Samsung The Wall Luxury Micro LED TV coming in July for rich

first_imgThe modular design of The Wall Luxury’s Micro LED panels allow TVs from 73 up to 292 inches. Samsung Samsung’s The Wall TV is finally going to be available for consumers to purchase. At least those wealthy enough to afford its still unknown, but likely insanely expensive, price tag. Available globally in July, The Wall Luxury is Samsung’s first consumer Micro LED display. The scalable, modular technology can be configured and customized to a variety of sizes, from 73-inches in 2K (a.k.a. 1080p) resolution all the way up to 292-inches in 8K resolution — assuming your room and budget can support adding the additional panels.  Comments TVs Samsung 3 Samsung MicroLED TV comes closer to reality in 75-inch… Samsung The Frame UN55LS003AF 1:48 Preview •center_img The Wall Luxury incorporates design-centric features from other Samsung TVs. Like the Frame, The Wall isn’t meant to be turned off. Instead, Samsung says, it changes “into a digital canvas best matching the owner`s interior needs and personal mood.” The display runs a version of Samsung’s Ambient mode found on its 2019 QLED TVs that shows curated art, photos and videos, complete with optional digital frames.Samsung says the product will be sold through its “Custom Installer Network” and those looking for pricing information should contact them. For context, Samsung’s QLED-based TVs max out at $70,000 for a 98-inch 8K version, so it’s safe to assume that The Wall Luxury will cost well into six figures, at least for the larger 4K and 8K sizes.the-wall-luxury3Instead of powering off, Samsung’s The Wall Luxury television can turn into a digital picture frame when not in use.  Samsung The first new screen technology in a decade, MicroLED utilizes millions of tiny, inorganic LEDs packed together to create the image. It has the potential for the same perfect black levels as OLED with no danger of burn-in. It can deliver higher brightness than any current display technology, wide-gamut excellent color and doesn’t suffer the viewing angle and uniformity issues of LCD. The Wall Luxury features a brightness of 2,000 nits, higher than all but the brightest LCD TVs available today, for improved HDR image quality. Samsung mentions a “120Hz video rate,” although it’s unclear whether that’s the same as the 120Hz refresh rate used by high-end 4K TVs. Samsung’s AI Upscaling is also present through what the company calls its “Quantum Processor Flex,” which uses machine learning to calibrate the picture regardless of The Wall’s modular screen resolution.The Wall Luxury has a panel depth of 30mm, an improvement on the 80mm depth of the earlier version of The Wall that was only available for the commercial market. Despite the depth improvement, however, a Samsung representative told CNET that The Wall Luxury doesn’t use the next-generation version of MicroLED tech shown at CES 2019. That version uses even smaller LEDs, managing to eke 4K resolution out of a 75-inch size. There’s no word on when Samsung will bring that version to market. Tags 31 Photos Meet Samsung’s modular and massive MicroLED TVs at CES Compared to OLED and LCD, one disadvantage of current MicroLED technology is resolution. At 73 inches and 2K/1080p resolution, the individual pixels of The Wall Luxury are significantly larger than those of a typical 75-inch 4K LCD or 77-inch 4K OLED TV, so the image won’t be as detailed with 4K TV shows and movies, in particular from relatively close seating distances. The same goes for higher-resolution; Samsung sells QLED TVs with 8K resolution as small as 65 inches, while to get that resolution in MicroLED you’ll need, yes, a 292-inch TV.Update June 13: Added more pricing information.  Share your voice Now playing: Watch this:last_img read more

Bright Future for Baltimore Comcast Scholar after Goucher Graduation

first_imgMicah Connor is weighing his job options after graduating Goucher College in Baltimore. (Courtesy photo)In 2012, when 18-year-old Micah Connor graduated from Coppin Academy, a public charter high school located on the campus of Baltimore’s Coppin State University, he was the leader of the Robotics Club, a Student Government Association representative and he participated in the Chess Club, in addition to being the valedictorian of his graduating class. For his leadership, academic achievement and commitment to community service, he was awarded a $10,000 Comcast Founders Scholarship, which was named in honor of founder and chairman emeritus of Comcast Corp., Ralph J. Roberts.“We expect the best, and he always gives the best…he’s always been a high achiever,” Mamie Conner, his mother, told the AFRO of her son’s hard work at the time.Four years have gone by and the young man is now a college graduate with endless possibilities before him.“Living on campus taught me how to interact with other people from other cultures and countries,” Connor told the AFRO of his time at Goucher College in Towson, Md. “It also taught me to appreciate the basic things people take for granted such as access to library resources. In contrast, it also taught me how temporal friends can be. My four years of college were a microcosm of life.”As a high-school senior, Connor was awarded multiple scholarships offers to attend various colleges, including Goucher and Stevenson, Coppin State and Drexel universities, leaving him to make a tough decision of what college to attend.After turning down a full-ride scholarship to Coppin, Connor joined the U.S. Model Senate at Goucher College while still in high school, assuming the role of a senator and debating legislation topics. This experience led Connor to decide on Goucher for his undergraduate education.While at there, Connor majored in history with a minor in historic preservation. During his sophomore year, Connor volunteered at Goucher’s Special Collections and Archives, where he worked alongside other students transcribing and digitizing a World War II diary, before working there as a student assistant.Connor was awarded a fellowship his junior year, which allowed him to create a public exhibit with three other students for two consecutive semesters. The following year, Connor studied abroad in London, England, while interning in the office of British politician Victoria Atkins. Atkins is a member of Parliament for Louth and Horncastle. Connor recently graduated with honors from Goucher College, and he is currently working at the Maryland Historical Society and would like to return to England to work with Atkins in London.His mother told the AFRO of her son’s achievements, “I count it all joy. To God be the glory.”last_img read more

Women Return to Protest

first_imgLeaders of the Women’s March, which attracted millions of protestors after the presidential inauguration in Jan., organized another march to combat the National Rifle Association (NRA) and the Department of Justice (DOJ). On July 14, hundreds of protestors gathered at the headquarters of the NRA to protest an advertisement which activists called divisive and aimed against minority and progressive groups. Then, on July 15, activists held a vigil and rally at the DOJ.On July 14 and 15, protesters stood against the Department of Justice and the National Rifle Association in protest of countless deaths from gun violence. (Insert) Tamika Mallory speaks to marches on July 14. (Photos by Lauryn Hill)The March included an 18.6 mile trek from the NRA headquarters in Fairfax, Va. to the Department of Justice in D.C.Tamika Mallory, co-president of the Women’s March, told protesters if the NRA believes no one will fight for human rights, then women will. “Guess who’s going to lead it? We are,” Mallory said during her speech before the group marched to the DOJ.”The women are leading the fight against the bigotry and hypocrisy against the NRA.”Mallory was joined by other leaders who helped organize the Women’s March including, co-President Bob Bland, Treasurer Carmen Perez, and Assistant Treasurer Linda Sarsour.Adriana Dominguez marched the entire way. She described how her body was sweating a lot of the water she constantly consumed. Dominguez, 22, said the afternoon storm brought relief from the high temperature for marches.“[Organization Leaders] wanted us to take a bus to meet up with some of the other people who went ahead, but we were like no. We are going to march every single mile of this thing,” Dominguez told the AFRO. “And we finished it. We caught up with them.”The march primarily sparked from the acquittal of former Officer Jeronimo Yanez, the policeman who fatally shot Philando Castile in Minnesota in 2016, and an NRA ad which featured conservative television host Dana Leosch. The ad, which was released on June 29, seemed to address left-wing protestors by showing clips of looters and vandals destroying property during a protest that was unnamed.Mallory slammed the ad by issuing an open letter to NRA’s CEO, Wayne LaPierre. Mallory called on the NRA to remove the ad and apologize for the “recent irresponsible and dangerous propaganda videos” which she said she sees as “a direct attack on people of color, progressives, and anyone who exercises their First Amendment right to protest.”On July 14 and 15, protesters stood against the Department of Justice and the National Rifle Association in protest of countless deaths from gun violence. (Insert) Tamika Mallory speaks to marches on July 14. (Photos by Lauryn Hill)Mallory also called on the NRA to defend Philando Castile’s Second Amendment right and to demand that the DOJ indict Yanez for Castile’s murder.According to media outlets, NRA commentator Grant Stinchfield, personally addressed Mallory in another ad, telling her to “get over it, and grow up.”Castile’s mother, Valerie Castile, did not attend the rally, but provided a written statement that was read by civil rights lawyer, Nekima Levy-Pounds. The letter expressed her outrage with the NRA’s reluctance to release a formal statement on behalf of Castile’s Second Amendment rights. “I want Black men who have a license to carry, to be treated the same way, that a White man would be treated,” the lawyer read to the crowd on June 14. “The NRA should be ashamed of themselves for waiting a whole damn year to issue a statement about my son . . . my son followed all of the rules.”Jennifer Adu, 29, who lives in Fairfax, Va., said she believes in her Second Amendment right but knows many people have abused it. “People have used it in the wrong ways and they have taken the right and transformed it for their own agendas to do things that aren’t fair,” she told the AFRO. Adu mentioned that some police are among the people who have abused this right and she said she hoped the NRA would remove the ad from their website.Other protestors who saw the NRA ad said they were caught off-guard and felt unsafe by the statements spoken by Leosch. Maribel Pizarro, who is from Miami, said she was “taken aback” upon seeing the NRA ad. “I was immediately defensive when I saw the video mainly because it incites a second civil war,” Pizarro told the AFRO. “Without directly calling people out by names, they called out groups, and to me that’s just so much worse, because now you’re not just attacking an individual, you’re attacking a society, a culture, a community.”Pizarro, 38, was accompanied by Alberta Jean, who was there to show her support for her Black son. “Whenever he goes out the house, it’s a concern,” Jean, 43, told the AFRO. “And I don’t want to have to continue living like this. We shouldn’t be living in America, and be scared that our sons are going to get killed.”Mallory, who has an 18-year-old son, said she hopes her son and other Black and Brown men and boys “get the message that someone cares.”“It’s important against all the hate that we see out of the country, the amount of times they see that Black lives don’t matter to many people, that they also see the resistance; that there are people of all views on the other side of the conservation telling them that their lives do matter, that they count, and that we are prepared to put our lives on the line in order for them to live in what we believe is one day going to be the beloved community of this country,” Mallory told reporters.last_img read more

Cardinals Travel to Myrtle Beach for General Hackler Championship

first_img Print Friendly Version The Dunes Golf and Beach Club will play at a par 72 over 7,233 yards. It’s a 54-hole event with 36 holes taking place on Monday and the final 18 on Tuesday. Tee times being at 7:40 a.m. ET on Monday. Live scoring will be available via The General Hackler Championship features Coastal Carolina, East Carolina, East Tennessee State, Georgia, Kent State, Liberty, North Florida, North Texas, Northern Illinois, Texas A&M and Wake Forest. The field features six teams ranked inside of the top 30 of the latest Golfstatrankings, including sixth-ranked Wake Forest. LOUISVILLE, Ky. – The University of Louisville men’s golf team returns to the course on Monday to continue the spring season. The Cardinals are set to take on a two-day, 54-hole event featuring 13 teams at the General Hackler Championship in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.The Cardinals will send their standard lineup to the two-day event in Matthias Schmid, John Murphy, Devin Morley, Simon Zach and Jiri Zuska. The Cardinals are coming off a fifth-place finish at the Seminole Intercollegiate, where three players finished in the top 10. Zuska posted a career best finish by tying for third place, while Schmid and Murphy were tied for sixrth.center_img Story Linkslast_img read more

Food essentials for lustrous skin

first_imgDig into sprouts, kiwi, yogurt and other nutritious food items for a radiant skin, says an expert.Here are some of the beauty essentials suggested by capital-based dermatologist Navin Taneja:* Protein repairs damaged tissue. Eatables like eggs, yogurt and beans offer a good dose of protein.* Eat foods high in antioxidants that help protect your skin from damage. Cherries, blueberries and other deeply coloured berries are best source of antioxidant. They help you in fighting off blemishes. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’* Essential fatty acids help to retain the elasticity of the skin and are good fats which must be included in the diet. Walnut is the type of nut that contains significant amount of omega-3 fatty acid. Other great sources of fatty acids are spinach, cauliflower and broccoli.* Vitamins help to keep the skin hydrated and make it glow. Food such as papaya, strawberries, kiwi, orange, guava, sprouts and green leafy vegetables are rich in vitamins and help to enhance the radiance of the skin.* Essential minerals like zinc and sulphur are a must in one’s diet to prevent acne and skin related issues. Minerals are also responsible for rebuilding keratin and collagen that are important ingredients for glowing skin and shiny hair. Pumpkin, mushroom and sunflower seed are high in minerals.last_img read more

India can become engine of global economic growth

first_imgIndia has the potential, resources and talent to become the engine of global economic growth. Anil Agarwal, Chairman, Vedanta Group, stated that India’s potential of attracting investment worth $100 billion is a great opportunity to create value for its people. Vedanta, India’s only diversified natural resources company, is participating at the Hindustan Times Leadership Summit 2015, held on Friday and tomorrow. While attending the Hindustan Times Leadership Summit, Agarwal said, “I am confident it will emerge as a global investment destination and an easier place to do business.” Also Read – Punjab & Sind Bank cuts MCLR by up to 20 basis points The Indian government needs to take a broader perspective of its policies and reduce process time to ensure a faster and transparent decision. Stressing for higher extraction of natural resources in the country, Agarwal, while commending Honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ambitious ‘Make In India’ mission, suggested that it needs to be supported by ‘Find In India’ and ‘Mine in India’, thus skilling the youth and creating thousands of SME’s and create job opportunities. Vedanta has created value for all the stakeholders, including the Union Government, and has produced tremendous job opportunities across the natural resources value chain. It is Agarwal’s dream for Vedanta to be India’s flagship and world class diversified natural resources company which represents the country on the global map. Also Read – ‘The great gold bull market has begun’Agarwal is committed towards poverty eradication and making India a self-sufficient economy. He believes that for every young individual to truly become an active participant in India’s economic growth the tripartite network of government, academia and industry is crucial. It will engage, enable and empower these bright minds thus boosting not just employability but also enterprise.Today India looks poised to grow at over 7.5%. While, it is a robust rate, Anil Agarwal is confident that it can achieve double-digit growth. The nation’s billion plus population houses over 600 million women. 50% of its total population is between the ages of 0-25, which makes India one of the youngest nations globally. Such demographic wealth is unmatched. But it can only be tapped when its youth are educated, when its women are empowered.last_img read more

Netflix is reportedly looking at the Netherlands

first_imgNetflix is reportedly looking at the Netherlands, France and Belgium as new European launch markets, according to local reports. Belgian communications news site Bloovi reported that Netflix was gearing up for a Belgian launch before the end of the year, while Le Soir reported that France and the Netherlands were likely to go live first, followed by Belgium by the end of the year.Netflix said last month that it plans to launch in an additional European market in the second half of 2013, promising more details on the deployment in July. In a posting on the firm’s job site earlier this year, it said it was looking to hire language experts “to provide localisation for the Netflix experience in the following languages: Turkish, Dutch, Hindi, French, and Korean.”last_img

Italian prosecutors in the Mediatrade case – which

first_imgItalian prosecutors in the Mediatrade case – which has already seen the conviction of former prime minister and Mediaset owner Silvio Berlusconi for tax fraud relating to the acquisition by of content rights at inflated prices – have called for the court to take into account the aggravating factor of ‘transnationality’, based on alleged fraud having involved actions in a number of countries.The case has seen Mediaset president Pier Silvio Berlusconi and chairman Fedele Confalonieri accused of tax fraud alongside Silvio Berlusconi’s associate Frank Agrama.Prosecutors have alleged that Agrama is involved with an international organised criminal group. If the factor of ‘transnationality’ is accepted the statute of limitations on tax fraud could be extended by two years, from 2017 to 2019.To give the defence time to study the new allegations, the hearing – at which Pier Silvio Berlusconi is due to give evidence – has been postponed to March 13.Berlusconi’s lawyers described the latest development as “amazing” and “devoid of any basis in fact of in law”.Mediaset issued a statement expressing “profound shock” at the latest development. Mediaset maintains that the price of rights “absolutely reasonable” and that Pier Silvio Berlusconi and Confalonieri were not involved in any decision, and that a Rome court had already acquitted Berlusconi and other executives.Mediaset has maintained that it has always acted within the law, notably after the country’s Supreme Court upheld a verdict against Silvio Berlusconi last August that resulted in the latter’s conviction.The court at that time said that the former prime minister had developed an “illegal system” involving the acquisition of TV rights at inflated prices from foreign companies linked to Berlusconi created illicit tax benefits for his companies.Mediaset said at the time that the value of purchases supplied from Berlusconi associate Frank Agrama amounted to less than 8% of its total investment in content.last_img read more

The Grand Tour New Jeremy Clarkson vehicle The Gra

first_imgThe Grand TourNew Jeremy Clarkson vehicle The Grand Tour has become Amazon Prime Video’s biggest premiere launch, the streaming site has claimed.E-commerce giant Amazon reported “millions of Prime members” in the US, UK, Germany, Austria and Japan had streamed the series’ first episode over the weekend.This means the big-budget petrolhead series replaces Frank Spotnitz-created drama The Man in the High Castle as the most-watched premiere for an Amazon original.Further to that, Amazon claims the day The Grand Tour’s debut ep was released (Friday, November 18) saw a spike in membership sign-ups that “exceeded all previous days with the exception of Amazon’s renowned Prime Day”.It is, however, impossible to properly verify any of Amazon’s ratings claims, as the SVOD service does not release exact viewing figures. Similar criticism has been levelled at Netflix, which also refuses the release viewing data.Amazon’s press statement trumpeted that more than 15,000 Amazon customers had rated the show 4.9 stars out of 5, that it has become the top-rated film or TV show on, and that it had a 97% approval rating on critics site Rotten Tomatoes.Amazon is releasing new episodes of The Grand Tour over the next eleven weeks. The show is also getting a worldwide premiere in 200 territories on a transactional VOD basis in December.The Grand Tour follows former Top Gear trio Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May as they travel the world testing cars, putting together vehicle-related stunts and spectacles, and film studio sections with guests.The presenters’ prodco, W. Chump & Sons, is the production company. They had exited their popular BBC series, Top Gear, after Clarkson struck and verbally abused a producer.last_img read more