting into the political arena was not a trend or a fad that came in. You see when some things bother you deep inside and they keep coming back to haunt you and one has to take an action. All these issues of corruption etc. that have been raised in the recent past, I have already filed a petitions regarding the same in the court ten years back and I am still fighting them. I haven’t ruled out anything at this point and there are political parties that are in touch with me. I am still looking at how I can make a contribution; I may not necessarily have a ticket and fight the elections but I will certainly be supporting some good people.last_img read more

Jack Dorsey engages in yet another tone deaf public conversation to better

first_imgWhat if you created something that allowed people to make fun of you? Such is the life and career of Jack Dorsey, co-founder and CEO of Twitter. Yesterday the tech guru did a TED Talk public conversation with the head of TED, Chris Anderson, and Whitney Pennington Rodgers, TED’s current affairs curator. The major part of the whole conversation involved around the recent “concerns and opportunities for Twitter’s future.” For most of the interview, Dorsey outlined steps that Twitter has taken to combat abuse and misinformation, and Anderson explained why the company’s critics sometimes find those steps insufficient and unsatisfying. He compared Twitter to the Titanic, and Dorsey to the captain, listening to passengers’ concerns about the iceberg up ahead — then going back to the bridge and showing “this extraordinary calm.” “It’s democracy at stake, it’s our culture at stake,” Anderson said, echoing points made in a talk by British journalist Carole Cadwalladr. So why isn’t Twitter addressing these issues with more urgency? “We are working as quickly as we can, but quickness will not get the job done,” Dorsey replied to Anderson. “It’s focus, it’s prioritization, it’s understanding the fundamentals of the network.” Jack further argued that while Twitter could “do a bunch of superficial things to address the things you’re talking about,” that isn’t the real solution. “We want the changes to last, and that means going really, really deep,” Dorsey said. In his view, that means rethinking how Twitter incentivizes user behavior. He suggested that the service works best as an “interest-based network,” where you log in and see content relevant to your interests, no matter who posted it — rather than a network where everyone feels like they need to follow a bunch of other accounts, and then grow their follower numbers in turn. Dorsey recalled that when the team was first building the service, it decided to make follower count “big and bold,” which naturally made people focus on it. “Was that the right decision at the time? Probably not,” he said. “If I had to start the service again, I would not emphasize the follower count as much… Since he isn’t starting from scratch, Dorsey suggested that he’s trying to find ways to redesign Twitter to shift the “bias” away from accounts and toward interests. He also pointed to efforts that Twitter has already announced to measure (and then improve) conversational health and to use machine learning to automatically detect abusive content. In terms of how the company is currently measuring its success, Dorsey said it focuses primarily on daily active users, and secondly on “conversation chains — we want to incentivize healthy contributions back to the network.” In contradiction to his response when over the weekend, Ilhan Omar an immigrant, and a Black Muslim representing the state of Minnesota in the US House of representatives —reported an increase in death threats. The threats started appearing after President Trump tweeted out a video that intercut a speech she had given with footage of the 9/11 attacks. Many of the threats were made on Twitter. Then on Monday, as Notre Dame burned, people came to the platform to mourn the loss in real time, but also to spread lies and hate as quickly as the flames engulfed the cathedral’s spire. When Omar tweeted her own heartfelt condolences, people replied with more death threats. Dorsey didn’t address any of these incidents specifically at TED. In fact, his answers lacked specificity overall. One Twitter user, Chad Loder created a Twitter moment to stand with Ilhan Omar. He asked users to report all the tweets with death threats to Ilhan. To this Twitter safety team removed all the tweets in just 30 minutes and he could not further add any tweets. When Jack was asked pointed questions, he evaded them, as he often does. Rodgers further asked him how many people are working on content moderation on Twitter—a number the company has never published. “It varies,” Dorsey replied. “We want to be flexible on this. There are no amount of people that can actually scale this, which is why we have done so much work on proactively taking down abuse.” Dorsey further announced that a year ago, Twitter wasn’t proactively monitoring abuse actively using machine learning at all. Instead, it relied entirely on human reporting—a burden Dorsey later had to recognized was unfairly put on the victims of the abuse. “We’ve made progress,” he said. “Thirty-eight percent of abusive tweets are now proactively recognized by machine-learning algorithms, but those that are recognized are still reviewed by humans. But that was from zero percent just a year ago.” As he uttered those words, Twitter sent out a press release with more information on the effort, highlighting that three times more abusive accounts are being suspended within 24 hours of getting reported compared with this time last year. The progress of 38% is not exactly a lot when Facebook’s most recent transparency report, says that over 51% of content on hate speech was flagged before users reported it. Nor did Dorsey or the official Twitter announcement provide many details about how the technology to proactively flag abuse works. While the conversations continued, they came up with an idea to invite Twitter users to tweet questions via the hashtag #AskJackAtTED, which was then projected on a big screen behind Dorsey. Looking at all the tweets coming up live it seemed to be a really bad idea. In Twitter spirit, sarcastic piercing tweets soon overflowed on the screen asking Dorsey crisp pointed questions about long pending failures to make the platform a safe place for healthy conversation. Users charged Dorsey left, right and centre with questions. Carole Cadwalladr asked why a video that showed her being beaten up & threatened with a gun to soundtrack of Russian anthem stayed up for 72 hours despite 1000s of complaints. Other came up saying how do you prioritize healthy conversations without silencing protest on your platform? Tweets continued pouring in with questions like why is women harassment on the platform ignored for decades and why do you still allow Nazi groups on Twitter. One of them asked if there was anyway to add a fact-check function to viral tweets which involves misinformation or conspiracy theories. Another popular tweet said it wants Twitter to create a user bill where they have the right to be free of harassment and the right to safety. While some users said that Twitter is of no value at all others raised questions on why does the platform allow the organizers of Charlottesville disaster amplify their message and find new recruits. Another added why is President Donald Trump allowed to violate Twitter policies by spreading hateful and inflammatory tweets against Ilhan Omar. Eventually the tweets disappeared from the screen and someone from the audience made a suspicion that it was always a plan to ditch in between. On the other hand Anderson summed it up sarcastically: “We are on this great voyage with you on a ship, and there are people on board in steerage who are expressing discomfort and you, unlike other captains are saying, ‘well, tell me, I want to hear,’ and they’re saying ‘we’re worried about the iceberg ahead,’” Anderson says. “And you say, ‘our ship hasn’t been built for steering as well as it might,’ and you’re showing this extraordinary calm!” Read Next Highlights from Jack Dorsey’s live interview by Kara Swisher on Twitter: on lack of diversity, tech responsibility, physical safety and more Russia opens civil cases against Facebook and Twitter over local data laws Twitter memes are being used to hide malwarelast_img read more

Globus 2018 Tours featuring Britain Ireland now on sale

first_img Tweet << Previous PostNext Post >> Friday, October 13, 2017 Travelweek Group Tags: Britain, Globuscenter_img Posted by TORONTO — Globus says there’s no better time to raise a glass, raise your sights and raise the roof – the thatched roof – to the UK and the Emerald Isle with its 2018 Britain & Ireland tours, now available to book at a 10% savings.For 2018 Globus is unveiling vacations that shine a light on England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. “Our tours are a wonderful way to explore – every itinerary is hand-crafted, we include front-of-the-line admission to such popular sites as St. Paul’s Cathedral, Edinburgh Castle, and the House of Waterford Crystal, and you can leave the driving to someone else! Best of all, you get to travel with new friends from around the world,” says Stéphanie Bishop of the Globus family of brands.The lineup of 16 vacation itineraries range from seven to 25 days and include (all prices in Canadian dollars and exclude airfare):The Best of Southern England (seven days, priced from $2,149): This week-long vacation highlights some of Southern England’s historical monuments like Stonehenge, Hever Castle, the Roman relics at Bath and Anne Hathaway’s cottage (Shakespeare’s birthplace) in Stratford-Upon-Avon and its beautiful cities and villages including Oxford, Broadway (a Cotswolds village) and BrightonFrom Ireland’s Ancient East to the Wild Atlantic Way (nine days, priced from $2,449): This vacation which takes travelers from coast to coast features everything you think of, when you imagine Ireland: Lush, green landscapes, historical sights, medieval castles, vast farmland and pubs. Destination visits include Kilkenny, Waterford, Blarney, Kinsale, Garinish Island, Killarney, Limerick and of course, Dublin.Bonnie Scotland (seven days, priced from $2,269): Scotland is famous for its historic castles, fascinating and often bloody history, beautiful scenery, lively cities, charming villages and the legendary Loch Ness monster. On this Scotland tour clients will get an introduction to this enchanting country including Glasgow, Edinburgh, Culloden, Stirling, Pitlochry and Broadford.Essential Britain (12 days, priced from $3,519): On this vacation, travellers will experience some of Britain’s best-loved towns and cities as they travel through England, Wales, and Scotland, with overnights in London, Plymouth, Cardiff, Liverpool, Glasgow, Inverness, Edinburgh and York.More news:  Hotel charges Bollywood star $8.50 for two bananas and the Internet has thoughtsBook any Globus Europe vacation by Nov. 28, 2017 and save 10% on the land portion. For more information go to Globus’ 2018 Tours featuring Britain & Ireland now on salelast_img read more